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Actual Beyonce National Anthem Recording Uncovered

White House Dossier has gotten ahold of the actual singing Beyonce did at the Inauguration.

Her true rendition of the National Anthem could be heard by those on the podium with her. It turns out the prerecording was broadcast to the TV audience and the rest of those in attendance at the Inauguration because Beyonce didn’t know the words. Or the melody. Have a listen.

Carney: Republicans to Blame for Slack GDP

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, the spokesman for the blame-free administration, suggested today the Republicans were at fault for the sudden CONTRACTION in GDP, asserting the the economy faces “headwinds” created by the GOP.

Carney Obama
I'll just tell them it's not your fault.

Let’s be clear. That GDP contracted by 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012 reflects concern about the Fiscal Cliff and decreases in government spending, particularly on Defense. Both the fiscal cliff and government spending cuts exist because President Obama did nothing serious in his first four years to reduce overall government spending. He failed to take leadership on the dramatic cuts needed to entitlements, something that would have given markets and businesses confidence in the future of the economy.

And now some chickens are coming home to roost, as someone said, and cuts must be made – or if Obama gets his way, taxes raised – and it’s going to continue to harm the economy.

Carney today blamed Republicans for failures to strike a deal, failures past and present. This is not leadership. It’s standard petty political posturing. And many disagree that earlier failure to strike bargains were John Boehner’s fault.

The facts, as Carney likes to say, are that the economy has grown at an average of 2 percent over the past two years and unemployment is near 8 percent. That is really lousy, by any objective standard, especially emerging from a recession.

Obama – let me check – yes, Obama has been president that whole time. The White House can bring up some new unique cause every time they get more bad news, but the fact is there is always some factor that ain’t working. What happens in good economies is that other factors override it and create growth.

But that hasn’t happened. And the fault lies with the president, not Congress.

Forget Congress: This is Obama’s Immigration Bill

Everyone in the press remarking how smart President Obama is playing this: freshly reelected, the president is nevertheless taking a back seat and letting the Senate drive the immigration bill.

But Obama is playing it even smarter than that. He is in fact in the driver’s seat, steering the legislation toward its ultimate passage.

Nothing will happen in Congress that Obama doesn’t approve of. The Democrats, led by Obama’s closest Senate ally, Sen. Richard Durbin (D- Ill.), will be doing Obama’s bidding. This is the top agenda item for his second term, and the president is going to craft the bill.

Me? I've got nothing to do with it. Photo by Keith Koffler
Me? I've got nothing to do with it.
Photo by Keith Koffler

Remember, Obama supposedly let Congress take the lead on health care and the stimulus too. What was the result? Everything he always wanted.

Obama’s problem is that he knows he needs Republicans to pass legislation. Unlike health care, he’s not going to be able to claim immigration is a budget issue and avoid a filibuster. He’ll need 60 votes in the Senate, and enough House Republicans to get the bill through over there.

So what we are seeing right now is not a “strategy,” but a subterfuge. Obama knows that the more his fingerprints are on the legislation, the less likely he is to receive Republican support. So he will do his work on the phone with Democrats, making sure the bill is within the parameters he sets.

Tuesday’s event in Las Vegas, where Obama proposed nothing of his own but aligned himself with the Senate “process,” was an effort to stake at least some public claim to the issue. Obama will want to be able to take full credit once the legislation is actually passed, so he needs to at least appear partially engaged.

But mostly he’ll let Congress seem to take the lead, while he issues orders and threats behind the scenes. The Democrats will listen because they need Obama, and they need his new personal mass movement, Organizing for America, to provide the foot soldiers to drum up support among the population.

But Obama will publicly be in charge of the Division of Shame, Guilt & Demonization. That is, he will threaten Republicans with permanent status as racist Hispanic-haters if they refuse to accept whatever immigration bill is bubbling up out of the Congressional cloakrooms.

In the end, a bill will begin to move that looks like it does enough on enforcement of the border to gain the handful of Republican votes necessary for passage.

And once Obama signs it, his administration will “interpret” the enforcement provisions however it wants, and a new movement in Congress will begin to junk them altogether.

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