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Christmas Eve Golf for Obama

Updated 8:56 pm ET

Well, it was almost Christmas Eve. Anyway, President Obama was on the golf course again Monday morning, playing for the second time of his Hawaii vacation. He was back where he played Saturday, at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

It’s the 110th time of his presidency and the 18th outing of the year.

Obama played with friends Mike Ramos, Greg Orme, and Bobby Titcomb. After golf, he hit the beach at the Marine base, where he was joined by the first lady and his daughters.

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  1. I just wonder how the other presidents stack in comparison to Barack Obama regarding travel, time away from work, expenses incurred, playtime, etc. So much emphasis is placed on Obama’s golf, which appears to be his only interest.
    What about the Bushes? Clinton, Reagan? Reagan used to visit his ranch here in California quite a bit. The elder Bush would go to his retreat in the Northeast.
    In the same vein, Mochelle has traveled quite a bit at taxpayers’ expense and with an entourage. I don’t recall the other first ladies. What about them?

    • George W. Bush spent 879 days at his Crawford Ranch. … 77 trips to his Crawford Ranch, in Texas, where he spent all or part of 490 days, on his Ranch. … in office over a period of 8 years was 977 days, or 32% of his total time in office, was spent on vacations or retreats. …

      • however Bush also held meeting there with world leaders, members of the administration and others. There was a established SS security and command post set up for his trips to the Texas WH, therefore a huge cost saving to the tax payers, unlike what happens every time Mr. O takes a trip. Guests stayed at the ranch, another cost saving. He never billed the SS for staying on the property either (unlike Biden).

      • Wonder how many trips to Crawford, TX could be made for one of Obama’s trips to Hawaii or Moochelle’s numerous vacations that she took on taxpayer dime dragging her mooching friends along? Quite a few I bet.

  2. Some Marines tolerate POTUS, some don’t. Candidate O’Bama, in 2008 was visiting a forward base in the Middle East and his voice was picked up on a microphone when he stated that he felt like he was in the camp of the enemy. Has his opinion of the armed forces changed since he was the candidate in chief?

  3. History does repeat itself. During the fall of the great Roman empire, Nero was said to have “fiddled.” During the fall of the American Republic, Obama plays the back nine in Hawaii. Hope we end up with a better future than did the Romans?

  4. Bet he finishes his second term before he gets his first hole in one. Oh, wait he did – he stuck it up our back holes when first elected.

  5. Oh thsnk God, Obama can finally take some time off and go on vacation. Here let me work a few more hours to pay for it. I haven’t taken one in years..

  6. So comment moderation is enabled??? So I can’t say how I feel or the “Censors” will get involved ? That makes complete sense given what this communistic administration is doing. Get rid of guns, ban God and the Bible from schools, take over the education system. Oh my, let me see, that’s what Hitler did. Burn the books, get rid of religion and take the guns. I see , two and two dies equal four.

  7. Please make an Obama golf round count app that conservative bloggers can add to their blogs and websites. I don’t know all that would be involved in doing that but I would imagine it wouldn’t be too hard for a web programmer. If you could make something like that it would be awesome.

  8. Most people are not able to golf well when there is a lot of pressure on them or having pressing matters in their lives. Obama apparently has neither which is an indicator of why this country is in such bad shape.

  9. Funny how you never see video of him golfing. Probably because he’s a sports GEEK with a pencil neck.
    A disgusting twit with a phony smile.
    4 more years of his crap. Ugh.

  10. After leaving Americans unprotected in Benghazi, he and his family get to have their recreation protected courtesy of the guns “controlled” by U.S. Marines. Nice. And meanwhile, he appoints an anti-war activist as SoS. How are we gonna make it through four more years of this?

  11. when does he Smoke, He still does but no photos why, no photos of assault weapons the ss carries why? he spent more golfing today then I make in a year it has got to be nice.

  12. When POTUS and FLOTUS did not have Air Force One did they always spend Christmas in Hawaii? I thought Chicago was his home.I will say he did go to Conn. so that he would know where his social security card came from.

  13. What a leader. He wants congress to sacrifice their time and vacations until a deal is reached about the fiscal cliff but HE doesn’t feel it’s necessary for a PRESIDENT to get involved. Yeah, I’m sure George Washington would be proud.

    • ALL of his support minions will be kept from spending the holidays with their families so this First Welfare Family can live like royalty.

      Bush spent the holidays at his Texas home, so the staff COULD be with their own families.

      It is, to coin a phrase, the difference between black and white.

  14. I can not afford the fees at the public gold course. I have to save my money to pay the taxes for the poor to get their free stuff. Downsized once to pay for their free stuff and getting ready to go bankrupt if it continues. And I am only 4k above the poverty line…so maybe I’ll become a taker…it is what he wants. JIMHO

  15. There goes Barry boy shirking his responsibilities to the country when he should really be doing something in Washington D.C., if he honestly cared about anyone other than himself.

  16. It’s encouraging that President Obama has time to play golf, given that the state of the national economy will be determined by whether the President and Congress will agree on a fiscal road-map before Jan. 1.

    What appears to be the President’s lack of action and leadership can only mean that he has a secret solution that the House and Senate will agree to ready to present in time to be passed into law before the year ends within a few days.

    Either that, or he actually wants the fiscal cliff of higher taxes for all American income-earners to kick in.

    If that is the case, too bad that his secret agenda will likely cost Americans hundreds of thousands of jobs and possibly create another economic recession.

  17. Obama gives our money to those who donate to his political campaign; while playing at the expense of the US citizen. We the People must help those in need with what we work hard to earn.
    Obama has impoverished and enslaved our nation in 4 years of supporting his sybaritic Presidency.

  18. The POS is out on the golf course in Hawaii spending big bucks of struggling taxpayer dollars while so many Americans can’t afford to put food on the table. May that POS spend eternity in hell!

  19. How many times must Obama show his disrespect for the country before the majority of people will see past his race and see the real him? He cares not one wit about the nation or the economy. He wants two things. He wants to humilate Republicans by going over the cliff and blaming the GOP. And, he wants to have fun. With ther cliff looming – he goes on vacation!!?? Where the hell is any leadership from him?

  20. Mr. Titcomb, of the prostitution sting bust, is part of Obama’s four-play. Did he advise the First Dude on how to tap it in with the short putts?

  21. What did we expect from Obama? In the mid 1990’s, Soros picked him because he could read a good speech. Soros told him, do what I tell you to do, read what I put in front of you and send as much money as you can toward me, and I’ll see how far I can take you. What a deal, read and say someone elses words and you can play with the White House and Air Force One. And no one will stop you because they won’t want to sound and look racist.

    We bought into it and the country is screwed.

  22. So many millions of Americans sent into poverty, so many unemployed, at the hands of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, and yet they laugh and play and live the good and expensive life by the votes of the very people they punished with loss of wealth and income. It is such a nonsensical world.

  23. Who are we to begrudge our boy prince and the enlightened class a bit of golf and luxury at taxpayer expense? In the worst economic conditions in decades? In lieu of remaining home in their rent-free luxury accommodations with a full staff back in DC? These elites labor to push our backward, benighted people into a dawn of fairness and equality! Forward! For that matter, Venceremos!

  24. I guess I need to stop reading Drudge, I love to play golf and I don’t have a problem with Obama playing during the holidays. It’s the Congress that quit negotiating, Obama’s role is to sign it or veto it. I didn’t vote for Obama in 2008 or 2012, but, I don’t begrudge him his golf.

    • BS. Congress is just supposed to be negotiating from one side? And I don’t see Mr. Obama just sitting on the sidelines with his mouth shut. He actively is campaigning for no debt ceiling and no cuts.