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Actual Beyonce National Anthem Recording Uncovered

White House Dossier has gotten ahold of the actual singing Beyonce did at the Inauguration.

Her true rendition of the National Anthem could be heard by those on the podium with her. It turns out the prerecording was broadcast to the TV audience and the rest of those in attendance at the Inauguration because Beyonce didn’t know the words. Or the melody. Have a listen.

15 Responses to Actual Beyonce National Anthem Recording Uncovered

      • Ben Ghazi? That sounds like it could be a Jewish name, so he’d NEVER be allowed around Obama, let alone into his inner circle! Just look at how he treated the LAST guy named Ben who came to the White House – and THAT GUY was a world leader!

  1. Now I know why singers keep that mic so close to their mouths…..that’s so you can’t see how badly they are lip-synching what they truly aren’t singing.

    • Answered my own question by going to the source.t’s a spoof and the reason I didn’t get it was that I didn’t listen to the whole tape. Not that I had to, but a few moments longer would have made it clear

      I dislike The O One and his synchopants so much that I couldn’t stand more than a few moments — glad I went back and investigated.