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Obama’s Post-State of the Union Campaign Swing

As if to emphasize the full politicization of his presidency, President Obama will immediately follow his Jan. 24 State of the Union speech with a three day campaign swing that will take him to five presidential battleground states.

All presidents head out the day after the State of the Union to talk about all the wonderful things they proposed to Congress. But of course, Obama has to take it a bit further.

George W. Bush in 2004 spent two days traveling to three states. Obama will be leaving Jan. 25 and returning Jan. 27 after stops in Iowa, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Michigan.

And in case you weren’t completely sure of the political nature of this, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Michigan each have primaries in February.

The Obama campaign has been seeking to pump up the vote in the meaningless Democratic primaries as a means of creating excitement for the campaign while also stealing some of the limelight from what is mainly a Republican show.

21 Responses to Obama’s Post-State of the Union Campaign Swing

    • You probably already know the answer. I used to wonder why they campaign so hard and stuff. On other people’s money, of course. It is the ultimate Pig At The Trough job, where else can you live “in the court” while the peasants eat dirt.

  1. He better keep his scrawny butt out of Texas. He’s about as welcome as a skunk at a lawn party. Looks like he’ll swoop into Nevada to fill his pockets just in time for their primary. Bet his Arizona campaign visit won’t be anywhere near the border. Maybe Star or srdem can attend one of his high school campaign rallies and give us the inside scoop. ;-)

  2. Glad I’m not a swing state although he did come to give his famous repeat
    of TR’s Osawatomie speech. How original. Kansas is flat and boring but we
    don’t get many Democrat thank goodness.

  3. Campaigning is a lucrative job. Six figures plus perks. Where do I apply?
    Oh wait, I’m so stupid I can’t make my own decisions. Never mind Paul.

    • great point. We never know what the fat cow is doing when he is hogging the limelight. (Like Jesse Jackson, famous paraphrased quote: do no stand between Jesse Jackson and a camera)
      The most transparent administration in history sure wears a dark cloak.
      I guess this tour is taxpayer funded. I really cannot stand this guy.

  4. Buhrock and MOOCHelle – the Bonnie and Clyde of politics! Instead of a 1930’s Ford, they criss-cross the country in a $400M taxpayer funded 747. Instead of using a sawed-off shotgun, the carry the race card to intimidate their targets. And when the day is done, they both sprawl out on the floor of the private residence – counting their haul/loot! High fives all around!

  5. My wife and I think you as far as a president/an adminstration goes the equal with Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy…and as we see a light like was seen from Bobby Kennedy & MLK. I am sure I left someone out (Ghandi) but we love you! We thank you for your awesome service sir! May God’s hand be always on you and may he keep you safe Mr.President always ! Marco Pazienza 231-944-9343