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Carney: No More From Obama on Trayvon Martin

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today said President Obama will make no further comments on the Trayvon Martin case.

“I certainly don’t think you’ll hear from him,” Carney said, noting that there is an “ongoing investigation” in the case.

Carney suggested the White House is now imposing a wall of silence on the matter. “He and I and others will refrain from commenting on it,” he said.

Carney did not say that Obama had erred in addressing the case last month when the president suggested sympathy for Martin and remarked that if he had a son, he would look like him. The case was also under investigation then.

Martin, who is black, was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, who is half white and half Hispanic, during an altercation February 26 in Sanford, Florida. Zimmerman has said he was acting in self defense, but many African Americans and black leaders charge he was the victim of a racially motivated attack.

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  1. Not surprising, he’s already made a fool of himself by taking sides without hearing both sides of the story. White man gets stripped and beat by multiple black hoods and none of the black racist liberals show no concern whatsoever. But this aspiring punk with a previous vendetta against Zimmerman starts a confrontation with him despite Zimmerman being concerned enough to call 911 beforehand. He ends up getting shot as a result of self defense and its somehow a hate crime.

  2. The administration stirred up as many biases, emotions, tempers as it could garner before realizing it had also stirred up one ethnic group it was courting. Now that this tragedy has very, very little chance of ever being handled objectively or with justice to either party because it is becoming more and more apparent that any outcome will be politically motivated, the wh now wants no part of it.

    It is the usual behavior for this irresponsible administration.

  3. **“I certainly don’t think you’ll hear from him,” Carney said, noting that there is an “ongoing investigation” in the case.

    Carney suggested the White House is now imposing a wall of silence on the matter. “He and I and others will refrain from commenting on it,” he said.**

    Seems Eric Holder didn’t read THAT memo either …

  4. Wow. That’s just great. Glad to see the jackass-in-chief has decided to keep his mouth shut. Then again, his comment about his dead son was more than enough to stoke racial tensions to the breaking point.

    What a douche.

  5. The jury pool has been hopelessly tainted by the comments from the prezyden. Zimmerman cannot get a fair trial in the USA. I don’t see how a judge could enpanel a jury. That is why he is shutting his pie hole and Carney knows it.

  6. Obama just has his Attorney General publicly praising Sharpton for race baiting and trying to instigate a riot. He doesn’t have to say anything more about this case.

  7. Yep, Barry and the Democrats have already done enough to stir the racial pot. Now they’re trying to distance themselves from the violence that is resulting.

    Too late, Democrats. You will have to face the consequences of your race-baiting actions.

  8. Well of course they won’t comment further. To much of the electorate is PO’d that he opened his pie hole about this in the first place, and that he still says nothing about the “flash robs” and mob beatings being perpetrated by blacks! Go figure huh!

  9. Of course Obama’s not saying anything more about Travon. He now has his Attorney General, Eric Holder, acting on his behalf…

  10. Obama is finished discussing trayvon because it’s increasingly apparant that the kid was a thug, a felon, a burglar, and a gangster.

  11. Too late, Obama already stirred up racial strife. I was verbally attacked by a group of 5 black high schoolers while driving home today. Too late, Obama, you already screwed things up….AGAIN!

  12. Oh, now that Obama started the whole racial uprise he is now keeping his mouth shut! Why not man up Mr Pres and admit it was wrong and you had no business making the comment publically about this shooting BEFORE you knew the facts, causing this uproar! And since when did it be ome legal for the black panther group to issue a bounty on Mr Zimmerman? It is illegal! Why aren’t you addressing publically to the black panther group that their actions are illegal and to cancel it, and if they don’t they will be charged for their illegal bounty act! Oh, that’s right, they are black and you have made it racial encouraging it but frankly Mr President, you don’t have the balls! Out in Nov!

  13. This is still all about the liberal obsession to revert self defense laws back to a point where the criminal has the advantage.
    They also want the law to once again allow the family’s of criminals to file civil suit against the victim-

    The liberals said “the streets will run red with blood” if the stand your ground laws were passed, so now with martin, one case in thousands will give the liberals the excuse to change the laws that will once again put lawful Americans in danger, and Empower the criminals.

  14. “I certainly don’t think you’ll hear from him,” Carney said, noting that there is an “ongoing investigation” in the case.

    So, Jay, what’s your definition of “ongoing investigation”? Odrama ALREADY weighed in — remember? Likening himself to the victim, interjecting himself in yet another issue that wasn’t his place to comment on? Recall that, Jay, you tool?

    Barry’s already stepped in it and I hope it stays on his shoe all the way to November!

  15. He did what he wanted. He stirred the pot like he wanted, so now, he goes back behind the curtain to wait for another opportunity to make an a** of himself.

  16. How about we change the subject to how Obama is going to deal with $15.6 trillion in debts and $118 trillion in unfunded liabilities?

    • How is he going to deal with the debt? He can’t, so we need to kick him out of office and elect a new president who will consult with non-Keynesian economists to submit a budget. That also involves prying the senile old coot Reid out of the Senate leadership chair and electing conservative legislators who will pass a budget that doesn’t involve enriching each other and their favored special interests. Crony capitalism has to end.

  17. Obama doesn’t care about anyone, but USES everybody.

    He loves people the way we all ‘love’ toilet paper. It’s something that’s undeniably useful thought MISLEADINGLY so. Trayvon has been ‘flushed’ because Bam “has said all that he’s going to say.”

    Obama is a good misLeader.

  18. so, i guess these comments by carney mean that it is ok to
    issue public bounties, dead or alive, by anyone on anyone
    they want to issue bounties for.

  19. He shouldn’t have commented int the first place!!! But he should have said something about the New Black Panther Party’s bounty on Zimmerman’s head! Silly me…that wouldn’t have gotten him votes!

  20. What mean half white half hispani?
    Hispanic mean that a pirmary languae of a person is spanish. In Latinamerica like in USA are people white, black, americaindian and mixed.
    The hispanic race doesn’t exist.

  21. My dear, dead, mother used to tell me over, and over again: “Never engage your mouth, until you take your brain out of neutral.”
    In Obama’s case, it should probably be changed to, “never engage your mouth, until someone has put the thoughts, that they give you, into text on the teleprompter.”
    Yeah, it is a mouthful, but it’s something that Obama’s handlers should tell him over, and over again.

  22. Finished,,,, until next time. He helped stir the pot to get the arrest. Only a fool thinks the mob of savages will be content with that. Upcoming highlights…

    He need to be prosecuted (remember they just wanted an arrest)…or else we gonna riot and burn the cities down

    Next up, …. He better be found guilty…. Or we gonna riot… “No justice, no peace”…….

    And then….. He better get a death sentence or life….or we gonna riot and burn cities down…..

    After doing everything the corrupt and hijacked legal system can to appease them they will celebrate. In this case, that means…..riots…..

    No way in the world can Zimmerman get a fair trial, thanks to the same people the prosecutor claims she doesn’t listen to. She SHOULD have said that and then laid the blame squarely on them. But O’Bozo has already made it clear. Make an example of of Zimmerman for anyone that even considers defending themselves against gangsta thugs.

    Meanwhile, in Baltimore, still no arrests in the brutal beating of a white man by savages who also robbed and sexually assaulted him while more stood by laughing. And the police chief says? No hate crime there….

    • Maybe Zimmerman can get repeated trial continuances like the Islamic jihadist, Maj. Nidal Hasan has managed to do. Three years and still no justice for the families of the military and civilian personnel who were murdered in cold blood by Hasan at Ft. Hood, TX.

      • Only if he is smart enough to have his lawyer quickly get him a copy of the koran,,,,

        Sadly, George doesn’t appear to be quite that clever. He should have gotten out of the country. The mighty Boa offered to give him a lift over to Canada…….

  23. What is half hispanic, hafl white?
    The hispanic is no a race, hispanic is an ethnic group that have spanish as primary language. Like USA, Latinamerica have people white, black, americaindian and mixed.