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Obama Starting to Get Soaked by the Hurricane

Forget all the photo ops President Obama staged with Chris Christie. A new batch of images is on the way.

Obama has declared FEMA ready, and Christie said the federal response had been terrific. But just as it took a few days after Hurricane Katrina to see the true devastation and the insufficiency of the response in New Orleans, the reality of Hurricane Sandy for New York and New Jersey is now sinking in.

I can’t say whether or not FEMA or local officials did the best the could under the circumstances. I can say that what Americans are seeing now and will continue to see are scenes of abject devastation right here in the United States of America, and bewildered victims wondering where the help they were promised is.

Reuters today summed up the peril for the person in charge, Obama:

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Federal Emergency Management Agency Deputy Administrator Richard Serino planned to visit Staten Island on Friday amid angry claims by some survivors that the borough had been ignored.

Scenes of angry storm victims could complicate matters for politicians, from President Barack Obama just four days before the general election, to governors and mayors in the most heavily populated region in the United States. Obama so far has received praise for his handling of Sandy.

“They forgot about us,” said Theresa Connor, 42, describing her Staten Island neighborhood as having been “annihilated.” “And (Mayor Michael) Bloomberg said New York is fine. The marathon is on!”

Adding to heated tempers, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut drivers were also confronting a shortage of gasoline. Even before dawn on Friday, long lines of cars snaked around gasoline stations around the area, and police were in place at many spots to keep the peace between furious, frustrated drivers.

While the slight rise in the unemployment rate may not on its own have much impact on the election, a synergy may develop between the enduring joblessness, the metastasizing questions about Benghazi, and the struggle for subsistence playing out on cable TV to give Americans the sense that the country is in really bad shape.

Which it is.

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  1. It’s not FEMA was not ready, it’s simply not a fast response unit. The system has been the same for decades. In the first few days of an emergency, it’s local and state officials who are the first responders. Then the feds move in. Every single disaster has had the same response over the past few decades.

    What is different this time? Obama made it sound like FEMA and other federal agencies were on the scene from Hour 1 and they weren’t. Also a momentual mistake by doing a quick photo op and getting back on the campaign. He should been at the WH all week long running the government (his day job he often forgets) and then gone to the sites this weekend.

    • “What is different this time? Obama made it sound like FEMA and other federal agencies were on the scene from Hour 1 and they weren’t.”

      ‘Obama makes it sound’ like a whole bunch of stuff.

      Having been through a hurricane myself, I know the best thing a person can do is be prepared in advance. The gov’t help will take time and be frustrating.

      What does the gov’t do well?

      • “What does the gov’t do well?”

        Tax you. That is about it LOL! I would say our boys & girls in the military are an example of what government does well but they are often stuck in red tape so much, they hardly ever get to do their job properly. Just read some military books that are coming out by our soliders especially Mark Owen’s about the Bin Laden raid. He states several times about how the changed in the rules of engagement has made his job that much more difficult. And I wonder what administration change those rules of engagement LOL!

      • Yep but the one it will only hurt politically is Christie and possibly (long term) Obama if he wins. Short term, the superstorm will not have a positive or negative effect on Obama but it could long term. Bloomberg is as a joke and this is the final nail in the coffin. He had no chance of winning another term or even a different political office, this just made it even more certain.

        • Bloomberg is a jerk and Christie a fool. I watch these poor people in
          disbelief. So much suffering and no help in sight and Obama gets a pass again is there anything the media wouldn’t give him a pass on?
          The mess in the East well Obama is the CIC you can tell cause he’s
          starting to wear the bomber jacket so everyone will know! All you need to say is if this had been Bush. Now Bloomberg is going ahead
          with the Marathon beggars belief as one man said from Staten Island
          people are dead and people will get sick and die and we’re having a

      • I lost power here in Virginia due to a downed line in front of my house at the height of the storm. A crew from NC showed up first thing in the morning and we had power a couple of hours later. Virginia ia a right-to-work state as well. Of course it didn’t help with the eight inches of water in my basement!

    • Heard the same thing from a relative living down south. Companies were told that if they wanted to assist in NJ, they had to join the union.
      I live in NJ and still waiting for power!! Since my family is not a member of the union or the mob , it is going to take awhile. So sad, I thought gov. Christie would not tolerate this BS.

      • Union -OR- mob???

        They are the same thing… Both get their power via protection payments, bribes, intimidation, and (when necessary) violence.

  2. It is just awful what is being ignored on Staten Island. It isn’t just lack of gas. They don’t have food.

    Hannity said last night that the NYC area may not be getting electricity until 11/11. They don’t have much in the way of food. Something needs to be done IMMEDIATELY.

    Guiliani said on Hannity that he put in as many generators after 9/11 that he could install in NYC that would fall under EPA regulations.

    Did you hear that NJ wouldn’t allow lineman and repairmen from AL because they weren’t union people. RIDICULOUS!

    Something absolutely has to be done that will help make cities able to survive after such destruction.

      • Obama’s pledge omits unions.

        “We are not going to tolerate red tape, we are not going to tolerate bureaucracy,” Obama said. “And I’ve instituted a 15-minute rule, essentially, on my team. You return everybody’s phone calls in 15 minutes, whether it’s the mayor’s, the governor’s, county officials.

        “If they need something, we figure out a way to say yes.”

    • Remember the Red Cross saying don’t send us food and clothing we need cash ? The people on Staten Island are begging for food and dry clothing ! No one has seen the Red Cross yet :(

      Would love to see the Romney bus full of “stuff” show up on the island now :) Bet it was turned away……

      • The Red Cross must have figured out a way to make cash palatable and filling to satisfy the need of the hungry. I’m underwhelmed at this development.

  3. Everyone that criticized George Bush over Katrina needs to give him a big fat apology. Showing up for a love fest photo op immediatly does not make government move any faster!!Theres a picture of Facebook going around of Bush on a plane overlooking Katrina and beside it a picture of Obama hugging weeping woman. The caption is something like,”
    which President would you rather have. We Democrats care about each other” Lot of good its doing them now that Obama did a drive by!!
    Things are only going to get worse as the temperatures are about to dip and a new storm said to be moving in for next week.


      Backlash over the NYC Marathon still being run is growing, as it should. They can easily postponed it for a few weeks, or even run two next year. It’s going to take weeks to get everyone back on their feet and your postponing due to running some stupid marathon.

      Oh and some idiot in the NY Times (typical), said it was similar to 9/11. One difference: They ran the marathon almost two months AFTER 9/11.

      Seriously what is wrong with people?!?!?!?!

      • The New York Post has pictures of three generators sitting in Central Park to run the “tents” for media, staff and others at the Marathon. Those generators it reported could power 400 homes (not sure if 400 in total or each). They probably could power some gasoline stations.

        Mike Bloomberg is out ot lunch, just like Obama.

        • “They probably could power some gasoline stations.”

          Indeed and that is going to be a problem through next week which they could help make a real difference immediately with those generators.

  4. While people are shivering and hungry, and after 19 bodies have been recovered in Staten Island, two 30 thousand watt generators are warming up the press tents in Central Park, for Mayor Doomberg’s N.Y.C. Marathon on Sunday.

    We’ve already given him an unprecedented Third term.

    Can I hear a fourth?

    • Cancelled now, I read. He must have taken a lot of heat for his initial decision. He endorsed Obama because O would handle global warming better? NYC ought to be concerned about its energy policies right now, something Romney would be good at. A great part of the problem in NY and NJ is that they have turn-of-the-century electric grids as the rest of the country does. And I’m not talking turn-of-the-21st century, either.

  5. MrRomney and a whole lot of sensible people knew that the first thing needed in a disaster after the first responders leave is food, water, and clothing. Blankets, baby supplies, simple medical supplies are needed, too. FEMA comes in much later with money, and money is the one thing that has no value when there’s nothing to be bought. Food stores are closed, clothing stores won’t reopen for months and millions of people are stuck.
    Stuck like flies on stickypaper in NYC, with no job to go to, no vehicle to drive away in, no one to turn to but themselves.

    This is not an ordinary natural disaster, where victims can be housed and fed at the school gymnasium, or the church basement or where supplies can be trucked in from neighboring cities.
    If there are 5,000 people in one city block, where are they going to be housed safely in NYC or how can emergency vehicles be dispatched to places where traffic is blocked by debris or even moveable vehicles?
    There’s simply no where nearby to put the thousands of damaged vehicles or the scooped up debris from trees and homes.

    My heart goes out to the NYers who will never recover, whose lives will never be the same again. Winter is right around the corner and will prevent rebuilding or recovery until Spring, if that..

    • My brother, a NYC resident, is a teacher in NJ. No work this past week and since he drives to work, I can’t imagine how he will commute next week. I am wondering how long before food deliveries to NYC and NJ will begin to feel the impact.

      srdem, winter is nipping at our heels in the n.e. corridor and the weather report for next week doesn’t look good either with a possibility of another round of rain to hit the same areas.

      There are hundreds of unused federally-owned buildings, some of which are in NY State and NJ. If the president needs a “shovel ready” project – start sending generators/supplies, MREs and buses to get the displaced to them.

      • Watching new video of the devastation is heart-breaking and, well, just awful. Where are all those who lost their homes going to spend the winter in NYC, are there facilities with heat and water available?Thousands of homes and apartments might never get rebuilt or if they do, it will be a year before they’re finished.

        I feel bad that so many of those injured in every way are waiting for the almighty government to come to their aid, They believed that government was the answer, the “nanny state” will take care of everything, when we know different. Their Mayor, who pretends to care about their BMI and salt intake, or whether they might breathe in some second-hand smoke, is making the running of a marathon the city’s priority instead of feeding, clothing, and the health of those in need.

  6. Well you know, The O Team will probably say “I didn’t promise that help would arrive immediately, these things take time.”
    Just how self involved is it possible for one perosn to be when there is so much suffering going on and his main concern is his photo op?

  7. Latest Staten Island visuals are heartbreaking and half the storm casualties occured there :( It’s become NY’s 9th Ward.

    DHS and Cuomo are just NOW lifting restrictions for fuel to be delivered and non-union relief workers can come in. Those should be in place when a “state of emergency” is declared before the storm hit ?

    I remember Katrina well and Bush got hammered for this.