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Republicans Continue to Cave

I love the reporting we’re seeing on the Fiscal Cliff. About what you’d expect. For the most part, it describes Democrats as being “flexible” by increasing the amount of income that won’t be subject to a tax increase.

And the press seems to be accepting the Democratic line that Republicans are trying to just ruin everything by pushing for spending cuts, and it was a “setback” when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to reduce Social Security benefits by proposing “chained CPI.”


Let’s try to understand what’s going on here.

The fiscal cliff was a mix of spending cuts and tax increases. But negotiations are centering on taxes. Republicans are being forced to accept a tax increase, but the minute they put serious spending cuts on the table, they are accused of trying to screw everything up.

In fact – hold on while I get my bandages to wrap around my head to prevent it from exploding . . . okay, there . . .


Thank goodness. Head didn’t explode. I hope yours didn’t either.

That’s right, they want to forget about the fiscal cliff cuts for a couple of years, and use the tax increase to fund another year of “EMERGENCY” unemployment benefits and to prevent doctors from getting less money for Medicare patients.

Even President Obama, bless his heart, says he’d be open to Social Security cuts. But that’s only because he was willing to do it once upon a time – it would look bad to say he was for it before he was against it – and because he knows Democrats will never go for it.

And so the focus of this deal will be on taxes, and the Democrats will accept the blessing of the press for being so eminently reasonable, and Republicans will


to Democrats and the Washington establishment.

Obama Appears on Meet the Press

I thought you might want to catch President Obama’s appearance on Meet the Press. He goes through all the issues – fiscal cliff, immigration, gun control, the economy, and so forth.

Mike Allen at Politico has the key takeaways on Politico Playbook in case you don’t want to watch the whole thing. Let us know what you think!

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