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Video || Michelle Turns the East Room Into a Gym

Michelle Obama appeared on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” last night, working out with a group of contestants in the East Room.

This doesn’t really seem like the proper use of this exquisite, historic chamber – a national treasure that has hosted events like presidential press conferences, the signing of landmark legislation like the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the funeral of Abraham Lincoln.

Have a look and see what you think.

I mean, they could have at least put some mats down.

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  1. The first Mrs. Adams hung her laundry in the East Room & said that was about all it was good for. Anyone care to tell Abigail that wasn’t a “proper” use?

    • The East Room was not finished at the time the Adams’ occupied the residence. It was just a big, empty, unfinished room that would have been perfect for hanging laundry….particularly the unmentionables. Or do you think it would have been better to hang the First Couples underwear out for the world to see?

      • The point you are attempting to slide past is that neither the house nor the room was ever intended to be some awe-inspiring temple of pretension or pomposity. What makes any location worthy of remembrance is what principles are demonstrated there – and considering the loads of BS spread by any number of Presidential news conferences, I find your problems with Mrs. Obama using the room to publicize a healthy workout to be well beyond specious.

    • Abigail Adams was one of the first occupants of the White House and as such did not have any particular historical context in which to appreciate the use of the rooms. We now have over 200 years of historical context in which to judge how a room should be used, or not. Even a common dinner plate becomes an antique after so many years and as such we need to treat it with a little more care and deference. Obviously MO has no historical appreciation or contextual reference for how and what to use things for.

      • Had you been brought up in a family which actually has “over 200 years of historical context” – something over a thousand in my case including multi-great-grandmother Abigail – you would know that 200-year-old junk is still junk and an overly-decorated barn is still a barn. “care and deference”? “how a room should be used”? Pretension is particularly offensive when used to profane the symbols of a republic such as this one was founded to be. Since we all know perfectly well that the only objection you lot have to Mrs. Obama’s use of the room is that it’s being used by black people, just drop the hypocrisy and admit your white-trash bigotry.

        • This has NOTHING to do with pretension except in your mind. It has to do with maintaining a minimum standard of gravitas and dignity in the place that symbolizes the heart of the greatest country in the history of mankind. It is a museum to that tradition and history. Tradition is an important element in every country and its government. The president’s personal residence is upstairs and they are free to live as they choose there. The White House lawn would have been a much better location to indulge her addiction to television appearances.

          • “minimum standard of gravitas and dignity”? What you mean is an inflated standard of gravitas and dignity, which is another way of saying pretension. Those who are most in awe of the trappings of tradition are consistently the ones who have been the farthest from the reality of it. You won’t understand that, so just accept that it’s one of the reasons your kind are directed to the tradesman’s entrance.

    • And, Ron Ston, as I am sure you also know (but have deliberately omitted) the Adams were the first First Family to live in the White House, a building which was substantially unfinished when they move into the home. Construction had begun during the Presidency of George Washington.

      There was no plaster, let alone no decorative coverings on many of the walls, there were unfinished windows, and no floors had been laid down in the East Room. In other words, much of the White House was a shell under construction at the time, including the East Room.

      That was the circumstance under which Abagail Adams had laundry hung in that large hall. Your comment therefore was disingenuous and entirely misleading.

      That should come as no surprise to anyone who has read any of your earlier screeds posted in this thread.

      • I just noticed the comment by Dori, at April 11, 2012 at 6:31 pm, which makes the same point I did above but in fewer words.

        Ron Ston naturally responded with his faux attack suggesting that only now we want to treat it as an “awe-inspiring temple of pretension or pomposity” which of course none of us ever said.

        Ron has lost the argument about how the Obama’s have in more than one way disrespected the White House, first demonstrated by numerous photos of him plopping his feet all over the furniture, including on the historic Resolute Desk, and now by Mrs. Obama turning the East Room into a gym.

  2. I hate this vile, self-absorbed, racist woman. And I’m a woman. Everything this family does is self-serving, arrogant, disrespectful and EXPENSIVE to taxpayers. When did the USA have to start supporting a Queen, her private staff of 24, and her $15,000 a day hair and makeup artist?

  3. Well, Keith….it looks like one of MOOshelle’s surrogates,” Christine”, has taken up residency on the WH Dossier this morning!

    I have never watched the show, but did run across some pearls of wisdom tossed out by the First Sweat Hog on last night’s travesty:


    “You never know what you can do in 20 minutes,” she said at the end of the workout. “That was 20 minutes of good sweat. It’s a joy and a privilege and I feel part of the team.”

    If you are going to turn the historical majesty of the Wh into a sweaty Southside gym, the least you could do is remove the hand-woven carpet with the Seal of the United States emblazoned upon it and put down some mats. Wash she sending us a ‘message’???

    What’s next – World Wide Wrestling matches or hog calling contests?

    • The White House was not built to express “majesty”. It was built for the use of a free people who had just won a war against majesty.

  4. don’t we have more important issues to deal with in this country than Michelle Obama helping people lose weight and which room of the White House is best suited for this? Come on people.

  5. I remembered my tour of the White House and how awe struck I was with
    the beauty, the history and the stateliness of the White House.
    Now – Michelle Obama shows no regard, no respect and no decorum for one of America’s treasures.

  6. Sadly, the thought of showing proper respect for the great heritage of this nation of ours (as is embodied in the decor and furnishings within the White House) has likely never occurred to anyone either in the employ of this President, much less his spouse.

    That is perhaps best exemplified by taking a quick gander at the official White House photo, showing the President of the United States, Barack Obama, with his feet, shoes and all, firmly planted up on the historic Resolution Desk in the Oval Office.

    Need we say more? As readers here know, there are many other photos showing Barack Obama and others in his political clan with their feet up on several pieces of the valuable White House furniture, but one would think that just the one of him with his feet on the Resolution Desk would suffice to mildly shock the conscience of even the most callous leftie partisans.

    Apparently feeling left out, Michelle is just getting into the swing of things by turning the stately East Room into a gym.

      • Actually, furniture and furnishings have always played a very significant role as ongoing symbols that helping preserve the heritage of our nation. Materialism has nothing to do with it.

        The Resolute Desk is just one of several more notable examples. And to my knowledge, it had never been used as a common foot stool by anyone else before President “Scruffy” began regularly planting his size 11’s on top of it! It shows an enormous level of disrespect, almost to the point of contempt to do that. But to you, I’m sure that it’s just SOP.

        Nearly all of our modern Presidents, along with their wives, have made a point of putting their unique decorative stamp on Oval Office and elsewhere in the interior of the White House. Because of their historical value, the furnishings are well and carefully preserved, and if not in current use, they are often displayed at the Smithsonian, or at other locations.

        If your motivation in commenting here consisted of anything more than attempting to defend the indefensible, you might even take the time to read a little about the subject. But none of us will hold our breath.

        • “defend the indefensible”? Who in hell appointed you the arbiter of this nation’s heritage? Let’s match DAR credentials, shall we? And I’ll throw in a couple of signers of the Declaration of Independence and a Royal Pardon for one of the South Carolina Regulators (look it up). Or let’s just get really republican and count up all the different times, places and methods various of the white occupants have raised a sweat in the White House. You lot are pitiful, and nowhere more so in trumping up fake snobbery to try to mask your stupid bigotry.

          • Apparently you did as you see fit to insult and belittle anyone who doesn’t share your narrow and intolerant view of the world.

          • I am not among those being intolerant of Mrs. Obama’s use of the East Room. I am, however, perfectly willing to out-snob you wanna-bes who are trying to mask bigotry with uppity delusions.

          • So all you really have is playing the race card by calling me a bigots? Well, I don’t harbor any bigotry, masked or otherwise. And I never have. Nor do I try as you do to boast of DAR connections.

            In the end, the Obama’s disrespectful treatment of the White House will not be the primary reason that they will be rejected in November, although many people will have duly noted that behavior.

            The people will simply realize that their was an insufficient vetting of this man, both by his party and the press back in 2008. And they will simply conclude that he has been a miserable failure as a President, and sent packing.

  7. I can fully understand

    With a butt and sized belly like that and only way to hide it to have your pants high up above your belly to hide it, you want to take drastic measurements

    • May be she should leave the french fries, eat broccoli instead and stop distracting by telling us what to eat.

      Probably difficult since that is the Obama’s mode of operating. Distract from your problems, project them to be of others and have everyone else do but like a good hypocrite don’t do it yourself

      Sorry. When it comes to your butt, alinski won’t help. All you have to blame is yourself

  8. Doesn’t seem like “proper use?” This is obvious fodder for all you “conservative” losers to ruminate on, who let pinheads like Keith Koffler initiate and steer your feeble thought processes for you. How many of you male sticklers for protocol have your pot bellies hanging over your belts as you sit there and type out your profundities? How many of you female cognoscenti have your saddlebags hanging off the sides of your desk chairs? Give me a break. Oh wait, I need to know what Shawn Hannity thinks, too! Indeed, the flabulous bigmouth Rush needs to “weigh in,” too, no doubt. Then you’ll be Really certain what you think on this issue. Freakin’ Losers…

    • Why are the Obamas’ minions so filled with rage and bitter acrimony when faced with people who do not worship at their feet? Could it be that it’s finally beginning to dawn on them that they were completely wrong about the Obamas and are ashamed to admit it?

  9. Here is a little bit of history regarding the now-scuffed up Resolution Desk. Notice that the photo of President Obama therein does not depict him in his usual pose vis–à–vis the desk.

    Perhaps someone in the future will be able find and identify a few handy sweat stains in and around the East Room in order to help remind future generations of the legacy of Michelle Obama.

    • The last two photos in that link were taken during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. I can tell by the desk plates “It CAN Be Done” and “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit”. Words that would never be spoken by the campaigner in chief who is currently occupying the office.

  10. Just wondering: If Mrs. O does in fact work out every day, then why was she complaining so much during the exercises? Seems like she should have been out there cheering for more, not saying, “we already did this!” :-/

  11. You can take the girl out of the hood……. Hope someone is watching to make sure she doesn’t burn the furniture for heat. What a disgrace.

  12. By the way, has our lovely First Lady and her husband met with any of the families of the boys who were lost serving their country these past few months? I didn’t think so…….

  13. You know that rooms smells. Most liberals do not bath or use deodorant at all. Take a roomful of them sweating and slobbering on the carpets, and it is beyond Febreez-able. MO herself talked about how badly Barack smelled. Can you imagine any other First Lady telling a reporter for Glamour how badly her husband stinks? I cannot imagine any wife telling the world such a personal thing about her husband. The woman is just crude, crass, and common. Such an embarrassment.

    • Well, I did hope for some class, but I supposed they cannot help the way they were raised. One would think they would have brought someone in to teach them some basic manners, etiquette, and how to pick flattering and age-appropriate clothing. Did you see her on that awards show? My goodness! She looked like cheap Christmas trash in that outfit! And her legs looked like overstuffed sausages! It was just horrible. Whoever approved that sleezy outfit should be fired.

      • That skin tight silver houndstooth get up? Yikes! She looked more like a hoochie coochie mama strolling the street rather than the First Lady of the United States of America.

        • Yes, the silver number with the leggings? Is that what she had on, or just REALLY tight pants. Horrible either way. Gauche. I know she can dress appropriately. I have seen her look quite appropriate at times. So strange that she would go out in public in that silver nightmare.

  14. Michelle Obama appeared on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” last night…

    She was with her husband.

    Shouldn’t that read, “appeared WITH The Biggest Loser last night”?

  15. It’s really no big deal. The taxpayers have plenty of money to fumigate and repair all of the damage to the white house come Jan 21st.

  16. Its OK with me. Its not like they moved the weight room in there. I like the show as it has a good message. Michelle was OK and being a good first lady.

  17. Hey brilliant troll. It was done for production value for the filming of a television show, it is not a gym. The White House already has an official gym. Go back under your bridge and conjure up some more ways to manipulate rage among the conservative base by excluding context ya douche!

  18. Ok, so I’m sitting here reading through many of these posts, and can’t help but weigh-in (LOL–get it? “Weigh-in”!?) Ok, well, I must say it is quite a mis-use of the people’s property to hold a group fitness workout in the East Room. Wisdom would dictate that it wouldn’t be a very smart move. Then again, the Obama’s don’t care what the American people think because they love to waste our money on golf, luxurious bi-monthly vacations, and huge family outings. Our poor White House probably smells like cigarette smoke and french fries–cause we all know how Michelle REALLY eats!

    BTW–I am a conservative, Reagan, Republican who is a Les Mills Body Pump and RPM instructor. And I do care very much about people’s health as I used to be 250lbs, and am now 150lbs. I’ll never be thin, but I WORK HARD. And there is a better forum to show that you care than a precious room in the White House.

    Oh–and Christine—GET A LIFE!!!!

  19. It’s completely fine that they did it… Freedom allows them to do that even though her husband doesn’t protect it at all… but anything that gets fat americans into working out is great for our country and monumental for our country. So Kudos to the first lady for her hard work in this department! I just wish her husband would stop taking a dumb on the constitution.

  20. The Obamas have absolutely no respect for the national treasure that is the White House, or for the dignity of the Office of President. They see this as a just an extended Spa vacation on someone else’s dime. Can’t wait for these people to go back to Chicago.

  21. No respect – its sad and demoralizing, but she is at least being true to herself and consistent with her lack of class, honor and respect for what this country’s patriotic citizens holds dear and precious.

  22. One little problem that confronts you
    Got a Barry on your back
    Just one more pix, Lord might do the trick
    One hell of a price for you to get your kicks
    Ooooh that smell
    Can’t you smell that smell
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    The smell of jocks surrounds you

  23. I heard about this a couple of weeks back and haven’t watched the show since. It used to be one of my favorite shows.

    That room should NEVER have been used that way. Maybe I am more sensitive because if I happen to love the history of my country and have been blessed to have been to the White House a few times as a guest of the President.

    There is a gym. USE THE GYM. Not the East Room.

    And Christine, I happen to be in the food industry. We specialize in healthy eating. I could tell you and MO a thing or two about eating healthy. I walk no less than 3-4 miles 5 days a week. I bet, Christine, you didn’t know that if you want to lose or maintain weight, you simply need to get your heart rate up for 30 minutes 3 times a week. Stick to portion control, and you can eat anything. There is nothing that you cannot eat if you eat in controlled portions.

    MO is a Harvard educated attorney who could have had her choice of jobs, but for some reason gave up her license after only a very few years of practicing. That is entirely unheard of unless there is a problem somewhere. She is not what she wants you libs or anyone else think she is.

  24. You know very little about the history of the White House or the East Room. That much is painfully obvious. Her decision to use the East Room as a public gym was a very poor one. I doubt someone that has to resort to cursing and name calling when others hold a differing opinion would understand. Perhaps you should stick with what you know? I think talking about the tradesmen’s entrance was a good start.

      • Interesting tactic – burying your lies twenty or so comments away – didn’t work any better than your attempt to assume an authority you can’t even aspire to convincingly. Cursing? You must be hearing the echos inside your head. And I do not have a problem with different opinions; I do have a problem with pompous hypocrites denigrating Mrs. Obama’s use of the East Room with slurs about smelling and slobbering, which you know perfectly well are spurious and the most thinly-veiled racist bigotry. You have neither class nor taste nor – in my genuinely snobbish opinion – any right to open your mouth to your betters.

        • Oh my. Now anyone that doesn’t agree with Mr. Ston is a racist. What a novel debate tactic! I bet that race card has never been used before by liberals when losing an argument. Well done, sir.

          Does anyone understand Mr. Ston’s absolute meltdown over this difference of opinion? Most people think MO’s choice was a poor one. Mr. Ston, does not. Such is life, is it not? People differ. Why is he so upset over people not agreeing with him? My goodness, his blood pressure must be sky high! I bet his face is blood red and he is sweating profusely. Should someone call 911 for the poor fellow?

          I suspect this type of behavior, usually demonstrated by liberals, stems from low self-esteem and insecurity. A well-adjusted and confident person does not throw a tantrum when someone disagrees with them. I sincerely hope Mr. Ston seeks for this issue. It is very unattractive for a grown man to behave in such a manner.

  25. Keith-You always hit a home run in your comment count with the Mooch.
    This is a sad day for a wonderful house and a storied room in the People’s House. Makes entertaining BarBwa Streisand in the Lincoln Bedroom appear classy, and I didn’t think that was possible.

  26. Can you imagine Jackie Kennedy pulling a stunt like this. For the first time I am embarrassed for my country and can now see this woman for what she truly is. I will not be voting for her husabnd to return to this house in 2013.

  27. Just great, Mrs. Obama, wear out that special White House carpet with all of the sports shoe friction. I swear, Michelle would love to be a Hollywood starlet (her hips are too big, though). Ugh! And what about the “free” campaign reelection coverage courtesy of NBC? Can you imagine if Laura Bush ever did this? We would never hear the end of it (in a negative way). Scream!