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Obama Campaign Not Using Verification System

Updated 11:46 am

The Obama campaign is not employing the widely used credit card address verification system to check whether the address submitted by a donor matches the address tied to the credit card, an omission that might allow supporters to use a fake identity when contributing.

The practice could potentially allow donors in possession of illicitly obtained credit card numbers to exceed the campaign limit, and to permit overseas supporters to contribute.

The Mitt Romney campaign does require use of the system and asks the donor to include the three or four numbers- sometimes known as the “CVV” code – on the back of the card. The code helps determine whether the donor is in possession of the card.

The Obama campaign donor page does not have a box for entering the CVV code and does not appear to reject donors who lists addresses different from those attached to the cards.

It’s not clear if the Obama campaign has some kind of backup system that would mitigate the need for the address verification system. The campaign did not respond to a request for comment. But what is clear is that it is failing to use the most basic tool employed by businesses and groups around the world that accept credit card payments online.

John Hinderaker over at Power Line blog tested the Obama system, donating under the name “Illegal Contributor” and listing his address as “Cell Block 13″ in the State Penitentiary.” He said his employer was the “Minnesota Penal System” and listed his occupation as “inmate.”

Not only was his $3 donation – made with his real credit card number – welcomed, but he was asked to set up his own grassroots fundraising page so he could induce others – why not the entire cell block 13? – to contribute as well.

Trying the same experiment over on the Romney website likely would not work, because the address verification system would determine that there is no “Illegal Contributor” living at the State Penitentiary associated with the credit card.

The blog Hot Air reported in 2008 that the Obama campaign was doing the same thing then.

168 Responses to Obama Campaign Not Using Verification System

  1. Look. This pretender no longer bothers to pretend he is law-abiding. He has gotten away with so much, he doesn’t even care how it looks. His supporters see nothing wrong with his behavior. They’d be doing the same thing. Vote this scum out in November.

  2. no new news story here.
    same thing obama did in 2008. no way to track and verify contributors to see if they and donations comply with election laws. someone can use thousands of single use credit cards to make untraceable online donations. obama’s web site does not even capture the IP address of the donors to verify where the transaction originates, like illegal overseas contributions from arab friends.

    • Yes it does capture the IP address. If you think it does not you just don’t understand the underlying technology of web servers.

  3. The dont like voter ID laws or contribution verification checks getting in the way, what else do you need to know about a democrat? They’re sleazy.

  4. The real problem with this is no record keeping for small donations and no proof of humanity. As a computer program I know it is possible to write an app(lication) that will “fill in the blanks” and donate small amounts 10 or more times a second. Given that foreign countries have a stake in the outcome of our election (Read China), it is quite possible for such a country to set up various credit cards and bank accounts and move 10’s if not 100’s of millions of dollars into a campaign through small donations. The proof of humanity is when you have to answer a question that takes some cognitive power such as what is 3 + seven? Of course with China, they have 100,000 employees safeguarding the internet traffic so they could easily manually donate $10,000,000 dollars a minute. Thank goodness Soros has fallen on hard times and may be limited in what he can donate.

    • Was it checked if it blocked foreign IP’s (I doubt it but the article doesn’t say). Also most credit card companies and processors will immediately block multiple small charges of the same amount in a period of time as potential fraud.

  5. While the article is most likely true (I didn’t try it myself so I can’t say for sure) you evidently do not know how AVS (address verification system) works with credit cards. Quick lesson so you can get it right :)

    AVS does not check a name, or any letters in the address. It can only check they digits.

    So if your correct information is:
    John Doe
    1234 Nowhere Ave Apt 4
    Some Place, CA 91000

    And you used:
    Mickey Mouse
    1234 I am in jail cell number 4
    Yea Right, NJ 91000

    The AVS system would accept it just fine. Now most reputable websites would look at this and go 91000 is not in New Jersey so I will error out, that has nothing to do with AVS.

    Also the name can NEVER be verified.

    • Romney campaign accepted my donation using the Cupertino campus address and a credit card with a foreign bank and foreign address with not even the same number of digits in the zipcode (heck, it’s not even called a zipcode!)

      What was that about reputable websites again?

  6. I ran the same test in 2008, $5 to both McCain and Obama … Declined on McCain’s site, approved on Obama’s site (not to mentioned I was singed up for his stupid spam). I reported it to my credit card company, who apparently did nothing. He is as corrupt as they come.

    • The Credit Card company has absolutely no want to do anything. They make more money on charge backs than anything else. Most merchants pay between 25 and 40 per charge back on top of the amount.

  7. Romney should hold a press conference and announce that he is removing these verifications from his fundraising website, so his donors can donate as frequently as they would like, and foreign donors can too. The MSM will then report it.

  8. I went to Obama’s official site to see how far one could take this:

    In the appropriate boxes I put in (for name, address, employer, occupation, etc.):

    Mohammed the Jew Hater
    666 Yasser Arafat Dr

    And, hey, NO PROBLEM! The little SOBs took my $3.00 donation!

    What this clearly proves is that the Obama folks have disabled all security protocols, which will enable them to take money from just about anyone, anywhere.

    I am in process of calling the Media, GOP HQ, Romney HQ, to see if anyone will be interested in this information.

    BTW: I attempted (twice) the same thing at Romney’s donation web site, and was unable to complete the donation.

  9. Hey Steve!

    You’re a MORON! Amazing how when Lefties like you have no argument they can only call those they disagree with

    R – A – C – I – S – T – S.

    Bah, bah, bah, bah!

  10. I notice you said “Trying the same experiment over on the Romney website likely would not work”

    “likely would not work”? Why didn’t you test it?

    I just did.

    Romney just accepted a $1 donation from Steve Jobs, using my credit card and Apple Headquarters contact details. Neither I nor my credit card are even American.

    Journalism is dead.

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