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WHD Goes on Semi-Vacation Through Sunday

Okay, you longtime readers know the drill. I claim I’m going on vacation and then I keep right on working at the usual pace. But I’m going to try to limit it to one article per day or less.

Have a very happy Fourth of July!

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43 Responses to WHD Goes on Semi-Vacation Through Sunday

  1. Get some good rest Keith. You’ve got a lot of work to do in the next few months….we all do! I have a feeling it is going to be brutal!

    God Bless America

  2. This day, and all it stands for, is what we are fighting for. Bless you Keith for standing strong in the front lines. Thank you.

  3. Have a good rest, Keith, ’cause after this it’s gonna be on and poppin’ until the election!

    Happy Independence Day to you and to everyone else!!

  4. Have fun Keith! Don’t work too hard!

    Have a great Independence Day everyone.
    Let’s work hard to unseat our current government or next year we might be saying “happy dependence day”.

  5. Have a great few days off! Between now and Election Day aren’t many national elections so you will be working hard! Rest up! We need your help to keep us informed.

  6. Have a great Fourth,Keith.
    Today its burgers and ‘dogs on the grill with about 200 dollars of fireworks later in the evening. This is that story…

    Here in North Carolina, flying fireworks are illegal. The nonflying ones are legal.
    Sam, my middle son, now 15 and Luke, the youngest now 13, wanted to have something special this year. So we went down to the Fireworks tent outside of Kmart near our home. As we walked into the fireworks tent the vendor greeted us with, “Hello, are you ready for Independence day tomorrow? “I replied, “Every day is Independence day for me, 365 days a year.” (I didn’t say, “land of the free” to which his reply would have been, “home of the brave,” but that was what I was thinking anyway.) If nothing looked exciting, the plan was to check out the other tent outside of Walmart. I told the vendor as I was about to leave,”These are not the fireworks I’m looking for….We’ll move along.” As I turned, he said, ‘Wait!..These are not the fireworks you’re looking for. If you are interesting in making your 4th special, this may interest you.” He motioned to a large blue mortar firework. “This will shoot 30 feet into the air. It was banned in Greensboro and Charlotte. The Fire Marshalls there made us stop selling them. Are you interested?” Sam and Lucas drifted over to join me at the table. All three of us just stood there admiring 500 grams of gunpower and sparking magnesium metal fragments in a can about the size of a gallon of paint labeled “BIGGER THAN LIFE”. 30 feet high. 30 frigging feet in the air! 35 dollars, but still 30 feet high. I wasn’t even going to haggle with the guy. Those losers in Greensboro and Charlotte are gonna miss out. Sam and Luke didn’t need to persuade me to buy it. I took posession of BIGGER THAN LIFE and a combo box called STAR POWER. I was 200 dollars lighter and a hero to my sons.

    • My city allows the sale of fireworks, but forbids the lighting of them.
      snort….tonight, my neighborhood will look, sound, and smell like a battleground (without the blood).
      It’s what we do, it’s who we are and no one calls the police.
      Light em if you got em, brother.

      • You can buy and light them where I live, the problem is that in my neighborhood you can’t tell the fireworks from the gunshots sometimes. Well, at least until the police and coroner arrive.

  7. Thank you for all you do for America Keith. Happy Independence Day to you and fellow posters. Today I’ll be reading The Declaration of Independence from the well worn pocket Constitution handed to me at the first Tea Party event my husband and I attended in 2009. We will celebrate the few freedoms we still possess and refocus our attention on educating our fellow Americans about November, when the most important election in our lifetime will occur. Will we Americans honor the blood and treasure sacrificed by our forefathers and choose the path of liberty? Or will we kneel to the merchants of change, sell our souls to the state, and choose the path of tyranny? Game on patriots…we’re in the battle of our lives for the survival of our country and restoration of our beloved Constitution.

    • Susan, my husband began this Fourth of July by reading with our almost 12 year old son the Declaration of Independence this morning from one of our pocket copies of the Declaration and the Constitution from the Heritage Foundation. He was slightly surprised at how much our son already knew about it. Well, yeah, that’s because I pulled him out of the government school system a couple of years ago to homeschool him. Sadly his friends still in the school system know little to nothing about our founding fathers, the Declaration, or the Constitution. Our son is also very much aware of politics and the current election cycle, and is surprised and frustrated when his friends know absolutely nothing about it or of the issues of the day.

  8. Well deserved for you Mr. K.. Enjoy the R and R please..

    My belief is the 4th is a one day celebration, and life continued on the 5TH as usual, sober or not.. My how times have changed, (For the better right?) But for people who run this cluster f##k of a country on our dime need to get their behinds to work and fix the messes which are plenty.
    Pray for the Liberals for they know not what the hell their doing.

  9. Rest up and enjoy some time with your family, Keith. We’re certainly looking at a rough eighteen weeks ahead. Thanks for all you do!

    Happy Independence Day to you and all the posters here!

  10. We know the drill, Keith. We want you to have an enjoyable holiday. But we also look forward to your return. If it wasn’t for WHD, I might as well get rid of my computer.

  11. Thanks for your excellent site. It is a daily must read for me. But, I am sure it is very difficult, in fact I can’t imagine, to put the thing together EVERY day!
    So just write something if you feel like it. Whatever you do, don’t feel guilty if you have something better (MORE FUN) to do.

  12. Last night in my neighborhood: sizzle…whoosh…bang. Dogs barking.
    I love the 4th of July.

    Our Prez is on his faux bus tour and asking if we want to “bet” or gamble with a new regime, as if we haven’t already lost our jobs, money and homes with him.

    Reports are that tens of thousands of pages of new regulations have already been drafted for the ObamaTax and dozens of regulatory committees will have to be formed to implemnent all this. “Experts” claim that contradictory rules are in place concerning intra-state insurance exchanges. No one is sure how this whole thing is going to be implemented.

    When Congress approved Social Security and then Medicare, there was a definate point of entry into these entitlements, usually 65 years of age. The new ObamaTax is obigitory for all non-Seniors, meant to be used as soon as your name is on the dotted line. The paperwork, the government employees who need to be trained, and the sheer immenseness of getting close to 150 million people signed up is mindboggling.
    They must, they have to. repeal this monster. It’s too much.

    • Agree with you srdem. It must go. It will destroy our economy and best medical system in the world if they keep implementing this monstrosity.

      Just heard some Republican congressman agreeing with parts of Roberts’ ruling. Don’t know if he was duped by the silver-lining theory or just repeating the party line, just know Congress needs to stop politicking and start defunding ObamaTax.

      The House Republicans could stop the implementation of this monstrosity in its tracks by simply shutting off program funding. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen as long as Boehner and McConnell are congressional leaders. They are going to make a show of passing yet another repeal bill on the 11th that will go absolutely nowhere. While behind the scenes they pass stop-gap funding bills to keep this leviathan government running…running us right off the cliff. The House of Representatives controls the government’s purse strings and they need to stop feeding the pig.

    • Yes, Obama is on his bus tour, in a bus manufactured in Canada, speaking about Romney outsourcing jobs. Obama just doesn’t understand the hypocrisy. Neither did he understand on July 4th, when during the Naturalization ceremony at the White House, he chose to tout his amnesty plan for the illegal students brought here as children. What a disservice to those new Americans, who waited their turn in the immigration line, served in the military, studied and worked hard to become new citizens.

  13. I miss Keith:( It’s been a nice holiday the past few days, but today we were ‘honored’ with the arrival of Obama in our small farm town. He came in and ate at the local restaurant. Lots of people were ticked because they couldn’t get to work since the main strip was closed down. My ex was forced to sit in an unknown driveway for a long time waiting for Obama to pass and leave town. I went out of town and had I had known Obama was going to be here I would have stayed and stood on the main corner with a sign that said ‘It’s a tax’.

  14. Thanks for everything you do, Keith.

    Your blog is the BEST THERE IS on White House affairs —
    I especially appreciate the Quotes of the Day!

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday…