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Romney Taunted by Reporters Over FEMA

Gov. Mitt Romney was taunted Tuesday by reporters who wanted to know if he would abolish FEMA.

According to the Washington Post, Romney was asked repeatedly whether he would end federal disaster assistance – and scolded for not answering – as Hurricane Sandy wrought destruction across the upper East Coast:

Several others again asked Romney whether he would eliminate FEMA.

“Governor, you’ve been asked 14 times. Why are you refusing to answer the question?” one asked.

Romney ignored the reporters’ queries and continued loading up the truck. Earlier, during the event, he ignored similar queries.

It’s hard to imagine the press corps addressing President Obama in this manner, even when he was just a candidate for president.

The same mainstream presidential campaign media that has failed to ask Obama – or even, in recent days, his press secretary – about Benghazi was hot on Romney’s heals for something Romney never said he would do.

Rather, what Romney said during a June 2011 GOP primary debate was that he would increase the share of state responsibility for disaster management.

Moderator John King: FEMA is about to run out of money, and there are some people who say do it on a case-by-case basis and some people who say, you know, maybe we’re learning a lesson here that the states should take on more of this role. How do you deal with something like that?

Romney: Absolutely. Every time you have an occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that’s the right direction. And if you can go even further and send it back to the private sector, that’s even better. Instead of thinking in the federal budget, what we should cut — we should ask ourselves the opposite question. What should we keep? We should take all of what we’re doing at the federal level and say, what are the things we’re doing that we don’t have to do? And those things we’ve got to stop doing, because we’re borrowing $1.6 trillion more this year than we’re taking in.

Notice I have bolded the question Romney was actually responding to. What he gave was a standard conservative reply about de-federalization, a common-sense approach that assumes states understand best what their needs are.

What’s more, campaign aides had already told reporters Monday that Romney would not abolish FEMA.

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  1. ga.

    HEY REPORTERS – How about a question on Benghazi? How about you stop carrying Obama’s water.

    They asked him 14 times.

    I’m going out as a journalist for Halloween tonight. You guys know the ‘bit.’ I need my obama button

  2. “It´s hard to imagine the press corps addressing President Obama in this manner ……” Oh, yes indeed. Makes me so upset again.
    I will try to calm down with my new book, Tom Wolfe´s ” Back to blood”. It´s so good. Wolfe is one of my favourite writers.

  3. Fair enough. So why won’t he answer. Seems pretty easy if there is nothing strange going on. Gives him a chance to restate it in different language if its needs to be clarified. I’d say he is missing an opertunity to press a clear and sensible message. But why?

    • Why should he bother? As noted, his aides told reporters Monday he wouldn’t abolish it. Fair enough? And, by the way, the mainstream “press” would never accept a “clear and sensible message” from him – they would find a way to collectively tear it apart.

    • I can take one sentence out of an entire paragraph and twist it to say anything I desire. That is exactly what these “so called” journalists do. Without the context they make everything he says appear inappropriate.

      Ignore them, Mitt.

    • Answer: Because he was loading a semi & trying to help/direct efforts for the Red Cross. Reporters apparently can’t distinquish between a candidate working to help alievate a United States Crises & CAUSING ONE-Benghazi

  4. The media’s got some heavy lifting to do between now and next Tuesday. By now, they had assumed that they could just relax and enjoy the Obama victory lap.

    Now, they’ve got to work hard to help bring their guy home.

  5. These stenographers for the Obama regime are downright disgusting. They pretend Benghazi is old news and the most important issue of the day is FEMA, a program the left despised when Bush was in charge of it. Every time a Republican suggests cutting back on a federal program it’s an all or nothing equation to the left. I don’t blame Romney for ignoring them. They will ask the question 14 times and if he answers they will put their heads together and find a way to attack his answer. He loses no matter whether he answers or not. He’s handling the flying monkeys of the left the same way Reagan did…politely ignore them.

    • Romney should have asked them to give him a hand in loading supplies on the truck.
      Obama is using this disaster to get Benghazi off the front page, but it’s not going to work.
      He has already made a speech stating that ‘we won’t leave anyone behind’, alluding to the victims of the hurricane.
      Not gonna to work Barry.

      • Remember when FEMA gave people poison trailers to live in or sent semi-s full of ice north instead of south? Or delayed checks by months and months…I hope this goes better this time–I have had a house fire, for one thing–and people need help– but FEMA is a stodgy, hidebound agency and may not be the big savior the press now wants to make it just to try to stick it to Romney. He is wise not to get into this…

  6. Anyone, who has ever donated to The Red Cross, knows they do not want canned goods. What is Romney doing! Why didn’t he simply ask for donations of money? The Red Cross collects 3 things: Blood Donations, Money Donations and Volunteers. They’re not the Salvation Army.

    Red Cross responds: You are NOT helping. “Items such as collected food and used clothing must be sorted, cleaned, repackaged and transported… which impedes the valuable resources of money, time, and personnel.”

    So here is Romney 6 days before the election and he is running this ad about Jeep moving out of the Country that is a lie and collecting cans of food the Red Cross does not want? *sigh*

      • He’s an opportunistic bul!$hitter. So much for maintaining emergency management at the state level. Massachusetts is receiving federal aide for emergency relief because the governor prefers to continue campaigning, er…holding relief rallies in other states. Now that’s a boss!

        • Chris. Obviously you do not keep up with the news. First, Romney has not been governor of Massachusetts for some time. Second, he did solicit donations for the Red Cross.

    • I’m sure that the Red Cross will find something to do with the donated food.
      Charity comes from the heart, it appears that you have misplaced yours.

    • Wow. Criticizing a person for trying to help. Here are some quotes from one of the very first articles to come up when I googled the pair of terms “Red Cross” and “canned goods.”

      “Mitt Romney has been urging supporters to donate money to the American Red Cross to help fund storm relief efforts, and on Wednesday an aide disclosed that the Republican presidential nominee has made a donation himself.”
      “The American Red Cross appreciates the support from the Romney campaign and is working with the campaign to process this donation of supplies,” the relief agency said in a statement. “We are grateful that both the Obama and Romney campaigns have also encouraged the public to send financial donations to the Red Cross. We encourage individuals who want to help to consider making a financial donation or making an appointment to give blood.”

      The article says that the Red Cross “generally” does not want items to be donated because of the time involved, but it seems that they have made an exception in this case. Romney and 2,000 supporters were packing supplies. It’s obvious that the Red Cross was aware of the supplies and had accepted them.

      Carlo, you’re a bore because you are the type of poster that forces others to do the research that you fail to do before posting.

      • How annoying. I don’t know what went wrong. This post was supposed to be a response to CarlO — can you shift it into proper position, Keith? Thank you.

    • Did you get your talking points from Andrea Mitchell???

      At least you quoted her near exact!

      Of course the Red Cross wants $$$. . .100% does not go to the victims; part of the $$ collected by the Red Cross goes to either admin. costs and/or is held for future events.

      You want to donate to the Red Cross. . .give blood. . .they can’t pay their salaries with that!!!

    • The Red Cross is NOT the only organization that renders relief assistance in disasters. I live in the area hardest hit by Sandy. It has been decimated by Obama’s economic policies like everywhere else in this country. More and more formerly prosperous people have fallen on hard times and our local food pantries are stretched to their absolute limits. Donations of canned goods would be a godsend and are solicited by many of those pantries many times a year.

  7. When our president acts in such a low class manner, how can we expect the press (except you, Keith) to act any differently?

    Gov. Romeny knows what proper decorum is. The press does not.

  8. How many questions about Benghazi have gone unanswered by this President?

    Frankly, America needs to come to the realization that we can NO LONGER look to the Federal Government to fund, subsidize, and reimburse EVERY FREAKING expense that life brings to us. The government is not the risk elimination agency, although this is more and more commonly accepted as the premise of government (versus protecting our individual freedoms and expecting each one of us to be responsible for ourselves, our off-spring, our families, and then our neighbors).

    This election is about ideology – one that fosters dependency on an increasing incompetent and corrupt government (at all levels) of if we’re going to act like self-sufficient and responsible self-governing adults.

  9. Good for Romney!

    Right now the main-stream media is just a bunch of bloggers for the DNC – they stopped reporting news 4+ years ago when they abrogated their responsibility to vet Obama on a number of questionable things, and have continued to do so.

    I think that all Republican candidates should ignore the main-stream media – the main-stream media aren’t going to report things accurately anyway – so why give them something they can misquote? Better to ignore them completely…

  10. I’m a newcomer to this blog as far as posting comments are concerned , but have been a fan since I discovered it.
    I try to keep an open mind and listen to both sides of the debate.
    But these constant attacks on GOV. Romney by the lap-dog media have become so f*kg ignorant, with no substance or credibility are just …well, bull-feces, and I’m being kind.