As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2:10 pm || Meets with NATO Secretary-General Rasmussen
2:45 pm || Meets Treasury Secretary Geithner
5:00 pm || Meets with senior advisers
7:15 pm || Hosts a concert honoring songwriters Burt Bacharach and Hal David as part of “In Performance at the White House” series

All times Eastern

29 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, May 9, 2012

  1. At the WhiteHouse, the Obamas will be entertained with a command performance by well-known artists. They will enjoy the company of other privileged guests.

    In the rest of America, some will be at the ball game or watching it on TV, some will watch the season finale of CSI, some will be surfing looking for something interesting and others will be sitting on the porch enjoying the evening calm.

  2. I think you left out part of the schedule:

    10AM – BHO finally drags himself out of bed, just to escape MO’s loud snoring
    11AM – Chows down on breakfast while watching the Cartoon Network, ducks outside for a quick smoke
    12:30 – Nap time already
    1:30 – Lunch
    2:00 – Finally show up in the Oval Office for a couple of hours before spending the evening partying (yet AGAIN)

    November 6th, 2012 – You’re FIRED!

    • In tonight’s West Virginia primary the layabout is getting a run for his money from an official federal penitentiary resident…

      With 75% of precincts in the campaigner in chief leads Federal Inmate No. 11593-051 – 60/40%.

      • I just saw the felon got 6 of the 10 Dem delegates ! (What’s amazing I didn’t think felons could vote much less run for office?)

        • The Dems let the walking dead vote, so I’m not too surprised they allowed a felon to run for office. Heck the guy is incarcerated in Texas!

          Today is a good day for constitutional conservatives. Mourdock’s beatdown of Lugar in Indiana was a strong message to the establishment Republicans. Sure do hope they are listening…

  3. I think we should take MO’s outfits and jewelry and get the cost of each item.
    Then take a picture of her in her designer duds and put a picture next to it of
    the amount of food that a reputable food pantry could buy and spread it out
    and show them side by side. It would be a good ad a picture’s worth a thousand words you know. They are sacrificing you know.
    Romney should have a fundraiser with a twist instead of a diner where you pay
    instead you donate to a food pantry or like charity.

    • if you could only run campagin ads against “the first lady”… but “the first lady” is off limits… even as she is a major part of the Obama 2012 propaganda/reelection campaign

      • I think if she’s out on the trail actively speaking and they are billed as campaign events then she’s fair game. They have said she will be front and center for this campaign and they’ve covered her lavish trips so I
        don’t see a problem it couldn’t come from Romney directly but there are
        plenty of others to do the dirty work this is going to be an especially
        dirty 2012.

  4. Any bets on whether they let MO slip in a vacation before November? She is
    going to be worn out from campaigning whilst struggling and sacrificing for us
    and worrying about the strain on little Barry.

      • So hard to keep track but will we now go 3 different times? One for
        HRH one for Granny and the girls and last BO and BO?

    • Lizzy, I can’t decide so here’s my multiple choice answer:

      A) MO won’t care about the optics and will indulge in numerous, luxurious vacations, often traveling separately from stinky.

      B) MO will appear sensitive to the criticism of her travels and schedule more subdued vacations.

      C) MO will appear sensitive to the criticism of her travels and say she’s staying home but will sneak out for vacays with friends.

      D) MO will appear at a record number of fundraisers, laced with official duties, in premiere vacation destinations across America. Her demanding schedule will be tiring and the need will arise for her to rest (and shop!) several days longer at the most lavish of the resorts on her tour.

  5. There’s a surreal quality to the ‘Command Performances’ given at the Obama WH. Sorta reminds me of the film, The Gods Must Be Crazy’ wherein the lunatics have taken over the asylum!

  6. Remember when Michelle snuck out in the cover of night to go to Aspen?
    She stayed in a private home and the owners left to stay in a hotel you can’t
    make this stuff up what a thoughtless woman.