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Obama’s Top Ten Strategies for the Second Debate

White House Dossier recently kidnapped Sen. John Kerry’s Bijon Frise and held it for ransom.

This morning, Kerry, the debate practice partner for President Obama, agreed in exchange for the dog to provide White House Dossier with the secret ten-point plan for Obama to perform better in the second debate with Gov. Mitt Romney than he did in the first.

White House Dossier still didn’t return the pooch.

Finally, after Kerry agreed never again to himself run for president – a decision supported by many Democrats – the dog was returned unharmed to the senator.

We give you now the top ten Obama strategies for succeeding in next Tuesday’s debate.

1. Cut the number of pre-debate doobies in half.

2. Eat a full stack of Michelle’s special “fired up and ready to go” pancakes slathered in “hope and change” syrup before the debate.

3. Take two of these:

4. Replace Romney’s pre-debate Hershey bar with chocolate Ex-Lax.

5. Shout “Miss it!” when Romney is starting to speak.

6. Answer at least four questions in Haiku.

7. Stop using the teleprompter during debate rehearsels.

8. After every Romney answer, say, “That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard in my life!”

9.  If stumped, ask for the moderator to spell the question.

10. Have Chinese food delivered during Romney’s closing statement.

25 Responses to Obama’s Top Ten Strategies for the Second Debate

  1. I laughed at the first sentence, the rest is golden.

    When it gets bad…………….
    11. MrAxelrod rushes on stage with a red phone.
    12. Stagehands, members of the SEIU, IBEW and ASCME, go on a wildcat strike shutting off the lights and closing the curtain.
    13. OWS erupts in a sponteneous demonstration complete with drum banging and down twinkles.

  2. * Have Big Bird sitting on the front row with a sign reading “Will Work for Seed.”
    * Obama responds to every Romney attack with: “I know Joe Biden, and you are no Joe Biden.”
    * Have Bo, the First Dog, walk on stage and sprinkle on Mitt’s pants.

  3. 8. After every Romney answer, say, “That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard in my life!”

    Or maybe say — “That’s a lie, you lying liar!”

  4. 11 – PREP HARD – don’t waste time on things like golf or intelligence reports.
    12 – tell the public he was taking a mulligan on the first debate
    13 – name drop Clooney, and J Z’s name as often as possible
    14 – make sure to enunciate words like Pa-ki-stan or She-boy-gen
    15 – Keep saying, ‘so what you are telling me, Governor is that you don’t like my policies, because I’M BLACK?”
    16 – Laugh outloud, and say, “This guy’s a mormon” and keep giggling.
    17 – Mention someone else’s anniversary
    18 – Use the force
    19 – Instead of threatening pbs, threaten to cancel the broadcast rights of CBS ABC and FOX unless everyone votes for him
    20 – smile smile smile

  5. If all else fails Biden should quote Madonna: “So, y’all better vote for fu**ing Obama”.

    Biden can interject after each Ryan answer: “Paul is not a big “effin” deal”.

  6. Keith,

    It’s Bichon Frise. And I think it was an apropos choice for the dognapping, as the breed once found favor with the nobility of Europe, especially Spain and France.

    How ironic, the breed was a favorite of a country that hasn’t really won a war since Napoleon, and one that is in an economic free fall. No wonder it was Kerry’s choice.

  7. Excellet Keith
    How about when Romney speaks Obama says ” The rich can afford to pay more taxes to help those less fortunate”
    Rich being defined as anyone with a decent job(s)
    Another choice would be ” I killed Osama” what did you do Mitt?