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Quote of the Day || January 25, 2013

“It’s true my legislation limits magazines to ten rounds, and some say that might not be enough for self defense. That’s why I also make it a crime for a home invader to interfere with a home owner when they are changing magazines.”

– Sen. Dianne Feinstein

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

Obama Attacked by Republican Fly

A fly dispatched by the Republican National Committee made its way into the State Room of the White House today and harassed President Obama, who was announcing the nominations of Mary Jo White to be SEC Chair and Richard Cordray to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Boehner, it would appear, has finally gotten smart and begun using tough tactics Obama can understand.

Well, at least, the fly seemed to rattle Obama a lot more than Boehner does.

And while we’re on this topic, it’s 26 degrees Fahrenheit in Washington. Where exactly did this fly come from?

Biden Offers Gun Advice: Buy Some Shotgun Shells

Well now, what do you think of this?

“Guess what? A shotgun will keep you a lot safer — a double-barreled shotgun — than an assault weapon in somebody’s hands that doesn’t know how to use it, even one who does know how to use it,” Vice President Biden said during a Google+ Hangout today.

H/T Donovan Slack at Politico.

Hillary’s Top Ten Excuses on Benghazi

Secretary of State Clinton Wednesday failed to provide a full explanation of why an immediate military response wasn’t ordered to try to rescue besieged members of the U.S. mission in Benghazi.

Maybe that’s because it’s inexplicable. But White House Dossier has done some investigative journalism and uncovered the top ten reasons why Hillary didn’t ensure that a military response from one of the nearby U.S. bases was immediately begun.

1. She wanted to see if we could first find a diplomatic solution.

2. Ouija Board wasn’t moving fast enough.

3. Beyonce and Jay-Z were using the Situation Room.

4. Tummy ache had already begun.

5. United Nations hadn’t gotten back to her on whether intervention was compliant with international law.

6. Libyans said, “We got this.”

7. Decided George Washington had warned against foreign entanglements.

8. Since it was Bush’s fault, Bush should be the one doing something about it.

9. Tried to call military base in Italy but kept getting the damn answering machine.

10. Never could have imagined anyone would attack American interests on anniversary 9/11.


Are there any that you have heard of through your own investigative work?

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