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Obama Goes Powergolfing with Bill Clinton

Updated at 9:57 pm ET

President Obama today played golf at Andrews Air Force Base with Bill Clinton, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, according to the White House press office.

The outing seems to be part thank you to Clinton – who campaigned heavily for the president – and part strategy session for McAuliffe, who is personally close to Clinton. McAuliffe is also a former DNC Chair and a mega-fundraiser for Democrats who could play a key role in any potential presidential campaign by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

This is the 107th time Obama has been golfing as president and the 15th time this year.

After avoiding the fairways during a reelection campaign that portrayed him as a warrior for the middle class, Obama has returned to golf with a vengeance, heading out to play three times since being reelected last month.

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  1. Who says they are talking about Hillary? What about Michelle>
    They could continue the “Obama Dynasty” ala Juan and Eva Peron.

    • Don’t worry about the lazy MOOCH having political aspirations. Her entire raison d’etre is leaving Washington, D.C. with her power-ball winnings. She won’t have to deal with those annoying military families anymore, and no more irritating Flag ceremonies. She and Barack hit the Trillion $$$ jackpot, and they’re never gonna look back.

  2. The only way this Marxist-socialist agenda of Obama’s stops is for the entire government to go hurdling over the so-called fiscal cliff. So let go like a freight train. And let Barack Hussein play as much golf as he wants. The more he is out of office, the more that nothing gets done, and more likely that we head over the cliff. You see, over the cliff, you and I are going to be just fine. We work for our living. We buy our own food, we pay our own rent or mortgage, we buy our own phones. The ones who get slammed by this are the takers. And once the hog trough is broke and empty, the will have no choice but to get their sorry asses back to work. So I say, let the country do a “Thelma and Louise”, right over the edge, 90 mph, and enjoy the ride, baby!!!!

  3. There are simply no words to describe the sentiment of the adults in this country. I gave it all for 60+ years, and now will watch as the collapse painstakingly ensues. Good luck you “takers”, you “war on women victims”, and you “aggrieved LGBT slugs.” Its all on YOU.

    • Yep, they own it, it is now time for us “makers” to gather our families, fend for ourselves and protect what is ours. Let the chips fall where they may, hopefully there is enough of us left to rebuild the destruction, maybe we can get it right the next time…………

  4. Probably spent the day talking about how badly they feel for the families of the dead Americans in Libya. And telling each other that is was Bush’s fault.

  5. Hillary 2016-the final nail in the coffin of the American experiment of free market, limited government, representative Republic living that our forefathers gave to us…………..onto the ash heap of history we go……..

  6. Oh, great. McAuliffe getting tips about stealing elections so he’s a shoo in, I guess, for the gubernatorial race next year. Just kill me now….

  7. This was an ideal horizon-time for a Cosmic moment of supernatural stuff – like an asteroid, for example – to hit the links and take out two of America’s three top-terrorists – that would have left ‘her’, the third, on her own hoping to become POTUS, reliant on a bunch of sympathy from a sick bunch of the the general American population and its bunch of Lesbian cabinet supporters all of the way back to Rivlin, Shalala, and Reno who would romp off into the sunset with her – among her many Lesbian pals from Susan Thomases, to her contemporary Lesbian gal-pals, to Huma – but, sadly God missed his chance and they made it off of the links – however, another time will come…keep the faith – it isn’t much longer, though it seems like forever – all three will be gone ‘thru 2016’, but
    America will not recover for another century,

  8. Its time all corrupt and filthy sodomite pedophile politicians and news anchors to give serious thought about Suicide so you may avoid the wrath of God……

    Except gay 0bama the anti-Christ God is taking him out Personally………..

  9. Didn’t know that a golf course anywhere would allow the 3 Stooges to play on the same course, on the same day, at the same time and in the same group.

  10. When you get down to it, Obama’s not done a dam thang to improve anything…and if the poor think they are gonna get a break from el presidente…they have another thang a commin’…get ready for the tax train kiddies.

  11. I have been correct about anyone or anything almost never in my entire life. I WAS 100% correct about lowbama. He is a consummate liar, a hustler, a conartist, a slimy 2bit political hack, a nasty thug, an arrogant whiny snot. Everything I thought and and said about this lowlife as to what he’d do after the election is 100% accurate. $4 million dollar vacation for 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! golfing like mad. he’s lower than a snake’s hips, as they say in upstate ny. 60 million sucks, lowlifes, lazygoodfornothing slobs voted for him because he’s santa claus. 57 million workers voted for romney. these 57 million pay the bills for the lowbama slobs. fact check: 104 million registered voters did not bother to vote. therefore lowbama is president because of 28.2% of the voting public. a mandate? only for filthy lying puke like lowbama.

  12. I recently responded to a friend of mine who was complaining about an article I wrote about the growth of two classes of citizens – Federals and Americans. Here is how I responded to her when she said that her son needs opportunity and the destruction of the federal system would damage his chances.

    Ann, here is the mistake I think you’re making. Like most everyone else in this country they think that the federal system supports that which would allow them the best opportunities. It doesn’t. It used to, but it doesn’t anymore. It is a cancer…a virus. Your son will have far better opportunity without the false crux of a federal system that actually restricts and hinders opportunity. Just because the federal system collapses doesn’t mean that we would collapse with it. That is the mistake you are making. The Sun will come up, the Sun will go down. The Moon will still rise and you will have food on your table – and at a lower cost. Energy will be far cheaper. If the Federals are not around life will go on. We will still have a military. Smaller yes…and diverse, but we will still have a military to protect us. We will still have an economy.

    Even you think that the Federals are needed. That is the big lie. And it is one that the Founding Fathers recognized. They built an absolutely brilliant system. And only now is its genius really making its appearance visible.

    Sure the Constitution WAS (past tense) an amazing document. But that document is now being blatantly ignored by a growing family of Federals (not Americans – Federals. If you are an employee of the Federal government; you are a Federal. There is a big difference). Here is a perfect example:

    We no longer have a 4th Amendment…a far weaker 5th Amendment, a constantly escalating war on the 2nd Amendment. A 1st Amendment that is being aborted to support a media system that Goebbels would be proud of.

    We have a growing Federal population whose only loyalty is to the god of government. I wouldn’t be surprised to see gated communities spring up where the only residents are Federals…they will feel, and be, safer that way. In fact the Washington D.C. suburbs are just that.

    We have so-called pundits like Sean Vanity, Maddow, Mathews, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, CBS…, that shriek on the sidelines yet they are part of the very same disease. And only offer distraction from the reality that is now America.

    We absolutely do not need the Federals. Quite the opposite…they need us. Now you continually call for smaller government…it WILL NOT HAPPEN! Period. History has always shown that a government grows like any disease. It is a blessing for a short period then it takes on a life of its own and becomes a country in itself. It begins to feed on the very citizens it is “sworn” to support. So these side issues like taxes – high or low – do not matter. Entitlements like Social Security and Medicare – do not matter. The deficit – may it please God continue to rise – does not matter. What matters in all of this is the trap door the Founders designed around…the States.

  13. There are many of us who look at this president as an arrogant opportunist.
    If he understood his duties as president, he would have come to the people and described just what happened in Benghazi. Also, his shoving down his policies that many of us don’t want is hardly a president OF ALL THE PEOPLE. Not having a budget through his four years show how sloppy he manages his job. I also believe he is dishonest.

  14. Enjoy your golf with Mr Bill, you both deserve some great relaxing and strategy time…. Go deep again and squash the Repuks, set up Hillary for another GOP pedaling. The Haters are so ignorant they haven’t a thing in the last election
    I’m grateful they make it so easy to stomp on them with there racist sexist rants, no worries they’ll only get worse as defeat after defeat pile up. Everyone pulls back in disgust, as they see their wretched heart vomit out pile and puke.

    • You lefties sure are hateful winners. Jokes on you, pal. They don’t need you anymore, so get ready for the fleecing they will be giving us all.

      Aren’t you even the least bit curious about where he was and what he was doing when 4 Americans were murdered in Benghazi? Probably not. As long as you think you’ve got yours, you could care less.

    • There are a few of those types of comments here today, unfortunately.
      The posters show disregard for Keith, and bring down the tone of this well-respected site.