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Obama Slow Jams Republican-Bashing

Thought you might want to see this. It’s starts out with potential, but just becomes so awkward, with Obama using what could have been a funny moment just to promote his political message. Notice how Jimmy Fallon’s singer jumps eagerly in with a swipe at Republicans and even a gratuitous putdown of Tim Tebow.

This is ridiculous. If the president is going to degrade his office by appearing in some comedy stunt, he ought to at least be funny about it.

I like how Jimmy Fallon assumes Obama actually talks to Congress about these initiatives he’s been putting out. I’ve seen no evidence the president is making any calls at all. This stuff is pure politics. Meanwhile, someone’s supposed to be governing the country.

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  1. I couldn’t watch between he and his camera shy wife America looks like it’s run
    by two rejects from William Morris. Truly shameful can I get an ‘Amen’ on that?

    • You will have to wait till the White House returns to responsible adults
      and not a cheap version of Animal House. Hopefully in November praise God.

    • I just hope that Romney doesn’t engage too much in the late night TV crap.
      He needs to stay presidential.
      If he does, it could only help his election campaign.
      Nixon appeared on Laugh In,…after he was elected president.

  2. Amen.

    I cringed watching this clip. And how low can the president go when he’s called the Preezy of the United Steezy. I understand is supposed to be funny, not denigrating, but still, folks, this is pathetic. I have a great sense of humor and didn’t laugh once at this.

  3. My gosh, this is sickening. I couldn’t get past 60 seconds. What a disgrace to the office. I remember when GWB came into office and restored the dignity to the presidency after Clinton was there. We took for granted those 8 years of being presidential, regardless of how much you agreed with him.

  4. You’re too kind, Keith! All of them, including the Preezy of the United Sleezy, looked like a bunch of drunks performing at the weekly talent show in some sleazy bar on Bourbon Street!

    If Obama was so concerned about subsidized loans, why didn’t he do something when he had complete control of Congress for 2 years???

    Furthermore, college tuitions, not unlike medical expenses, have skyrocketed since government took control. The only way to reduce costs is to get organized crime (the government) out of our lives!

    • Campaign commercial came to my mind too. Chances are these shows will offer Romney an equal opportunity, then make him look like a clueless buffoon. Remember what Jimmy did to Michelle Bachmann’s intro music?

      I find some comfort in knowing that these late shows are routinely beaten in the ratings by Bill O’Reilly reruns, Family Guy and Pawn Stars. :D

      • My remote doesn’t even remember where ABC, NBC, and CBS are. Did you hear him shilling for ratings in his speech yesterday? Ugh…

        “Now, I want to issue a quick spoiler alert: Later today, I am getting together with Jimmy Fallon — (applause) — and the Dave Matthews Band — (applause) — right here on campus. We’re going to tape Jimmy’s show for tonight — so I want everybody to tune in, make sure it has high ratings. (Laughter.) It’s a Dave Matthews fan right here.”

      • I’d like to see the Venn diagram of Fallon watchers and actual voters.
        I would image that the intersected portion would be very, very, small.

      • Actually, Mitt was already on the Letterman show and did a top ten spot. So, to sum it up Obama did nothing different than Romney.

    • LOL ! I wouldn’t mind the “overexposure” if had a uniting and lifting message to share. But he’s everywhere with his doom&gloom Republicans are evil and it’s Bush’s fault, yada, yada, yada !

      Of course, if he just stayed home and did his job, he wouldn’t be out fighting so hard to KEEP it.

  5. Oh, and just for the record, these are loans that are not paid back until after graduation. So what’s the problem? oh, yeah, there are no jobs for these kids. Sorry, can’t confuse them with facts of your administration failures.

    And another thing, there are already 2 tiers of loans, subsidized and unsubsidized. Guess what the rate is for the unsubsidized loans? Yup, 6.8%. Where’s the fainess? Once you get to college and get a degree, isn’t the playing field leveled?

    And one more thing, the limit of these loans on undergraduate degrees is $20,000. It’s only the graduate and medical degrees that have higher limits. So these OWS people that are complaining about high loans are either full of crap or they’ve been in school so long they don’t remember what a job is.

  6. Oh come on everybody… Barrack is practicing for something to do in 2013 and beyond.
    He’s a perfect Ed McMahon.
    Yeah, it makes the office of POTUS look less dignified, but I’m sure President McMahon is hard at work on something other than celebrity events, fundraisers, rabble rousing, and vacation planning.

  7. His cult of personality is spinning out of control.

    “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18

  8. Too bad Ryan Seacrest signed for 2 more years for American Idol. The President could have walked right in. Maybe there will be a judge spot available.

  9. I think this is so pathetic! If we took every penny from every Billionaire in the US it is not enough money to pay for 1 month of Obama spending! this is trash TV and trash presidency! It has to wrap his political ideas in music and Hollywood to flash them to the American’s who won’t delve deep enough into what this would do to the economy.

  10. Ridiculous. I was switching channels and caught a snippet of Hoda (?) on NBC about this. Her comment “it’s kinda sexy”. Difficult to process this pandering.

  11. I did like the line where Fallon called Obama the “Barackness Monster.” That could be taken so many ways.

    I guess Fallon has become the official WH “comedian” given all the access that interaction he has been having with POTUS and FLOTUS.