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WH Dossier Hit by the Plague


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Obama is Not Going to Take Away America’s Guns

The mad dash to purchase firearms before President Obama’s new gun plans are unveiled has not helped anyone but gun manufacturers, who must be delighted silly at the sudden surge in profits Obama has brought them.

I don’t blame people for being concerned and wanting to get a weapon before something happens. But nothing much is going to happen, and that’s because Obama is not going to seriously pursue the issue.

guns 2Obama has other fish to fry. Or, since we’re talking guns, bigger game to hunt. He has precious little political capital with which to get things done, and he wants to spend it elsewhere.

Sure, Obama supports gun control. But what we are seeing out of the White House is largely a charade acted out to please certain groups and assure the White House of its own commitment to being wonderful people who want to protect children.

A president, especially one of limited popularity like Obama, cannot do too many big things. And what Obama really wants to do is grant amnesty to America’s illegal immigrants and win the budget battles with Congress – the latter to ensure federal spending doesn’t dip and taxes continue to go up.

The gun issue is merely an inconvenience that the White House quickly moved out of the way with a commission and today’s gun control announcement. Going forward, I doubt you will hear much about the issue, and I don’t think there will be much done on Capitol Hill.

That’s why, for example, Obama’s press conference this week was scheduled for Monday instead of Thursday, the day after the gun announcement, when he could have given the proposals maximum publicity. He wanted to use the press conference to talk about the budget, not guns.

Obama will spend this year and possibly next focusing on immigration and the budget. Guns are a sideshow.