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Republicans Continue to Cave

I love the reporting we’re seeing on the Fiscal Cliff. About what you’d expect. For the most part, it describes Democrats as being “flexible” by increasing the amount of income that won’t be subject to a tax increase.

And the press seems to be accepting the Democratic line that Republicans are trying to just ruin everything by pushing for spending cuts, and it was a “setback” when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to reduce Social Security benefits by proposing “chained CPI.”


Let’s try to understand what’s going on here.

The fiscal cliff was a mix of spending cuts and tax increases. But negotiations are centering on taxes. Republicans are being forced to accept a tax increase, but the minute they put serious spending cuts on the table, they are accused of trying to screw everything up.

In fact – hold on while I get my bandages to wrap around my head to prevent it from exploding . . . okay, there . . .


Thank goodness. Head didn’t explode. I hope yours didn’t either.

That’s right, they want to forget about the fiscal cliff cuts for a couple of years, and use the tax increase to fund another year of “EMERGENCY” unemployment benefits and to prevent doctors from getting less money for Medicare patients.

Even President Obama, bless his heart, says he’d be open to Social Security cuts. But that’s only because he was willing to do it once upon a time – it would look bad to say he was for it before he was against it – and because he knows Democrats will never go for it.

And so the focus of this deal will be on taxes, and the Democrats will accept the blessing of the press for being so eminently reasonable, and Republicans will


to Democrats and the Washington establishment.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this for weeks. Republicans will lose this battle, but Obama’s presidency and legacy will be hurt in the long run. Another year or two of spending at this level, Obamacare implementation and higher taxes for job creators will make markets tumble.

    My husband and I are preparing for a major recession. We are moving money around and have canceled all spending that isn’t necessary. (For example, home improvements have been put on hold. That’s $60,000 that won’t hit the economy.)

    The media can spin this all they want. Our economy is in serious trouble. The poor will get poorer. The rich will sit on their money and not offer opportunities for people to lift themselves out of poverty.

    Until we get entitlement spending under control, we’re screwed as a nation.

  2. Oh great, every time politicians talk about plans to cut spending it’s the police, firemen, teachers, or Grandma and Grandpa. They never talk about cutting grants to find out why flies buzz around someone’s head when they’re sleeping, or building memorials to themselves and their buddies.

    The hypocrisy of fairness by making one class of wage earners pay more than others is somehow lost on everyone. Worse than that is the farce that Repubs don’t want more revenue pouring into the federal coffers so that they, too, might appear to be benificent donors to special interests in their own districts.
    Our friend, Susan, and others have been calling the ‘fiscal cliff’ and all the posturing “kabuki theatre” and they are right on point. We’re all going to pay more in taxes, directly or indirectly, when it’s all over.

  3. Just look at the Sandy bill the Senate just passed. It’s filled with pork. There was mention of money going to Alaska fisheries, and speaking of Alaska, these bills are just the tip of the iceberg of unnecessary spending. Both sides guilty.

    • So the Sandy bill is what they used to call the Christmas Tree Bill, with shiny goodies on it?

      I am tuning out of this stupid debate for now–did the Dems agree to go above $250K for increases or should I say, removal of Bush cuts? I guess they see that as a concession. How did SS get in there yesterday–I heard it did. Oh, well–it’s all crap.

      I was going to replace my big appliances, which are crumbling–now I may not…maybe ANOTHER stove repair, sorry, stove makers. This lack of leadership is making me sick.

  4. Keith, this resembles the question I am always asked – “What is wrong with the Jews?” – for which there is no easy answer (outside of the Norman Podhoretz book). But I have to ask you, What in the hell is wrong with the media? Seriously! How long are they going to prop him up?

    • The media is never coming back. If Eric Holder’s goons came door to door, in the dark of night, confiscated all the guns and gave them to the illegal immigrant installed in your home, the media would report this as an America safe for all.

  5. Perhaps instead of the Congress virtually closing so they could watch the movie “Lincoln” , someone could have gotten a few copies of the movie “Dave” from the early 90s. Actor standing in for the ill President actually makes progress on budget cuts, asking the tough questions, etc. Simplistic? You bet. However, given the track record of these pompous imbeciles, I’d rather try “Dave’s” approach rather than listen to them blovate about Obama’s “Lincoln moment” etc.

    • They all just got a pay raise courtesy of Preezy Revenge’s EO pen. By the time this is all over, their credit cards will be freshly loaded with a gazillion dollar spending limit, and we’ll all be feeling used like a cheap date who just got rolled by the guy who was whispering sweet nothings in our ear just moments before.

  6. OK. Let’s go over the Constitution again. Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution states all bills for raising revenue (taxes) shall originate in the HOUSE! Not the Senate. The Senate can amend the bill once it gets it but tax bills have to start in the House of Representatives.

    And the Supreme Court has also ruled that taking a Senate bill that is not a tax and turning it into one is also a no-no. So it is the House Republicans and the President that must be talking, not Mr Reid and Mr Biden.

    Oh, and this is the fundamental reason why the entire Obama Care law is unconstitutional. It originated in the Senate and the Supreme Court has now said it’s a tax. Ergo…

    • BTW, there is an op-ed in the NYT today headed “Let’s Give Up on the Constitution”. I wish I had that quote from Robert Bolt’s A Man for
      All Seasons at my fingertips: something about if you do away with the law, there is nothing that stands between you and the devil.

      • Good point Julie

        The courts of late seem to have already decided that the constitution could use some freshening up! I believe it should be dusted off and brought back into focus.

    • These crooks have spent their whole congressional careers discovering ways to usurp the Constitution they take an oath to protect and defend. With Obamacare, Reid took a revenue bill that the House had passed previously (veterans housing subsidy), stripped the guts out of the veterans bill, and replaced it with Obamacare. Presto chango it’s all kosher. In their eyes, they didn’t do anything unconstitutional. When Chief Justice Roberts codified the law as constitutional, he removed any issue about the bill’s origin.

      I have no doubt they will use the same tactic with this grand bargain, and all the constitutional lawyers in the government’s employ will give it their stamp of approval.

  7. Regardless of the merits of the Republican position, they have been aced by the Democrats and Obama.
    This is about taxes going up for everyone or taxes going up for only the 2%. At the same time, the budget is 63% Social Security, Medicare, and Defense. The Republicans won’t go for Defense cuts [which they should], so that leaves grandpa, grandma, the disabled, and poor.
    Who has the stronger argument -regardless of the press, which will not fairly present the larger picture?

    • The Republicans are going to be blamed either way, but if they agree to tax cuts (especially with nothing in return), they are going to lose their base. Even with something in return, they will lose their base. So, imho, they should go off the cliff and keep their base. The House Republicans should not go along with whatever the Senate come up with. The House did not go along with Boehner’s Plan B, and now they are willing to go down to $500,00O or even $250,000? I. Don’t. Think. So.

      • Boehner will get enough Democrats to pass whatever hairball the Senate coughs up. That is when the Republicans will own the tax increases. The establishment Republicans always take their base for granted. They figure who else are we going to vote for? The Democrats who have gone full blown commie?

  8. Keith,

    I am scooping up what is left of my brains that fell out after the re-election of obummer. Without an objective media to report what is actually going on in regards to the financial debacle we are in it will be a tough sell for the Republicans to have their message heard clearly. If in a bizarro world the media tonight at 6 started with reporting that spending and debt is higher than ever and taxes need to rise 50% on everyone working to balance the budget then we might see some action. For now the republicans have little hope of having their real and practical message of spending cuts, entitlement reform, and a balanced budget heard by anyone other than their wives or mistress’s. When will a true leader rise from the ranks?

  9. Do you mean you are willing to cut the Seniors Social Security and give the V. P. and Congress a raise at the same time. Why not put back into Social Security that which has been borrowed from it and then there will be no short fall at all. CROOKED POLITICIANS!!!

  10. Over at the NYT, the lib readers are heaping scorn on Republicans. I cannot comment there bec I did not subscribe. I also no longer can comment on The Caller or Newsbusters bec I won’t load Bing or Chrome–they have no interest in conforming to me, only want me to do what they say. Sound familiar? I can still comment here, so for better or worse, you’ve got me. Incidentally, I can comment on many other Disqus sites with IE–just not those two. But better minds than mine at clearly in charge.

    • The NYT lies in the hands of people like Obama who want to ‘transform’ (read destroy) the America we know. As I mentioned above, they have a piece in there today by a Georgetown University Constitutional law professor who wants to chuck the Constitution. For my sanity’s sake, I no longer even want to comment on sites like the NYT and Huffington Post.

  11. There is a report that Obama is going on TV again today at 1:30 EST with a background of ‘middle class taxpayers’ behind him and he’s going to blame Congress, i.e., the Republicans for the Tax Cliff if there is no ‘compromise’ by midnight tonight. I am hoping that he is overplaying his hand because Gallup also has a poll out that he’s lost 5 points in approval just since Christmas.

    • Mark Steyn (filling in for Rush) was joking about the presser with the middleclass props by saying ….. Obama will appear this afternoon with the finalists of Who Fathered Kim Kardashian’s Baby. :D

      • That’s hilarious!

        This circus act of Obama’s is getting pretty stale after 4 years – like watching paint dry. The props need to play a more active role. He could jazz it up with a game of pin the tail on a Republican; a dunk- Boehner booth; a shooting gallery with House Republicans as targets; or a magic show where Obama waves his wand and all the evil rich capitalists disappear. If only we could wave a magic wand and make Obama disappear!

      • Thank you for that laugh! I spent the afternoon as a DC Tourist sitting in the Senate gallery listening to blather. A quiet afternoon – all things considered.

  12. Taxpayers do not fund the unemployment. However, taxpayers WILL fund the welfare and foodstamps of the 2.1 million people who lost their unemployment payments on the 29th, when they apply for them today.