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Hillary Takes the Fall

My God, what happened to “The buck stops here?” Long ago tossed in the Oval Office trash basket and carted away by the West Wing housekeepers.

The president is ultimately responsible for our foreign policy and whatever results from it. Obama has spent so much time professing sympathy for the anti-U.S. grievances of the world, coddling our enemies, dissing our allies, and retreating from our commitments – is it any wonder a group of Islamist murderers thought they could get away with an attack on U.S. sovereign soil in Libya?

I guess Hillary felt she was doing her duty as a Democrat, and that she’d be respected in 2016 during the primaries for trying to save Obama and looking like a big girl.

She bears responsibility, sure. But she does not bear full responsibility. President Obama does. Oh, and The Joker too.

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  1. What was the payoff to Hill or Bill? They wouldn’t have done that if they were not to gain from it.

    Is Barry golfing today before he flies up to NY?

    • IIRC, Hillary has million$ of debt from her 2008 bid for the presidency. Barry has hundreds of million$ in his war chest and could easily retire her debt if only she did an itty-bitty favor for him to help him win reelection. I don’t think the POtuS letting his secretary of State fall on her political sword to help save his rear end will endear him to women in this country. My only surprise is that this didn’t get announced on a Friday evening. Please tell me to not be cynical about this duo.

      • No way Mooch is letting one penny of Barry-O’s war chest get away. Remember, he gets to keep everything that’s left after the election. All he needs to do is pay taxes on it and it’s his. Or should I say hers.

        The last thing Michelle Obama would ever do is share anything with Hillary Clinton.

          • Thanks for the info. I think Congress changed the rules a few years ago so the candidate couldn’t personally keep monies left over from a campaign. There was a rash of congress-critters who retired the last year they could personally keep the money. Now they can set up foundations and direct the money there ~ probably not much difference if they pay themselves/spouse/kids/assorted relatives a handsome salary for their participation in the foundation.

        • Obama does not get to keep every thing after the election. He can keep the interest earned by the campaign fund and that’s it. The rest must go to either the DNC, another candidate or charity, He can’t keep all the funds, just the interest they have earned. Which is in the tens of millions, by the way.

      • Not being cynical at all. . .you and Rush are on the same page. . .he just mentioned about her campaign debt; that Barry’s paying if off and her being on his cabinet was supposed to lend some credibility to his admin. Once again, she’s a (in Rush’s words) “doormat”. . .she was a doormat for Bill and his exploits and now for BHO. . .

    • She comes out as the one who is presidential. The Clintons want Obama to lose, and they know at this point that he is going to lose. BTW, Edward Klein says that Bill Clinton has sought legal advice over his frau’s situation, and maybe their lawyers have advised that this is the best thing for her to do. I’ve also read that the State Department has been sitting on $2 billion targeted for security.

      • Are there really that many dumb Americans who would either forget or forgive her for the death of 4 Americans if she was to run in 2016? I just don’t see how they could “spin” this to her advantage? If that’s the case, we are really more trouble than I ever imagined.

  2. My co-worker and I debated it yesterday. I said she is a good soldier and would fall on her sword. She also knows she is bullet proof and no matter what she does or says she won’t be held accountable for it by the media.

  3. Bad things happen when the President and Vice President fail to attend regular Presidential Daily Briefings PDB’s. You would think that the week following the Benghazi terrorist attack, Obama would attend more PDB’s but he only attended ONE in seven days following 9/11/2012. During the prior month up to 9/11 he attended just 7 PDB’s. The President has plausable denyability in stating that the intelligence commuity didn’t properly advise him of security concerns at Benghazi.

  4. It actually makes a lot of political sense for her to fall on her sword over this. I’ve read in numerous places that she is done in January, 2013, even if Obama wins. She takes the fall for the giant screw up that is Benghazi, and retires. This leaves her with a “high road” exit for 2016, having willingly taken the responsibility for what happened when no one else had the cojones. It would make her seem “Presidential” in the eyes of her still strong supporter base, and act as a spring board for ’16.

    Further, it is a well known fact that she and Obama do not get along, and I would place good money on her and Bill wanting to get a lot of pay back for what happened in ’08. The fact that Obama forced her under the bus to save his own skin may send a tingle up the spine of Hillary’s voting block, and could swing them to Romney out of spite for Obama.

    As to 2016, while it is a lot easier to run for an open seat vs. having to take on an incumbent, but if Romney wins next month, and Hillary does run in 2016, she will not have to run for POTUS carrying the baggage that the prior eight years of Obama left. She can go straight for the throat of Romney, and the GOP vs. having to say how wonder-boy Obama really didn’t screw up the country and world.

    The biggest problem with a HRC run in ’16 is that she will be 69 on election day. Not that being 69 is a terrible thing to be, but in this age of multimedia and 24 hour news she is not going to look that great on TV, she looks worn out now as it is. I cannot see a younger generation of voter punching the chad or pulling the lever for someone that looks like grandma.

    Her saying the buck stopped at her over Benghazi is a highly dangerous political risk, but one that I am sure she and Bubba talked about at length. Everything is a cost/benefits analysis, and the immediate costs of her taking the fall could, in their minds, be worth the long term benefits of a HRC run in 2016.

    • You have excellent points and you’re probably right but I just can’t help but feel that the Chicago thug has something big on Hillary. She just isn’t the type to take one for the team, she’d much rather shoot the whole team first. He’s had 4+ years to find bones in the closet and her rolling over like this makes me wonder if boy wonder hasn’t found them.

      • wasn’t she involved in some murder{s} along the way? this would provide some nice bones in the closet for bo to use.
        as long as she is prevented from discussing who bo has murdered along the way. nice bunch, huh?

    • No, resigning in 2013 after the election is NOT the “high road”. Resigning yesterday, when she ostensibly took responsibility for the deaths of four Americans is the high road.

      There’s nothing principled about this. It’s politics, pure and simple.

    • Well said, but I think that you haven’t discussed the real issue here: Hillary DOES bear significant responsibility for Benghasi. She’s fortunate that the media is treating her with kid gloves, as they consider her a revered political figure. I doubt that potential opponents of either party will do the same in 3-4 years.

  5. Of course Hillary takes the fall. obama hasn’t taken responsibility for anything except killing Osama. Of course his spiking the football was probably one of the leading causes of the mess in benghazi which caused four deaths.

  6. It’s time to get these lawyers out of the White House and State Department. I hope that the American people can decipher lawyer speak when they here it! The “fog of war,” indeed! They were watching the attack in real time! They knew what was happening.

  7. Oh dear, it is such a transparent fig leaf. Hopefully most swing voters understands this and thinks, what kind of a man ducks from responsibility in this cowardly manner ? This guy never, ever shoulders responsibility. He is a political chameleon.

      • He surrounds himself with women I’m sure a shrink would say they are
        replacements for his mother and they are equally easy to shove under the bus when he no longer has any use for them. His relationship with
        the truth and women is a little peculiar to say the least.

        • I aree…His white grandma dies…Mrs O and the girls do NOT go to her funeral? Conviently dead when she started answering all the media’s Q’s about Obama? How his step-sister, at 51 (52?) suddenly dies w/a plane ticket ‘in-hand’ to the USA, from Indonesia, to see long lost brother, and his childhood scars….anxious to talk about their shared childhood……eh? What did she know, that we should know?

  8. What a mess. We can imagine a WhiteHouse in a panic, trying to stop a massive breach in their re-election hopes by throwing anyone, doing any old thing to stop the epic fail that seems to be a certainty.

    Allowing MrsClinton to fall on her sword won’t stop MrRomney from his position on the miserable foreign policy endorsed by MrObama. In fact, the President is now liable for allowing MrsClinton to take the heat from where it truly belongs. He looks weaker than ever, more un-Presidential than if he would have stepped out and claimed it was his responsiblity for what happened. That’s what Presidents do, they man-up and take the heat.

  9. My hypothesis is that this election is almost over for Obama, if Romney wins tonight’s debate, even slightly he’s a lock. That leaves Obama 4 years to reengage his base and attempt to reinvent himself to win back moderate democrats that abandoned him in 2012 while at the same time demonizing President Romney at every turn. Hillary will not have the stamina nor the base of the democratic party, most of which by 2014 will have aged enough not to care about the Clintons and regard both Hillary and Bill as out of touch. The 2016 election will be a rehash of Romney v. Obama. Just a thought…

  10. It has appeared for four years now that Obama was reprising John Gotti’s “Teflon Don” persona. Just as the facade fell away from Gotti, so it has begun and will continue to fall from Obama and his minions.
    Obama has proven very adept at providing scapegoats for himself and his favorites. He insults Americans by thinking for a moment it is believable or acceptable.

    • The Lybia mess, the horrible economy, and his bad debate has turn the “Teflon Don” into the “Emperor with no Clothes.” It is time for Romney to finish him off. He will not be able to do much in tonight’s debate, but the foreign policy debate will kill him.

  11. Hillary will be 68 in 2016. She will be too old to run. I don’t think she ever wanted to run after 2008. It is Bill who wants her to run. She just threw herself under the bus for the worst president this country has ever seen. No one will have any respect for her standing behind Obama. If he is reelected, the country will be worse off in 2016 than we are today. She will be blamed for that too. She is done either way.

    Obama is still responsible for this mess in Lybia. I would bet my house that there were entries made in his daily security briefings about the threats in Lybia that he did not attend and, now it is looking like, he did not read either. For the security of this country Obama has got to go!

  12. Well one woman who will never throw herself under the bus is Michelle I would
    imagine he’s scared to death of her and I’d really like to know how much input
    she really has in his decisions does anyone think she keeps silent? No me either. Oh just to remind us of how MO understands regular folks she was
    wearing a $3015 mini me sweater yesterday. But she’d worn it before.

  13. The biggest reason I finally decided to vote for Romney lies in the fact that Obama is not a leader. Hopefully more people will come to realize where his true concern lies. He throws people under the bus like he’s throwing out candy at a parade. It shouldn’t take much for people to think he’d just as easily throw us, the American people, under the bus for his benefit.

    “Leadership consists of nothing but taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong and giving your subordinates credit for everything that goes well.”

    “Leadership is taking responsibility while others are making excuses.”

  14. At the :56 sec. mark the Sec. of State…laughs. Just like the VP last Thur. This is not accidental but an obvious admin. top down tactic given the POTUS penchant for same in face of U.S. failure.

    Both the Pres. and Hillary used Amb. Stevens casket as a f’ing prop while they blamed 4 US deaths on a video no one saw. I’m lost for words to describe my revulsion.

    And why hasn’t she been fired?

  15. Is it possible that Obama did not know Hilary was going to do this? Could this be her way of saying screw you boss? Knowing the Clintons, her doing this right before the debate is kind of coincidental.

    • That occurred to me too, Jim. Barry-O doesn’t really benefit much from this. A true leader would now demand her resignation. He won’t, of course, because that would p*ss off both Clintons. If he allows her to stay after she essentially took responsibility for four deaths, he looks weak.

      The thing is, the Clintons make Machiavelli look like a political piker. You never know what their thinking is but you can bet your hat and @ss nothing with them is ever what it seems.

  16. There’s an old expression, “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas”. In this case, all parties involved are dirty, mangy, flea-infested curs. Obama hired one of his arch enemies, Hillary, to keep the Cliintons out of his hair post-election. He sent her to the far reaches of the world so that Michelle wouldn’t be offended by the sight of her. He elevated Susan Rice to a Cabinet-level position to embarrass Hillary. The chickens have come home to roost – Hillary is an epic fail as SOS, Obama is an epic fail as POTUS, and this country is teetering on the edge. Prosecutions are in order for all parties involved. Unfortunately, the Justice Dept. is as corrupt as the Clintons, the Obamas, and the Media. We are 21 days away from Armageddon if Obama is allowed to continue his thuggish reign.

    • I’ve been reading through alot of comments on various news sites and you are correct. The American people aren’t buying it. Most either see it for some political BS or those that love Hillary think it shows Obama to be a coward,and Hillary the real leader.
      I’ve been trying to figure out what Hillary’s motive was,and I think by reading the comments,she took a gamble and won. She couldn’t escape the security fail, so why not own up? It makes the President look like an out of touch boob for not being aware. What she didn’t do,is take responsability for the aftermath,Susan Rice,video blame. I think Obama is on his own for that.

  17. As Hillary talked about the “fog of war” she said they all had the same intelligence (1:30 mark). Did they really? I thought the White House was told it was a protest caused by a video while the State Dept watched in real time and knew it was terrorism.

    • ..fog of war?!

      I thought The One said we were at peace with these people and that al Qaeda and the Taliban were essentially wiped out. Hmm could The One be wrong?

  18. She’s trying to make herself look more in control than she actually is. The buck stops with her? No, it doesn’t. She isn’t the president. She lost the election in 2008 because her party threw her over for a charismatic mystery man nobody knew anything about. Her payback for taking the fall then was supposed to be this cushy job as Secretary of State. Then Obama made the UN Ambassador (traditionally under the State Department) a cabinet level position, kicking even more sand in Hillary’s face. No wonder Hillary has traveled more than any other SoS in American history.

    This ploy to take the heat off Obama won’t work. It is too little, too late. Anybody who watched the Benghazi congressional hearing last week knows that there was a drone broadcasting the Benghazi attack live. Who was in the Situation Room watching the 5 hour siege? It certainly wasn’t the commander in chief…he was getting his beauty sleep in preparation for a big campaign event in Las Vegas the next day.

    We may not find out what really happened in Benghazi until after Obama leaves office, but we do know where the buck stops and it isn’t with Hillary.

  19. Hillary states that the Potus and Vice-Potus bear no responsibility – it’s the security personnel that make all the assessments of threats and risks. She neglected to mention that security for Americans was turned over to Libya in order to keep a ‘low American profile’. U.S. Marines were not allowed to step foot in Benghazi. One of the unarmed Libyan guards directed the Al Queda mob to the safe house where Ambassador Stevens was trapped.

    As CIC, Obama bears all the responsibility for the rules of engagement. It was his choice, and his alone, to disengage and turn leadership over to a foreign country. He is a traitor – and should receive the ultimate punishment.

  20. The most transparent administration in history. You can see right through their lies.

    The $70,000 PSA for Pakistan tv made by Obama/Hillary was paid for with tax dollars. The buck stopped not in the WH – but in Karachi. I demand reimbursement.

    Hillary’s “confession” was made while out of the country. I believe it was while she was in Peru or on her way back today in flight.

    Two weeks following 9/11/12, Obama on The View feigned ignorance, refused to use the word “terrorism” (and again at the UN).

    Summary: One lies and the other swears to it.

  21. This is like watching a chess match. Romney could joke that Obama hides behind Bush for the economy and is now hiding behind Hillary’s skirt on foreign policy, well, except Hillary doesn’t wear a skirt.

    Is she protecting him or is she showing him up? Wouldn’t you love to know if the issues in Libya were discussed at one of those many security meetings Obama didn’t have time to attend?

  22. Once again Obama fails to take any responsibility for this countries actions. But then again, when does a socialist ever accept responsibility.

  23. ok swell…but what does it mean to “take responsibility”? if Hillary was truly taking the fall, she’d be resigning. at the very least, she should offer her resignation, even if Obama chooses not to accept it.

    otherwise, it’s just words. like when the WH tells terrorists that something or other (eg the plot to assassinate a Saudi diplomat in DC) is “unacceptable,” and then accepts it.

    Hillary’s tone also struck some of us older types as reminiscent of Al Haig’s “I’m in charge here” comment when Reagan was shot. contrary to Al’s statement–and to the constitutional order of succession–Al was NOT in charge then. and Hillary is NOT ultimately responsible now.

  24. So, Hil’ has given up on running for Prez in 2016? OR does she think we’ll forget this by then?
    Maybe she’s aspiring to something bigger – like on a ‘global scale…?????

  25. I think this is a very calculated move by Hillary. She is keeping herself from being thrown under the bus by the WH. I don’t for a minute think she is falling on her sword, being a good soldier or taking one for the team. She has backed Obama into a corner and he has limited options. I think this sums what she did:

  26. Hillary–Hillary–Hillary—are you really gonna take the fall for a dirty rat-bastard? When slick Willie went to bat for Obama, I was socked! (I read Amateur by J Klein)….WTH? Does it have anything to do w/the Illuminata?
    I thought you were one smart cookie…and you are allowing to be used by the Great Pretender? myOmy what have YOU done?