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Michelle Obama’s Schedule || Week of April 22, 2012

Here’s Michelle’s schedule for next week. Notice the official events which ensure that taxpayers will pick up many of the trips’ costs, even though each excursion has campaign stops. The Florida official event looks like a meet and greet at the airport.

Mrs. Obama thanks you for your contribution.

Based on an announcement from the White House:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Omaha, Nebraska 12:00 PM CT – Delivers the keynote address at Girls Inc. of Omaha’s 12th annual lunch in support of the work that the organization does to inspire girls and young women to be “Strong, Smart and Bold.”  . . . She will deliver remarks commending Girls Inc. for their work to support young women and girls. Inspired by the Let’s Move! initiative, Girls Inc.’s teenagers will present Mrs. Obama with a special video that highlights the many ways they stay active.

 Omaha, Nebraska 1:45 PM CT – Delivers remarks at a fundraiser

Des Moines, Iowa 5:00 PM CT – Meets with Obama campaign volunteers from the Des Moines area.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The White House  11:00 AM ET – Meets with children of Executive Office employees at the White House’s annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day and takes questions from the audience.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Naples, Florida  3:15 PM ET – Arrives at Naples Municipal Airport where she will be greeted by students from Avalon Elementary School.  Students at Avalon recently won first place in a University of Florida School Garden Competition, and their Global Garden introduces students to new foods and new ways to prepare the food that is grown.  In maintaining their garden, the students work with the Naples Botanical Garden, a member of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! Museums and Gardens initiative. Mrs. Obama will also be greeted by students from Mike Davis Elementary School, which recently started a running club called “Kids on the Go” for its third to fifth grade students.  Both schools participate in the Florida Farm to School program to provide their students with seasonal, fresh produce from local farmers.

Naples, Florida  4:00 PM ET – Meets with campaign volunteers.

Naples, Florida  5:15 PM ET – Delivers remarks at a fundraiser.

59 Responses to Michelle Obama’s Schedule || Week of April 22, 2012

  1. Are the taxpayer paying for her trip, I mean the same taxpayers that the WH says that are not paying for obummer’s reelection campaign?

  2. So the first lady has “official” duties for which we taxpayers pay expenses?

    Isn’t her duty to be the wife of the president who receives a salary?

  3. …one captive audience right after another.
    Someone ought to make a documentary of Jay Carney excusing all these campaign trips.
    Thank God for the Internet and for hard-working folks like Keith. Think of what we’d be stuck with otherwise.
    Incidentally, grats, Keith.

  4. Sorry. I have to make a correction to the schedule. ‘Des Moines, Iowa 5:00 PM CT – Meets with WHITE Obama campaign volunteers from the Des Moines area.’

  5. Notice that ALL of her (and his) captive audiences are either school kids or military familes. What a pair of con artists! There should be a law banning politicians from school yards. And, since the Obamas are the first political child predators I can ever remember, there should be a law banning them from using our kids as political props. How can you not think of the Hitler Youths???

      • Keith, while I agree with the sentiment, an educated mind can argue both sides of the story. What we have is a failure to educate! Let them come and teach, but teach both sides. Since rational minds typically don’t like the idea of redistribution of wealth (which is not the same as charity) the left can not create room for conservative personal-responsibility values.

    • I can hear her talk to those kids now ….

      “Now go home and tell your mommy and daddy how wonderful my husband is and why they have jobs and you have toys at Christmas and you don’t live in your car. Those mean Republicans want to take that all away from you and if mommy and daddy get sick, the mean Republicans want them to DIE”

      I know the DNC talking points by heart :D

  6. I’ve been watching MO’s schedule for over two years now, ever since the “Let’s Move!” farce began. That was early 2010 and during that summer and fall, MO did some fundraising and campaigning for the midterms, and always managed to piggyback an “official” Let’s Move event onto it so we, the taxpayers, could pick up most of the bill for the traveling. Last year, they had her start up “Joining Forces” and for the past year, MO has consistently worked in an “official event” for that or Let’s Move every single time she travels to fund raise or campaign. I hate to say it, but it’s almost brilliant as there’s no state she could travel to for campaigning without being able to come up with some “official” event for Let’s Move or Joining Forces.

    I cannot recall any other First Lady ever traveling so much for her pet cause(s) like this, let alone using it as an excuse for “official travel” as a cover for fundraisers and campaigning. I’ve been ranting about it continually as it frustrates me to see very few people calling her out on this, or even paying attention. BHO does the same thing, every single week scheduling some remarks somewhere (on the economy, jobs, etc.) merely on his way to campaign fundraisers. Unfortunately, these two will doing this constantly for the next 28 and a half weeks, and they will get away with it. November can’t come soon enough!

  7. It’s all about the kids. They can’t vote but, they can sure guilt trip their Parents into making irrational decisions at the polls. Used to be called Brainwashing I think.

    • Speaking of kids, what about hers? Remember when she said her job was to be the mom in chief or something? These two posers seem to be away from their own offspring an awful lot. In addition to the poised, charming, likable, fashionable, hard-working phoney facade the media tries to hoist on the public, the “wonderful parents” one really makes me laugh. Those two daughters look miserable in just about every situation and the hand holding is creepy as well. Granny must be earning her keep at the White House supervising them all the time.

      • I agree, Michelle…those kids never look happy. They’re merely props for the “wonderful parents”…ice cream visits, going to church, vacation photos, whatever.

      • Mother Moo-Moo, who we pay as staff, is the chief babysitter and is raising those girls to be the spittin’ image of their mama.
        Ever hear of any other mother-in-law on staff and living in the White House?
        The only books I’m reading after this nightmare administration may be the tell-alls from staff.

        • Grandma MoochMORE gets PAID to take care of her grand-daughters? I never heard this before and if it’s true, I’m livid. Please share where you learned this! Thanks.

          • When they went to Hawaii, I saw a list of people she brought with her, maybe even on this site, not sure. But along with hairdresser, makeupartist, assistants and the like, the had listed Grams and the kidss as staff. I guess I just assumed staff gets paid.

  8. Omaha, Nebraska 1:45 PM CT – Delivers remarks at a fundraiser
    Des Moines, Iowa 5:00 PM CT

    If I could afford the gas, I would drive to either Omaha or Des Moines and heckle the crap out of her stupid, racist fugly ass.
    Makes me sick to know she is even in my area of bitter, clinger flyover country.
    Keep flying, bitch.

    • Believe me, if you’re not one of the “chosen few” to attend her event, you won’t get within a mile of her.

      I was in NYC when the Obama’s went to dinner and the theater (date night!) and the entire block (including my hotel) was in lockdown, plus the main routes to the restaurant (downtown) to the theater (midtown) to the airport. The loss of business revenue for a that must have been in the millions for their 4-5 hours of fun. I knew then what a selfish and arrogant couple they must be, and they haven’t disappointed me since … it’s always been about them.