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White House Puts the Kabosh on Obama’s Golf

President Obama has not played golf in more than two and half months, an indication the White House and the Obama campaign have determined that Obama’s golf is a political liability that had to come to a temporary halt.

Obama plays golf
Obama kicks the golf habit, for now.

Obama last played golf on his birthday, August 4. The 81 days that have elapsed since then easily represent the longest time he’s gone as president without playing while the weather is warm.

It’s unlikely that Obama’s absence from the fairways is due solely to the time consuming demands of campaigning and being president.

The presidency itself is a demanding job, and yet Obama has found time to play golf 104 times since Inauguration Day. Defenders of Obama’s golf say it relaxes him and makes him a more effective president, which should be true for a candidate as well.

What’s more, Obama has scaled back on his work as president – he’s barely been dealing with Congress, for example – to accomodate his increased campaigning.

There were signs the Romney campaign was ready to make an issue out of Obama’s golf.

In April, Romney had this to say:

I must admit, I scratch my head at the capacity of the president to take four hours off on such a regular basis to go golfing. I would think you could kind of suck it up for four years particularly when the American people are out of work.

The Republican National Committee released a graphic in July noting Obama’s record during the past six months of “10 golf trips, 106 fundraisers, and 0 Jobs Council meetings.”

So the Obama team appears to have decided to try to take the issue off the table by removing Obama from the golf course. But win or lose, the president will no doubt resume golfing with a vengeance when he takes his annual Hawaii vacation at the end of the year.

23 Responses to White House Puts the Kabosh on Obama’s Golf

  1. “So the Obama team appears to have decided to try to take the issue off the table by removing Obama from the golf course.”

    One more example that we don’t have an adult in the WH. He has to be TOLD not to play golf; he can’t or won’t make that decision for himself. When preparing for the first debate he remarked: ‘They’re MAKING me do my homework.’

    A mature person sees what needs to be done and does it.

    • Excellent point, Brenda. For POTUS to have to be TOLD to do anything is pathetic. Maybe someone should TELL him to pay attention to his daily intelligence briefings, etc. Right now, I have more faith in Bo the dog and his abilities.

  2. Golfer-in-Chief will be thrown out of the White House after the election. Cusser and Liar will go back to Hawaii with his Beard, Moochelle.

    Romney/Ryan 2012.

  3. His frequent golfing excursions never bothered me, in fact I thought it was good for the POTUS to have an outdoor activity that he enjoyed.
    Former Presidents left the WhiteHouse on the week-end or during the Congressional recess to go back to their homes, ranches, or family compounds to relax.

    What seemed to bother most people about his golfing is that he didn’t even pretend to be working on their behalf during the work week. We read his schedule and saw him giving awards, entertaining this or that group, but nothing about meetings with his cabinet or members of Congress.
    His golf outings coupled with the Obama family’s ritzy and frequent vacations just seemed out of touch with the miserable economy that devastated so many families and the dismal future facing the country.

    • I don’t begrudge a president for taking a well deserved break from work. Obama, though, doesn’t do ANY work. He prefers to rule his kingdom from on high while his Merry Marxist Minions do the dirty work for him. I can’t wait until the jerk has all the time in the world to play golf. It will get him out of the house and away from the former First Wookie. Bye Bye, Nobamas. Good riddance.

  4. The world is going up in flames, ambassadors are being killed, embassies are being stormed but the only thing that stopped Obama’s golf outings is his campaign?

    • It’s a matter priorities. Obama truly believes the most important thing for the country is his reelection. The rest is just “small-stuff” he doesn’t need to worry about.

  5. I must admit I empathize with the Pres. With the economy what it is my friends were all giving me the evil eye over my twice-weekly polo outings and my wife’s constant vacationing to the Coast-Of-Someplace-Expensive. So I cut back the polo to 5 times a month and the old-ball-and-chain hasn’t gone anyplace exotic since Labor Day (trust me, I AM suffering over her sacrifice!!). But it’s all been worth it. My friends all look at me in a new light now, even inviting me to join them in some sort of middle class ritual called “BOWLING”. I am a happy man!!!!

  6. What do we expect him to do come November 7th when he concedes to Romney? He hasn’t been involved in anything on capital hill, so I expect him to spend his time golfing and Mooch vacationing as much as they can before January.

  7. The presidency itself is a demanding job, and yet Obama has found time to play golf 104 times since Inauguration Day. .. but hasn’t played in 81 days … campaigning is more important than the demanding job of being president?

  8. Maybe he is saving up for his Presidential Good By Golf Tour? Will not be around DC as most courses will have closed up by Nov 7th. He is in luck though as his new Hawaii digs is within 2 miles of a big country club.

    Another article I read was ol’ Joe (VP) was looking at property in Hawaii also, but was kinda “pushed” to think more like Florida. Geee I wonder why?