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Election Over, Obama Returns to Golf

With the election over and his golfing no longer a potential political liability, President Obama returned to the fairways today, playing for the 105th time of his presidency but only the 13th time this year.

Obama has not played golf since his birthday August 4th.

Obama has always found time to golf, no matter the demands of the presidency. It is unlikely that he couldn’t find any time to play during the campaign. More likely, his political advisers had determined that a president attacking Mitt Romney as an out-of-touch rich guy who is a tool of the wealthy could ill afford to have Obama constantly on the golf course.

Obama today is at the Andrews Air Force Base course along with some of his regular crew of young aides who golf with him – Eugene Kang, Joe Paulson and White House trip director Marvin Nicholson.

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    • i actually think its fine for him to be golfing and taking time off to relax after the election.
      i wouldn’t be surprised if he golfs every weekend from now on (weather permitting).

      personally i hope he lives on the golf course so he has less time to bother us.

  1. I think we will see the “real” Obama come out in full force now. No election to win,who cares. Like people have said,he pretty much would have to go on national TV and kill someone before the people under his spell would think there was anything wrong with it. And even then,I’m not so sure. It would be because of the stress of the job!

  2. as Greta van Susteren put it: so after 18 months, $2 billion, and a whole lot of bad feeling…we’re right back to how it was November 5.

    with one exception: Obama’s going to be even more Obama-ish than he was before. he promised the Russkies he’d have more flexibility after the election. wonder what he promised the Palestinians!

    which reminds me: hey LA Times? the election’s over. your messiah is safely reelected and is on his way to “fundamentally transforming America” (apparently transforming it into Ecuador). can we see the gosh-darn Rashid Khalidi tape now, just for sh*ts and giggles?

    • Didn’t notice Keith was among the golf buddies. The only “skip-repeating broken record” is your messiah. Enjoy the hell you created for us all. Won’t be long before the whole thing comes crashing down and survival of the fittest is the law of the land.

  3. Keith, I just got through reading Jane Leavy’s fantastic biography of Mickey Mantle, The Last Boy. Leavy devotes a lovingly detailed chapter to a legendary Mick home run, a titanic shot that flew some 550 feet out of the Washington Senators ballpark. It was the Senators first home game of the 1953 season but the newly elected Eisenhower was not there to throw out the first ball per custom, preferring to hang out with the swills at Augusta National. He went on to golf, I think, over 800 times while in office. Kennedy, a better golfer, was embarrassed enough for him to keep his own enthusiastic golf practically a state secret. I’m a bit older than you, Keith, but I remember it seemed every weekend Nixon was out playing golf rather badly with Bebe Rebozo or some such crony. You really are ridiculous.

    • Yeah it was a great book and this does get ridiculous but with Superstorm Sandy still causing havoc on the east coast due to the fallout and the debt cliff hanging, this doesn’t look good.

      Meanwhile the GOP misses a golden chance by not being on the airwaves this weekend saying they were willing to increase taxes modestly for anyone making over a million a year in order to pay off the.debt. Its a win/win:

      1. They go proclaim they are the party that it is willing to put their long held principles aside in a compromised bill for the sake of our country.
      2. They force Obama to move more to the center since many Democrats prefer a tax increase for only those making over a million dollars including Chuck Schumer.
      3. You can show that you are the true deficit hawks by making such a priority you agree to something you hate.
      4. You force Obama to make a choice: He either keeps his order and uses the extra revenue for the debt or he does what he really want and his side by using it to pay for Obamacare and other government programs. If he uses towards the debt, that is a win for America and you can take a ton of credit by being the parry that was pragmatic but Aldo held Obama accountable. If he doesn’t, then you got something to bash him with for the next four years.

      But I get the feeling that the TEA party is just too stupid and stubborn to allow the GOP to do that.

      • I have a golden opportunity for the GOP. How about this time around we try Conservatism? Not compassionate conservatism which is nothing more than big government statism, but Constitutional Conservatism – fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. It worked out pretty good when we tried it out in 1980.

        • For about the 12th time its not 1980 anymore. I said that before the election and I was proven right. People are gravely concerned with the defecit and they should be. Its honestly a question of national security and this stupid game of chicken is honestly going to destroy this nation. Jesus Susan are so hard up that you won’t give a bit on some taxes for millionaire’s that will be solely used for debt reduction in order to get significant reductions in government spending which you as this limited government advocate is what you want the most? Like Senator Corbin said sometimes you have to give up a little to get a lot

          • And please stop with the Ronald Reagan talk. Because conservatives love to remember him as this ultimate conservative god but the reality is Reagan was much more pragmatic then that. He increased government spending, cut a deal with Tip O’Neill on both immigration and social security and raised taxes twice because the defecit was out of control.

            He unlike the GOP of today was willing to compromise in order to push the country in the right direction. If he were around today, you think he would be a RINO and hope a TEA partier challenge him because he wasn’t pure enough and there is ZERO chance he win the nomination today. None.

            And you wonder why the GOP has watch the electoral college map has flipped so badly, the GOP is no longer a party that can run a national campaign and expected to win.

          • And how about addressing the fact that the Dems reneged on their deal with Reagan re immigration? That part of the story seems to get conveniently lost when Dems tell it.

          • The Immigration Reform and Control Act was passed in 1986, during Ronald Reagan’s second term as president. Please address how he managed to “bash their head in” after the statists reneged on the deal.

          • Go watch the footage from the 1988 election. George Bush talked about it a ton. And so did Reagan. I remember specifically at the end of the campaign Reagan spoke to a large crowd in California but how they agreed to a Immigration Reform and Control Act but the Democrats turn their back on it.

            It helped the GOP capture a lot of independent and Hispanic votes that year. But winning elections really doesn’t matter to you. Just being a national joke and continuing to drive people from your dwindling party. Keep this up and who knows what might happen. Republicans might be coming in third in a two-party system!

          • okay how about they just do this…
            westpalm bill•an hour ago−

            This message is so accurate it’s scary. The vast majority of the voting public has absolutely no idea of what republicans are talking about when we discuss the impact of taxes on jobs, growth and the national debt. Hell the majority of voters don’t speak english. When Boehner started talking about taxes the other day my eyes started to roll back in my head. Not again, I thought: he isn’t going to start this blather again is he? Well lo and behold!! When are we going to wise up, and get off this self defeating path? This approach is a LOSER. We’ve got to change tactics!!!!
            Give comrad Barry all he wants, and every six months or so hold a press conference and review the results. When the debt and unemployment all start to rise, demand to know what’s going on. He got his tax increases and we’re taxing the rich so what happened. When he says we haven’t given him enough time wait six months and hit him again, and keep after him. Ask the people on unemployment would they rather collect 5,6,7,hundred a month by staying home or work and make 5,6,7, hundred a week!!
            We have to change or the republican party as we know it will revert to that cute little party of the 50’s,60’s and early 70’s,



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            Twitch•an hour ago

            The Congressional Republicans should just vote ‘present’ for the next four years. Voting ‘present’ is not counted as a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ but it’s also not abstaining. Doing so would both allow the Democrats to get everything they want and prevent them from either labeling the Republicans as obstructive or trying to shift the blame when things go bad.
            America is headed for a Greece-style crash now anyway so we might as well let the Democrats finish the job and get saddled with the responsibility so that people will finally wise up about them. Then maybe we could actually start fixing the problems.

        • How about an answer to my original proposal?

          “How about this time around we try Conservatism? Not compassionate conservatism which is nothing more than big government statism, but Constitutional Conservatism – fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets.”

          • Spot on Susan. The current crop of GOP leaders haven’t a clue as to the nature of true conservatism. They are as culpable as any Democrat for the deplorable rise of statism in this country.

          • You tried that now the past 4 elections in two generals and two midterms. Other then 2010 which was extremely low turnout, it has bombed. And Romney despite what many on here think(including yoursel it seems) ran rightier then any candidate in the past 30 years. Just read the GOP’s platform at the convention in Tampa. There is nothing in there that isn’t a conserative’s wet dream. And it lost big time.

            Better adapt a more pragmatic tone if you want the GOP to survive. There is a place in the US still for a more limited government. But limited government does not mean NO government. The GOP instead of talking about eliminating government programs should be talking about how to make government programs more efficent and therefore reduce the cost. For example, instead of eliminating depts, they should talking about combining depts and getting rid of certain divisions that are bloated and don’t work. They also need to focus not on government spending but rather government “waste”.


            Notice how though the senator said to get rid of programs that do not work and just waste money but not every program? That is where the GOP needs to be. And I am sorry, it needs to soften it’s stands on social issues. After all, how can the party of “individual freedom and responsibility” be seen wanting to ban birth control and saying “rape” every 5 seconds during a senatorial debate? Ditto for gay marriage. Be more pragmatic on the issue because there is a compromise on it that could satisfy both the left and right’s objections to it if you think about it (hint – it has to do with where marriage comes from, let’s see if you can figure it out.)

            So since I answer your question, let me go back to mine: Are so hard up that you won’t give a bit on some taxes for millionaire’s that will be solely used for debt reduction in order to get significant reductions in government spending which you as this limited government advocate is what you want the most?

            Because if you are then, you better get used to 1-party system then where Democrats CONTROL EVERYTHING! Because even a lot of mainstream GOPers are saying Boehner and McConnell have gone too far with this issue and they are ready to leave the party out of their refusal to compromise. And I am talking about people that I know in my specific life who have been Republicans their whole lives and given a lot of time and money to the cause. And let be even more frank, I know some former GOP staffers specificially one EXTREMELY WELL that gave years of their life on campaigns and on staffs. They are also sick of it.

            The last election prove that the GOP’s base is simply not appealing enough or big enough to win a national election. If you start alienating people within the party that want a more pragmatic approach so the overall tenure of conserativism (limited, responsible government with individual freedoms) can be a thriving idea again in this country then no longer want conserativism to thrive and be in charge again but rather just a small group of people seen as whackos sitting in the corner.

          • For pete’s sake, the GOP contenders for President where all hard core right wingers expect Jon Huntsman who if you go through the issues is pretty conserative, just more pragmatic in his approach. It’s funny but had the GOP run him instead of Romney, Obama very likely could have packing his bags right now and we all be rejoicing. Hell, had the GOP been wise and didn’t kick Dick Lugar off the ticket in Indiana and Sarah Steelman instead of Todd “Rape” Akin in Missouri, right now you could be talking about how a incoming Republican president to go along with a GOP house and a senate at a near 50/50 split.

            I guess the only good news is that the GOP has a great up and coming class if they want it for 2016: Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez, Brian Sandoval, Condi Rice, John Thune, etc. Any one of those would make a great candidate on the Republican ticket in 2016. They could appeal to a whole spectrum of people, not just white angry voters. For those who need another history refresher, Reagan reached out to blue collar, ethnic union members and they are what became known as Reagan Democrats by being seen as someone who had their best interest at heart. Any one of those people could build something like that because of their pragmatic approaches to problems.

            My fear is you people have gone off the deep end to much and will nominate Rand Paul with Michelle Bachmann has his VP. If you do, then be prepared for a electoral butt whopping that hasn’t been seen since the Reagan Era except in reverse.

          • Rand Paul and Michele Bachmann are true conservatives, but I don’t know what the future holds for them any more than you do. Forget the Bush dynasty – the era of big government Republicans is over.

          • Rand Paul and Michele Bachmann have made the GOP an absolute joke. If they were the ticket in 2016, the Democrats could run “Ren and Stimpy” and they win in an absolute landslide.

            I would NEVER EVER vote for someone like Michele Bachmann who beyond her ridicilious social stands (which makes her individual freedom talk hyprocritcal) said she is willing to default on some of our loans. Are you bleeping crazy? This country has paid off it’s loans since the American Revolution. To me, she is ANTI-AMERICAN for be willing to ruin this country over 200 year word of honor to score a damn polticial point with people like you.

            And I do enjoy you how you keep the avoiding the question Susan. If you were the true limited government/deficit hawk you claim to be, then you would be willing to compromise a bit on taxes for the wealthiest income owners (over a 1 million dollars like some moderate Republicans and Democrats) that will go 100 percent towards paying off the defecit which I believe is a issue of national security of the greatest importance and in return getting significant cuts in the budgets including entitlement programs. The mere fact your not willing to give a little in order to gain a lot is telling me the problem does not rely with the country who seems to want bi-partisan solutions but rather with you who is set in their “prinicples” they rather have the country blow up then give a little.

          • Wow Susan, then you really need to open up a history book then and read about our founding Fathers. Because our whole country was founded on compromise! I guess people like Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Hamiliton, Monroe, Franklin, etc were all losers because they compromised in order to build a government and system that has been the foundation to the greatest country on the planet for over 200 years!

            I am honestly starting to think you and some other hard right wingers are deranged.

          • Do you think the Democrats give a flying fig about that old piece of paper? Our founders would never have compromised (aka surrendered) to the Red Coats, but the sunshine patriots like you sure did. They were called turn coats.

          • If anything it does not sound like you give a flying pig about that piece of paper. And no Susan despite the best attempts of Tea partiers to make it sound like war, you are not at war with Obama or the Democrat party. Like them or not, they are your fellow Americans. Do you really think the Jeffersonians always got along with the Federalists? They used to have fist fights including Jefferson and Adams themselves.

            But when their country’s best interest was at stake, they put their bitter partisan differences aside and work/fought together to make a stronger nation. Do yourself a favor. Read history and prove that David Mccullough is incorrect that we are building a nation of people who are illiterate when it comes to history.

  4. Hey Dbb, since you think your so damn intuitive,please enlighten us all at this site what you think America just voted for. Really,don’t be shy. Try to use complete sentences and be specific.

    • Quintis Arrius,

      You ever actually try to talk to an Obamabot? It’s like playing cribbage with a three year old – the cards go everywhere and sometimes you find yourself pegging backwards.

      The problem is that they have very inchoate beliefs about this man, but they have been well trained to like him and hate the party of the dread George Bush. If you actually get a response from one, it goes something like this;

      “Well, uh, hes, uh, a real smart guy, and, uh, he tries reaally hard to fix the mess George Bush caused, and uh, hes, er, Black, I means, African-American, and that means, uh, he really has to deal with, you know, racism and stuff, and uh, he protects women from the, uhh, Repukicans that want to like, rape them and stuff and, uh, he takes care of the poor with all the, like, free money and phones and, uh, did I mention hes Black, and, uh, you’re a racist if you don’t like him, and, ug, hes going to take, you know, all that money rich people stole and give it to, like, all of us in a real fair way, and, he, like, knows coal is bad so hes going to uh, save us from it and, my Prius is great I don’t have to give, like, so much money to gas companines which I like because, uh, they’re just theives and ,uh, there was this one time that I lost five dollars at one and they, uh, wouldn’t find it for me so I know they just, you know, stole it, and, I was, like, driving to see Jay-Z and I really needed it for, uh, munchies and stuff because, like, my freinds have some – wait, what was the question? Oh, yeah, George Bush! I hate that guy! Oh, it was about Obama? You’re a racist, hater, go away!

      THAT’S why it’s probably a blessing you don’t get a response to a direct question. Consider yourself lucky…

        • There’s hope in EVERY family, even in these bleak times.

          P.J. O’Rourke relates a story of a Democrat politician visiting a rock- solid Democrat family in Arkansas during the ’92 elections.

          Politician; “You have some fine, strong sons there. All Democrats, I presume?”

          Father; “Well, all except Luke there. That ornery cuss, he got himself to readin’…”

      • LOL, playing cribbage with a three year old. That’s funny. But accurate.

        I got into a debate with on friday and he told me taht Obama’s already turned the country around and we’re BACK!!!

  5. I don’t care if he goes golfing.
    I don’t care if he slices a ball into the woods and a bird poops on his head.
    I so truly don’t care if he goes golfing, that I wouldn’t care if he golfed every day for the next four years in Hawaii.

  6. Now he’s not going to confine his golfing to the weekends. Five’ll get you ten he starts golfing mid-week now that he doesn’t have to answer to anyone for it.

  7. As usual, he picks Andrews. I know it’s a easier for the Secret Service to protect him there but is a major PIA for those who live on the base (it gets locked down) as well as the Active Duty and retirees who were now bumped on short notice so he and his buddies can use the course. Esp on a Veterans Day weekend. No respect at all (but typical). Anybody know if he shouts “Forward” when he tee’s off??

  8. “Jobs are my number one priority” “I will not rest until everyone seeking a job finds one”

    Oh, wait….that was after the election in 2008 when he was saying stuff like that before heading out to the golf course.

    It’s starting to look like déjà vu all over again. Same ol’ ObamaLIES, same ol’ ObamaPriorities. Never-mind the little people suffering under his incompetent presidency. Never-mind the fact that weeks after Sandy there’s still no power, no food, no water, no gas, No FEMA and no leadership.

    Yep, looks like it’s time for Obama to get in a game of golf and then start another globetrotting tour for some more photo ops. Michelle did say they were going to PARTY after the election….but, she didn’t say they were going to party like it’s 2008, though.

  9. It has been 6 hours since I politely asked Dbb what is “the long game” this election was about. More Taxes? secure defense?, fiscal responsibility?, energy independence? a robust social safety net? I wonder.
    Somewhere on the Andrews Golf course, our Pres. contemplated his long game and it was not about his country.
    To my fellow countryman in NJ, CT, and NY, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • of course it’s about his long game.. he had his “WH Trip Director” as a member of the 4 some. Needed some golf time to work out his next 4 years of golf courses to visit. Remember, he did say he would be traveling allot more in his 2nd term.