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Qaddafi’s Body: Video of the Libyan Leader at his Death

This, apparently, is the end of him, courtesy of Al Jazeera. Warning: It’s somewhat graphic. Unclear to me if he’s dead or alive at this point.

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16 Responses to Qaddafi’s Body: Video of the Libyan Leader at his Death

  1. That’s not Kadaffi. It’s a political lie meant to encourage the population and to get America to release the billions of Libyan monies we hold.

    • Who knows what the truth is. Maybe it is a grand production for the masses. I just know the people in charge don’t have America’s best interest at heart…

  2. NBC reports it only cost the U.S a billion (with a B) dollars to bring this guy down. Wow what a bargain. China should be upset that we are using their money to wage a non-war.

  3. this is arab style justice ! just being a person of jewish blood in that desert would have the same fate ….just wait till they join obozo’s beloved muslim brotherhood in egypt & elsewhere then turn this rage against israel & us….
    a country full of killjoys …utterly disgusting !