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Daily Archives: February 1, 2013, 5:04 pm

Does Anyone Believe Obama Skeet Shoots “All the Time”?

That’s what he said during his interview with the New Republic.

The Washington Post finds no evidence that Obama has ever shot skeet, or anything else.

A source tells Fox News he did it like once and hated it.

Oh, well, wait, there is in existence at least one photo of Obama exercising his Second Amendment rights.

Obama with toy gun

I thought you might want to see this video of a president with a military background firing at skeet at Camp David. And his wife too.

Haunting, isn’t it? And by the way he handles the shotgun, it’s clear he shoots “all the time.”

Kerry: I Was Offered Job a Week Before Rice Withdrew

Incoming Secretary of State John Kerry says he was offered the job by President Obama a week before UN Ambassador Susan Rice withdrew her name from contention, an indication Rice was probably dumped from consideration and then permitted to make it seem like it was her choice to withdraw.

Big headed?
Big headed?

Kerry revealed the timing of events during an interview with the Boston Globe.

Obama offered Kerry the job as controversy raged over Rice’s false insistence that the attack on the Benghazi consulate was in response to an anti-Islamic film, even as evidence was available that it was a well-planned act of terrorism. Republicans were calling for her head even before Obama had offered her the job.

While it’s quite possible he would have chosen Kerry anyway, it’s hard to imagine that the storm around Rice did not affect Obama’s thinking.

So why did Kerry reveal that he was tapped before Rice stood down, something so obviously injurious to Rice? I can only imagine that he was sick of being perceived as Obama’s second choice, the poor man’s Secretary of State.

I’ve always noticed that Kerry physically has the biggest head I’ve ever seen in my life. But it’s not very gracious to start his new job acting big-headed as well.

WH Petition: Declare Day After Super Bowl a National Holiday

A new White House petition that is rapidly gaining signatures seeks to make the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday. The petition, created by fantasy football company, suggests that a holiday would help remove beer-soaked and sleep-deprived drivers from the roads Sunday night and Monday morning. And it indicates that by letting fans… Continue Reading