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Obama Campaign Not Using Verification System

Updated 11:46 am

The Obama campaign is not employing the widely used credit card address verification system to check whether the address submitted by a donor matches the address tied to the credit card, an omission that might allow supporters to use a fake identity when contributing.

The practice could potentially allow donors in possession of illicitly obtained credit card numbers to exceed the campaign limit, and to permit overseas supporters to contribute.

The Mitt Romney campaign does require use of the system and asks the donor to include the three or four numbers- sometimes known as the “CVV” code – on the back of the card. The code helps determine whether the donor is in possession of the card.

The Obama campaign donor page does not have a box for entering the CVV code and does not appear to reject donors who lists addresses different from those attached to the cards.

It’s not clear if the Obama campaign has some kind of backup system that would mitigate the need for the address verification system. The campaign did not respond to a request for comment. But what is clear is that it is failing to use the most basic tool employed by businesses and groups around the world that accept credit card payments online.

John Hinderaker over at Power Line blog tested the Obama system, donating under the name “Illegal Contributor” and listing his address as “Cell Block 13″ in the State Penitentiary.” He said his employer was the “Minnesota Penal System” and listed his occupation as “inmate.”

Not only was his $3 donation – made with his real credit card number – welcomed, but he was asked to set up his own grassroots fundraising page so he could induce others – why not the entire cell block 13? – to contribute as well.

Trying the same experiment over on the Romney website likely would not work, because the address verification system would determine that there is no “Illegal Contributor” living at the State Penitentiary associated with the credit card.

The blog Hot Air reported in 2008 that the Obama campaign was doing the same thing then.

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  1. Just one of the campaign promises that Obama made was “the most transparent administration”—and this has definitely not been the case. It is extremely disappointing for those who supported Obama in the past election. The voting fraud that is being revealed makes one wonder— if all voting had been legal and there had not been intimidation from groups such as the Black Panthers (which the DOJ refuses to investigate) —whether Obama would have been elected president at all. I doubt it.


  3. I did the same test in ’08, donating as Santa Clause from the North Pole. McCain bounced my contribution. Obama took my my cash in a heartbeat. That told me all I needed to know…

    • The Only “TRUTH” Demwit style are the Ever present LIES by POBama as Written by Axelrod and Gibbs…they still have not got to understand that the EMPTY SUIT has been Found out as being a FRAUD!

  4. The most corrupt President in the history of the United States.

    All that matters to Obama and his power and our destruction.

    The communist subversive sleeper cells that were originally planted here in the 1950 have been woken up and are taking over all of our institutions, from education to the media to congress to corporations to the upper echelons of the military. Only the good people of this country can take our country back. But, the day is quickly fading on the USA.

    On another note: Who would ever envision that NASA would be sunsetted and defunded. It was once one of the gleaming emblems of the United States and now it is gone, along with all of the research and innovation that made this country the greatest in the world. Now, that mantle is handed over to the Chinese. God help us, please.

    • Yeah and then yesterday Obama had the utter gall to attack Republicans with the lie that they want to cutback on the launches of weather sats!

      Takes a real scumbag to do that!

  5. In the last election Obam collected 0ver 100 million dollars in contributions from people using pre paid credit cared using name such as Mickey Mouse and Donold Duck. Some were from overseas compnies

  6. Obama did the same back in 2008; many illegal foreign contributions. That’s why a lot of his contributions were for amounts like $26.18. The conversion from foreign money to US dollars always looked like odd donations.

  7. Why speculate that Romney’s “likely would not work”! Test it stupid.
    Come with Data or you are just another opinion and there are 300 Million of those in the US.
    Don’t be stupid, test your theories before you make stupid statements in your writings.

  8. Is Jay Carney reading from a teleprompter during a live Q&A? Look to the Right of Carney at the reflection of text. Notice how he stumbles around until the text changes.


    Please help get this to go viral. It’s important for people to know about this.

  9. How much will the central and south american narcos offer up to get Obama reelected? And why wouldn’t they do just that? They need a wide open border and an easily compliant american government.

    Of course the narcos are, will and have done just that!

    Yes, it is against the law but it is Obama’s reelection.

  10. The Presidents people know they will need every penny from every illegal fund and every illegal voter to vote as many times as possible to keep it close this election..They are willing to break every rule and Twist logic 180 degrees to make it Sound like they aren’t..But They are !!!

  11. Well… NO surprises here – as he is a ‘Master’ at circumventing the rules!!! America – I think you know enough already about this “community organiazer” to send him packing back to Chicago on the 07 November – to save the Republic from “insolvency” for a start!!!!!

  12. Of course they are not properly vetting their political donars. The DNC never vetted Obama to confirm his eligibilty to ohold the offive of President of the United States.

  13. ” Obama campaign is not employing the widely used credit card address verification system ”

    Why don’t you tell us something we don’t know.

    Obummer did the same thing on his first campaign. Just buy a bunch of pre-loaded debit cards and make a boatload of strawman donations using bogus id info.

  14. Well Why Should Verify whatever he has to say??? TRUTH and FACTS Scare the Hell out of all members of this Sad Administration so why start now since LIES that have been Said might only Confuse the Lies SAYERS???

  15. I read an article three years ago, that said the Obama people did the same thing in 2008. They turned off the machines that verify how much a person gives, their limit. Donors were getting around the system, from what the article said, by using pre-loaded debit cards, with different names on them. One donor apparently used the name Adolphe Hitler, with an “e”, from one Reichstad Place, another Saddam Hussein. I’ve always doubted it, up untill now.

  16. When you’re a communist obsessed with “fundamentally transforming” the America you hate so much, the ends justify the illegal and unconstitutional means.

  17. The scope of the Obama corruption will be written about someday. Its not going to be like the Kennedy murder where the government will forever bury the truth, it will be more like the expose of prior Presidents. You will be able to read about it in years to come, but don’t expect it to be front page news, it will be like prior Presidents where its on the front page one day and then page 17 the next. Bits and pieces will come out and when the most salacious bits have been published that will be the end of it, except for a few books that seem to expose all the Presidents corruption, but those books will appear on the NYT readers list one week and then die off to never be talked about again. And so it goes.

  18. Imagine for a moment that this current resident of the Whitehouse was a republican and employing these same tactics. It doesn’t take much of a leap to imagine the sh!t storm the media and those on the left would be raising. What a shameful and sad situation this has become. Filthy, nasty, corrupt Chicago Machine politics has finally seeped out and contaminated the rest of the country. I fear this genie can never be put back in the bottle. The DNC is absolutely reprehensible for letting this happen. They were aware of the dirty tricks and downright illegal activities carried out by the Oblunder campaign in `08. We need to “reward” them at the polls by voting against any candidate with a “D” by their name — local, state, federal.

  19. Why would anyone expect him to verify his donors. He doesn’t care if the contributions are legal or domestic, just like he spews that “Voter ID” laws are discriminatory. If you elect someone who’s a product of the Chicago political machine you shouldn’t expect to get anything except a political thug – and that’s what we’ve gotten. You can give him an Ivy League pedigree and a $5000 suit, but it’s just lipstick on a pig. November can’t come soon enough.

    Live Free or Die!

  20. Of course not! The sole reason Democrats do not want any form of voter Identification is so they can steal election by committing voter fraud, something they and their ACORN contingent have raised to the level of an art form.

  21. I am sure our Mid East Islamic Brothers have credit cards, as well as the Russians and Chinese. After all, those are his masters.

  22. The Obama admin can’t use a verification system…not for donors…not for voters…not for Obama. Even the most superficial investigation will uncover a boat load of coverups, scandals, crimes, and ethics violations. The entire current administration would be imprisoned if we scratched the surface on any of their activities. Then where would we be?

  23. When Obama said they would be the most open and transparent administration ever, I don’t think this is what we had in mind, but it does not surprise me. The hope & change of hypocrisy.

  24. The warning signs were all there in 2008. No one took him at his word. The Dear Leader is not a liar. He told the American people exactly what he intended to do and his past alliances pointed to exactly how he intended to do it. The fact that we actually elected this tyrant in the first place should automatically bring shame to the heart of every American. As a people we have elected individuals who’s core ideology is fueled by a deep hatred for the American way of life. When associations with people like Bill Ayers do not set off warning flags then as a nation we are heading down a very dangerous path. Welcome to 1917.

  25. Quote of The Day From Ben Stein:

    “Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured… but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.”

  26. I believe the mitigating factor is that Obama is a hypocrite/liar. He and the Dem’s can’t abide by the rules set for the rest of us.

    A level playing field would cost the Liberals dearly, I believe.

    So, a little bit of financing fraud to go with the election fraud induced by NOT REQUIRING ID’s at voting time is the Obama/Dem approach to reelection.

  27. Not to burst your bubble, but this is completely inaccurate. CVV is used by merchants to verify that the card is physically present in the card holders hand during a card not present transaction. It has nothing to do with the actual address linked to the card.

    AVS on the other hand does match the billing zip code to the zip code the customer entered, and in certain cases can even compare the first digits of a street address (but not the whole street address). Now if that is requested and is not a match, the card company will not decline the transaction, they return a value to the merchant and the merchant has to make that decision, so even if they were prompting for zip code on the website they could accept any value they want to.

  28. This is wrong and illegal. This president does not follow any law because he believes he is the law! We must vote this illegal president out of office if he isn’t thrown out first!

  29. The Obama campaign turned off all of the verification software in 2008, and did not keep records of any single contribution less than $200. Why was this done? By not keeping records, donors could exceed the federal limit of $2000 per person by making multiple $199 donations and illegal foreign donations could also be accepted. All that was required was a valid credit card number.

    By comparison, the McCain campaign kept records of all donations, regardless of size.

  30. I wonder if we will see a lot of those strange dollar amounts again this time. Like those kind that just about perfectly match up with the exchange rate of a foreign currency……

  31. It appears that his donation page does not have an SSL Certification (the little logo that says who the data is secured by), even though it says “Secure”

  32. This is the most criminal administration in the history of the nation. They are incabable of telling the truth and constantly obfuscate when pinned down to answer simple questions. I cannot believe there are so many worthless “citizens” who would vote to LOSE their rights and their civilization. And, may I say, that ALL these “tools” that Obama and his administration are illegal but, just like this administration has used them against conservatives, can you imagine the howls of indignation from the left when THESE SAME RULES are applied to them? They will cry out for someone to save them and there will be NO ONE. THIS ADMINISTRATION is responsible for the largest reduction is civil rights in our history, masked as special rights for “special” people. These “rights” will destroy ALL of our rights.

  33. What more can one expect from a chi-style thug of a politician, that in the past had no problem having sealed court records opened for his benefit, but hides his transcripts and records from others, while claiming to be transparent.

    The only thing transparent about obozo, our clown in chief, is the lack of transparency, which makes his positions crystal clear, and makes his removal from the White house, hopefully to the Big house, a necessity.