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Michelle Tweets Cabbage to Show Support for Let’s Move

First Lady Michelle Obama tweeted a photo of some cabbage and broccoli and a link to a recipe on the Let’s Move website to demonstrate that she still maintains an interest in her kids health initiative.

The tweet came just hours after an article was posted in White House Dossier Tuesday noting that Michelle appeared to have abandoned her Let’s Move program.

Michelle hadn’t done anything public related to the program in nearly five months, since welcoming kids back to school in early September with news of the healthy new lunches they’d be getting from the cafeteria. But amid reports kids were going hungry because the meals lacked calories or tasted bad, Michelle suddenly stopped promoting Let’s Move.

The decision seemed tied to politics. President Obama had been campaigning heavily at high schools where students were forced to eat from Michelle’s menu, and the program was proving a ripe target for Republicans.

The White House Dossier piece appeared at 10:21 am ET. At 5:16 PM, @FLOTUS – the acronym for First Lady of the United States – tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 9.29.02 AM Heres the photo of the “harvest:”

Michelle cabbage

The recipe mentioned in the tweet is an August 17, 2012 post on the Let’s Move website that tells you how to make “Yummy Cabbage Sloppy Joes.”

The tweet is a sign that Mrs. Obama may return to her Let’s Move program now that the political heat is off. Or not. The third anniversary of Let’s Move is February 9, and if she fails to mark the occasion, you can be pretty sure the program is coming to an end.

H/T to The Daily Mail.

81 Responses to Michelle Tweets Cabbage to Show Support for Let’s Move

  1. Those are beautifully photographed and perfect vegetables, almost like they didn’t come out of the garden? Then again when you have professional horticulturists tending garden for you ……. :D

  2. That’s it? A sloppy joe recepie where you mix some vegetables into the meat? My wife’s huevos rancheros venison burger blows that out of the water.

  3. Touched a nerve there, did you? They’re probably removing one of the wheels from the bottom of your desk chair in the WH basement.

    Americans do NOT put cabbage on their sloppy joe sammies. $5 says MrsO does NOT put cabbage on her sloppy joe sammies, also $10 says MrsO does NOT put cabbage on her dinner plate.

    The only time cabbage is acceptable on a sammie, is when it is cole slaw piled on a Pittsburgh-style hero sammie.

  4. If there was going to be some kind of function regarding Let’s Move on 2/9 wouldn’t it already be scheduled, or is it typical for the 3rd anniversary of a well publicized initiative promoted by the First Lady of the United States herself and backed up with rules and regulations to be completely ignored a little more than a week out?

  5. Read something about the two grifters signing their tweets with a “bo” or “mo” if it was really from them. Since this tweet is sans signature, one of their lackeys sent it out.

    Those are some nice looking veggies. Any Whole Foods Markets in the vicinity of this fab garden?