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The Community Organizer’s Collectivist Vision

I want you to take a look at something President Obama said during a fundraiser last week in SanFrancisco. It’s been gaining some notice as a vision for America that is not historically recognizable.

Because in the United States of America, we are greater together than we are on our own  (Applause). We’re better off when we keep that basic American promise that if you work hard, you can do well — you can raise a family, you can own a home, send your kids to college, put a little away for retirement — and that that promise is open to everybody.  If you’re born into tough circumstances, we’re going to give you ladders to climb up into that middle class.  And if you’re in that middle class, then we’re going to make sure that you’ve got the tools to, even in a changing world, have some security and some stability in your life.

That’s what we’re fighting for.  That’s the choice in this election.

Actually, this is not a vision for America. This is a vision for the Soviet Union.

First of all, there is no basic promise in America that if you work hard you can do well. IN FACT, there is a basic promise in America that you can work hard and have everything go straight down the toilet.

Because that’s the nature of capitalism which, like it or not, is the economic system we have in America.

Obama and Medvedev
Dmitri, tell me about the good old days.
Photo by Keith Koffler

If you decide to work really hard making large rotary cell phones, you are not going to do well. EVEN THOUGH YOU WORKED REALLY, REALLY HARD.

If everyone succeeds, then no one succeeds. Because we’re all making things nobody needs.

At that point, THE GOVERNMENT MUST BE FUNDING IT ALL, because no intelligent investor is.

And if people must take whatever you make, pretty soon, nobody is working hard. Except the government, which is appropriating for itself more and more private wealth and freedom in order to keep this bad show opening every night. But eventually, the money runs out. Like it did in the Soviet Union.

And what kind of vision is this? Raise a family and put some money away for retirement. I thought the promise of America was that THE SKY’S THE LIMIT. Not some average life. In the Soviet Union, everyone raised a family, everyone had a home, everyone sent their kids to college, and everyone had a guaranteed retirement. Until they didn’t.

And Obama wants those already in the middle class merely aspire to “some security and some stability.”

This is the very premise of socialism. You get a some security and some stability. And with the risk of failure removed, everyone settles into a placid existence propped up by the kindly hand of government.

Until the bottom drops out.

97 Responses to The Community Organizer’s Collectivist Vision

  1. In the same manner that people have “voted out” elected representatives in our countries history. The progressives are attempting to dilute the electorate by creating uninformed people who are dependent on government largess for their existence. The worlds economy is at (and in some cases past) the point of crisis point. The so-called business model of socialism is unsound because you run out of other peoples money (as Margret Thatcher said). This guy and his enablers are driving this country towards a cliff.

  2. Be afraid, be very afraid. The dopey masses, media elites, academia, and labor unions eat this crap up. I’d be willing to bet even more than a few democrats are damn afreaid of this marxist/socialist. Basic choice in 2012, do you want more socialism or less?

  3. What scares me is that a relatively small number see the danger in statements like these, and we’ll vote him back in anyway! I hope we vote him out of office before he runs America completely into the ground.

  4. This man is a wrecking ball. Everytime I hear about “paying our fair share” I wince. Obama is engaging in verbal abuse to America. I pray America isn’t the battered child that eventually, if something is said enough, it is believed. We just can’t be that stupid.

  5. Oh Gawd. this is what you guys are up to now? Why dont you teach your party to be able to count their own votes in primaries!

    Makes perfect sense to me and I own three businesses. In the 50s and 60s the top tax rate was 91%. Its less than half that now for our wealthiest and only 15% for hedge fund billionaires. The average CEO pay was 24 times that of an average factory worker in the 50s and 60s now its over 300 times.
    Its not rocket science to figure out if wealth is too concentrated people cant buy things, cant afford to live etc.

    All that BS about giving mortgages to people that dont deserve them being the crux of the mortgage crisis was bologna also. Most of the foreclosures were in just 5 states and usually for “flippers”.

    Obama inherited the worst economy since the Depression, has turned around the jobs market, got Osama, Gaddafy too without boots on the ground and passed a health care plan much like Romey’s the GOP star of the day whose plan seems to work well in Mass. but for the uber right he has to say he made a mistake.

    Nothing is perfect and in a perfect world Govt would be nice and small. But the choice is between big govt for the people and big war spending by Repubs so there is no choice.

    Bush saved the financial system. He also did the bridge loan to the auto industry to give Obama time to finalize a package when he took office. Both Presidents deserve credit for the turn around.

    While you are at , get some new pundits. . Dick Morris (conde vs hillary book) what a prediction! , Rush call them sluts Limberger.. Hannity…

    Lots of good people in the GOP, start supporting them.

    Romneys only chance to win the general election is to choose Rand Paul as VP and try to grab the Ron Paul Vote. Ron Paul the only choice between two corrupt parties is being blackballed by his own party and the media.

    Dont count on the economy being bad for the election it is coming back strong now. Govt stimulus takes time to work its way through and there was a lot of it, and a lot of money pumping. Things are humming now, just wait a few months..