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Is Biden Fit to be President?

Thursday night’s debate raised more profound questions than who won and who lost.

First, I’ll give you my scorecard – briefly, because you’ve already been deluged with post-debate analysis.

I thought Paul Ryan came out on the winning end of the encounter. Notice I didn’t say he won the encounter. That would ascribe too much responsibility to him.

Ryan won because the other guy acted like a loutish, slightly deranged bully, while Ryan mostly kept his cool in a deeply strange situation.

But Vice President Biden won more of the exchanges on policy than he lost, seeming to either have the better argument, get the last word, or direct the debate off topic and offer up a winning point, even if wholly unrelated to the question. And even if inaccurate too.

Ryan appeared stiff, unexciting, and a little over-prepared. He stuck to the script when improvisation was called for. And he failed to wipe Biden out as expected on domestic policy.

Nevertheless, over-prepared is better than unprepared. Ryan won a few exchanges too and explained conservative policies fairly well, making the choice clear for voters even if he lost a debating point or two. Because of his adequate performance and his success at not seeming like he was auditioning for The Joker in the next installment of Batman, The Movie, I give the debate to him.

Which brings us to Biden.

Biden’s act last night raises very serious questions about his fitness to serve as president should it ever come to that.

And it was an act. It’s clear to me that the giggling, the sneering, and the occasional indignant outbursts were carefully rehearsed, a calculated attempt both to diminish Ryan and throw some red meat to a dispirited Democratic base. “Yeah, get him, get the little jerk,” you can hear lefties across America snorting as Biden tore into the despised Ryan.

That the vice president of the United States could put together a performance that was just one step short of Nikita Khrushchev pounding his shoe on a desk at the United Nations should be deeply disturbing to average Americans.

Though calculated, Biden’s outlandish behavior and his uncanny ability to pull it off belongs nowhere near the West Wing of the White House. Unless Biden’s debate prep partner was Al Pacino and the practice sessions were rehearsed at the Strasberg school for method acting in New York City, the behavior you saw last night has to be part of who Biden is: A crude, angry bully who may be a borderline lunatic.

Americans need to ask themselves not who won the debate, but whether they want such a man in charge of an office whose occupant steers the the future of the human race and, quite possibly, its fate.

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  1. That question certainly must be topmost among Secret Service agents assigned to BHO. Each must ask himself or herself whether the world can forgive either if his or her failure results in elevating V-P Biden to the White House.

    • ‘Xactly. There is nothing borderline about it. He is all in.”Don’t bother me with the truth, my mind is made up.”

      And speaking of the truth, Keith, and fitness for office and leadership, why aren’t you calling Biden out on assaulting Ryan for putting two wars on a credit card, when Biden voted for them (“Then Sen. Biden voted for the Afghanistan resolution on Sept. 14, 2001 which authorized “the use of United States Armed Forces against those responsible for the recent attacks launched against the United States.” And on Oct. 11, 2002, Biden voted for a resolution authorizing unilateral military action in Iraq, according to the Washington Post.” _ Washington Free Beacon 10-11-2012) but said last night, to the world, “I was there, I voted against them,” Biden continued. “I said, no, we can’t afford that.”

      You can’t lie like that and work for Disney, for Mickey’s sake.

      • Good point, Chris. Biden is not only a serial liar, he is a seral plagiarist. He was forced to withdraw from the ’87 presidential race because he lied about his law school grades/standing, and lifted speech lines from several political figures, including Jack Kennedy. It figures that the liar-in-chief, Obama, would select a carbon copy of himself. Neither one of these guys could get a job at Disney…

  2. The debate last night probably didn’t change any minds as the first Romney/Obama debate seems to have done, and analysis of it will probably be over by sundown tonight. Unlike the first Presidential debate for which Obama and the Democrats are still offering new excuses.

    BTW, why isn’t there ever a moderator from the conservative side? The Republicans should insist on at least one. It doesn’t have to be Beck, Limbaugh, or even Hannity (although he’s done a lot of interviewing). Why not someone like Krauthammer? Too low key for the media circus, I suppose.

      • The libs always tell me to stop complaining about the moderators because the Republicans agreed to them. They don’t understand that the establishment Republicans despise conservatives almost as much as the libs do…

      • It is hardly the same situation, but during editorial meetings at the ten different television stations where I worked over forty years, I often asked the participants; on-air personnel, reporters, photographers, producers, producers’ assistants, writers, etc., both in my capacity in all of these jobs, as well as a news manager on two occasions and in an interim capacity twice and, finally, most frequently as an assignment editor, to consider the possibility that we might just be wrong in some of our decisions about news stories. Not one person ever assented.
        The collective opinion was the judgement was above dispute.
        I am damned glad to be done with it.

      • The commission responsible for voting regarding debates and moderators are a leftist organization.

        I question obama’s and biden’s fitness for the office they hold; one thing they both have in common among others is the outright contempt, hate and jealousy towards Romney, Ryan and Sarah Palin.
        It is troubling to me that they feel so embolden and, so brazen to publicise this to the world.

  3. Well done, Keith. Ryan did miss a few opportunities, but then there were numerous times when Biden and his cohort double-teamed him. The only time Ryan could speak freely and without interruption was in his closing statement, and he did an excellent job of speaking directly to the American people…

  4. The answer to your question in one word is “NO”. And if you need two words, then “hell, no” will do nicely. I think BO picked Joe as his insurance policy…no matter what he ever did wrong, nothing would bring impeachment down on his shoulders because then we’d be stuck with Joey B.

  5. Keith,
    Well said and summarized with one caveat: Biden did not pull it off. The debate will be remembered and replayed historically as upping the ante on the Al Gore “sigh” schtick combined with Gore moving too close to GWB’s lectern.

  6. Overprepared is a good way to describe the way Ryan acted. The answer to the question of the burning of the Qurans was a good example. Shorter would have been a better answer than the long windnup to eventually “why we fight in Afghanistan.” Something like: “When a Quran has been desecrated as these Qurans were, when they were removed from the security compound housing Tailban detanees, Islamic law demanded they be destroyed.”
    Still, the sight of an elected offical laffing at the idea of a Thermonuclear enabled Iran is un-nerving to say the least.

  7. I thought Michael Medved had a very good point: the person who won the debate was Mitt Romney because Ryan never missed an opportunity to praise him while Biden only mentioned Obama’s name once.

  8. N O. Biden is not fit to be president.

    He’s insane. 70 million Americans observed that Joe Biden is off his goddamn rocker.

    Any more questions??

  9. There was a very interesting point that came out of this debate and in my opinion should be of the uttermost Importance for the American people regarding this administration. If our intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program is as good as the one we had in Libya and the president and vice president are, as they claim to be, so disconnected from what is going on in the world, I guess it is time to be concerned on these issues before we find out the hard way as unfortunately the US ambassador to Libya and his aides did.

    • Excellent, Jack. All the more compelling in light of Biden’s assertions that the administration knows exactly where Iran’s capabilities stand, down to what size pot they are pissing in.

    • There’s actually a broader and scarier point. What if Obama/Biden have, by design and intent, not be told what Iran’s capabilities are and further what piss poor security exists in Libya. Who’s calling the shots.
      Who’s making foreign policy decisions? Has Obama been receiving briefings on one level (which we now know are read now and then). I am not, by any means, suggesting an Obama defense here – I am really asking if anyone has any thoughts on who/what department is pulling the strings.

        • Sadie, you’re not wearing a tin-foil hat – you’re wearing your thinking cap! Judging from the last 4 years, it wouldn’t surprise me if the ‘phantom of the opera’ is running the show. Obama is certainly the ‘phantom of the WH’. Seriously, Obama is too dumb to be running the show. It’s by design – he told his handlers on Day One that he didn’t want to be cooped up in the WH – he wanted to be out amongst the people (campaigning). I know, I know….I’ve repeated this story ad nauseum. But it’s true.

          What we do know is that Obama bypassed Congress and outsourced foreign policy to the UN. We also know that he wanted to keep a ‘low American profile’ in Libya, i.e. unarmed Libyan security personnel to protect the American officials.. For this reason alone, he should be removed from office.

  10. People need to think about who they’d llike to have sitting across a table from Putin or Imadinnerjacket, Obama/Biden or Romney/Ryan. I sure as hell wouldn’t want the joker in a nuclear weapons treaty meeting.

  11. Several years ago, Joe Biden had a minor stroke that affected the impulse control part of his brain. In other words, his edit button is gone. The result of this was on full display in the debate. So was the fact that Biden is not fit for office.

    • He had two brain aneurysms that required surgery. As someone who has had three strokes and two surgeries for an aneurysm myself, I can tell you that I suspect old Hair Plugs’ brain isn’t firing on all cylinders. My strokes were mild and I recovered 90% function; my brain surgery procedure (called coiling) was far less invasive than what Plugs likely had in the 1980s. However, I still have my “moments” when I can’t think of a word or remember a fact (and for a writer, that’s not good) and I see Plugs’ actions as those of a many with no control over certain functions. I honestly believe he’s brain damaged and unfit for any office, let alone the one he holds.

        • If Biden had the “R” behind his name, the lamestream media would have done their job and made public the info about his health that would make him a lightening rod on any national political ticket. He might be fine in the Senate where there were 70 other people to vote against him, (I’m leaving out of that number the two senators from CA, any Kennedy, Chuckie Schumer, etc.), but he should certainly not be in a position where he would be the one to take the 3am phone call.

  12. Biden obviously thinks everything going on in the world is a joke. This man is next in line to be president of our nation, and he laughs about Iran getting nukes. He laughs about 23,000,000 people being unemployed in our country. He laughs about trillion dollar deficits. He laughs about his administration raiding medicare. No person in their right mind would laugh at these things. Biden is a fool.