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Daily Archives: January 3, 2013, 1:15 pm

Obama Wastes No Time Getting on the Golf Course

President Obama wasted no time Wednesday setting out on his usual vacation rituals, landing in the gym at 6:15 am – less than an hour and a half after landing in Honolulu itself – and then heading out mid-morning to play golf.

He had another marathon session on the links with the boys, spending around six hours engaging in his favorite pastime. Then after a brief restup at the house it was time for dinner at Alan Wong’s, where in December 2011 middle class warriors Barack and Michelle dropped about $260 on dinner.

Obama’s golf outing was his first of the year and the 112th of his presidency.

Obama Uses Autopen to Sign Fiscal Cliff Bill

President Obama used his autopen late Wednesday to sign the Fiscal Cliff bill, a move that will raise questions in the minds of some about whether the legislation and the massive tax increases included in it have actually become law. Obama was forced to use the autopen – by which a machine puts his signature… Continue Reading