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Carney: Obama Governs Without Considering Politics!

I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t make you spit out your coffee. Or your whiskey sour. I mean, it’s just about cocktail hour here on the East Coast.

But this is what White House Press Secretary Jay Carney tried to piously suggest today in response Mitt Romney’s assertion that he couldn’t reach 47 percent of voters who rely on some form of government handouts and were surely Obama supporters.

President Obama, Carney intoned, is “president of all the people” and does what’s best for them without focusing on one groups or another.

Of course, Carney had to be joking. But get this – the White House press corps was so rude – nobody laughed at all! I mean, they sat there stone faced as Carney delivered all his best lines.

When you’re president of the United States, you are president of all the people, and not just the people who voted for you” Carney said. You’ve heard the president say so many times, because he deeply believes it, that we’re in this together, all of us . . . What unites us as Americans is far greater than the things that divides us.

Carney was clearly making fun of Obama for the continuous stream of class warfare emanating from the president’s mouth. What unites us, of course, is resentment of those who don’t realize that they’ve reached the point where they’ve made enough money, as Obama once put it.

Carney was just warming up, but I thought I already had almost broken a rib, I was laughing so hard. Lucky I wasn’t in the briefing room, since it seems like I was the only reporter getting the joke.

Carney, whose monologue is going to be rebroadcast next week on Comedy Central, next delivered this:

You’ve heard this from the president It does not matter to him whether they’re Republican, Democratic or independent , because we’re all in this together.

OMG, I thought, you’re totally killing me! I mean, everyone remembers Obama’s admonition to Hispanics to “punish your enemies” at the polls. I was in a state of delirium, and then Carney laid this one on me:

When he fought to pass healthcare reform, he didn’t wonder whether 129 million American with pre-existing who would be helped by this reform . . . were likely to be with him or against hin in 2012 – that’s just not how he thinks.

Good one. I mean, let’s be honest here, how many Republicans don’t have health insurance?

I’d calmed down a bit but was still kind of giggling when I heard this:

He didn’t ask whether auto workers were supporters. He didn’t ask whether auto executives were supporters. He did what was right.

Stop, stop, stop, stop! This was the very same bailout that put Obama’s friends in the autoworker unions in front of GM’s creditors, a reversal of where they would have been had Obama just let the automakers go bankrupt and reemerge without such ruinous union contracts.

Asked about the President of All the People’s contention four years ago that a portion of All the People were bitterly clinging to their Bibles and guns, Carney seemed annoyed that someone would interrupt his act.

“That happened four years ago and was discussed in abundance at the time,” he complained.

Gosh, some reporters have no sense of humor at all.

41 Responses to Carney: Obama Governs Without Considering Politics!

  1. Well Jay If you’re going to tell a lie, wait I mean embellish the story, make it a wopper! Obummer has been one of the most devisive presidents I can recall.

  2. Romney ought to make an ad out of the youtube headline up on Drudge where Obama admits that he believes in the redistribution of wealth.

  3. Well, I didn’t spit out coffee, but I nearly choked on the sip of water I had in my mouth when I started to read this! They truly DO think people are stupid and that we are going to fall for all this BS.

  4. Can I point out that MrObama has talked before Black groups, Hispanic groups, women’s groups,Jewish groups, Muslim groups, college students, high school students, union workers, teachers, the gay groups, the military, and the glitteri of the entertainment world.
    I have yet to hear that he will address the retired workers, the seniors who most likely will not fail to cast a vote in November.
    Until he can find the courage to speak in front of an entire audience that considers him a ‘youngster’, he isn’t the President of all of us.

  5. Gag. What a toadstool of a lackey. He’ll say about anything, it doesn’t matter how big the lie or how much the facts get twisted or distorted. Carney can be counted on to, with an Opie like straight face, deliver the BS time and time again. How does this guy do it ? He seems to intelligent to believe all this garbage he spews, I guess he goes home and gulps down a few stiff belts to ease the shame he must feel having to cover Obama’s lies and negligence.

  6. So Obama and Dave talked about Romney’s comments at the taping today.

    BO said something like “if you want to be President you have to be President for all the people”.

    Bet that got some yucks from Dave. No?

  7. just watched this briefing on the news. now admit it, Keith: don’t you all just want to yell “ENOUGH, CARNEY! TELL US THE TRUTH FOR A CHANGE!”

  8. And that’s the way Stalin ruled Russia….SO, I ask you are we going to let this happen here with a “Closet Muslim” for another 4 years?…Probably, because most folks here are on the “tit”….fat and happy and also because we couldn’t find a Republican candidate who can stand up and “ROAR”

  9. Thank you for the good laugh, Keith. Oh, that President Kardashian is such a selfless little demagogue.

    He didn’t ask the GM secured bondholders if they were his supporters when he turned 100 years of bankruptcy laws on its head, fired their CEO, gypped them out of their life savings, and gave the company to the UAW, who ARE his supporters.

    He didn’t ask Brian Terry or Jaime Zepata if they were supporters before he left them defenseless against Mexican drug gangs armed by his DOJ. Their thanks for serving their country and dying in the line of duty? Stonewalling the investigation into Fast and Furious to save Obama’s hide.

    He didn’t ask the citizens of Arizona if they were his supporters before he sued them for trying to stem the flow of illegal aliens, who ARE his supporters.

    He didn’t ask Americans if they were his supporters before he bypassed Congress and the rule of law by granting work permits to illegal aliens, aka dreamers or Obama supporters; thereby allowing them to compete with real Americans for the few jobs remaining in Obamaville.

    He didn’t ask Americans if they were his supporters before he played venture capitalist with billions of our tax dollars invested in phony “green energy” companies run by his cronies and bundlers, who ARE his supporters.

    He didn’t ask Americans if they were supporters when he lied straight to our face and told us if we liked our doctor, we could keep our doctor. He didn’t ask Americans if they were supporters when his corrupt Congress passed the takeover of America’s health care system in the dead of night on Christmas Eve.

    I could go on but I’m getting too pissed. Anybody who votes for Obama over Romney deserves what he has in store for them. Sadly, they will be taking the rest of us down along with them.