As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || November 12, 2012

Obama to take budget case to the people . . . New York Times
Five fiscal cliff scenarios . . . Politico
Questions for Petraeus will have to wait . . . Washington Times
Time for a new Republican Party
. . . Joseph Curl
Obama’s large ambitions . . . David Maraniss
I was a foot soldier for Obama . . . Los Angeles Times
White House deluged with secession petitions . . . Daily Caller

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 12, 2012

  1. Arizona started the “sucession” when it passed SB1070. It was decided that the Federal government was not doing it’s job to protect our national border from illegal aliens, then Arizona would take on the task.
    The DOJ sued us, put our people under close watch and decided, without any proof, that the whole state was “racist and unlawful”.

    At the time SB1070 was passed, it was estimated that 600,000 illegal aliens lived in Arizona while millions more passed through our state. Illegal aliens made up over 10% of our population at that time and were crushing our economy and social services.

    There are probably more reasons than concern over illegal aliens given amnesty or citizenship that make some people want to form a “new” union, but it is one of them. The whole heartland or fly-over part of our country is not on board for the liberal/progressive, debt inducing government .

  2. “Obama to take budget case to the People”.

    Here we go again!!! First it was Obamacare. Then it was the Bush tax hikes. Now it’s the Budget! Can’t this impudent child behave like an adult for once in his lifetime? Work it out with Congress and stay off AF1. The People are sick of you!!! Do your job and stop spending our money on your ego trips. You look like an idiot and so do your human props!!!

  3. Will the Republican party reflect on the real cause of our defeat, or will they behave like the left and place the blame elsewhere? Looks like the answer is taking shape. The party is blaming the Tea Party, evangelicals, and libertarians for their loss. They are pushing us to get out of their party so they can “modernize”, become Democrat-lite, and attract the bread and circus crowd. If the establishment is successful in driving off everyone except the Rockefeller/Bush Republicans, the party is doomed.

    There are a whole lot of us in the center of this country who want nothing to do with European socialism. Our dissatisfaction with the yoke of government tightening around our necks will be expressed eventually. I pray it is peaceful.