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Obama Fundraising Suffers Huge Drop-off

President Obama will raise substantially less in the second quarter of his campaign than the first, according to the New York Times.

The paper writes that Obama campaign manager Jim Messina has told Democratic officials that the president will raise about $55 million in the quarter that ends Sept. 30, about $30 million less than he raised the first quarter of his campaign – which was the second quarter of the year, ending June 30.

The news was – gosh who would have expected – buried within the Times story.

No doubt, $55 million is a lot of money. But something’s not right.

The campaign attributes part of the decline to the need for Obama to stay in Washington to address budget battles with Republicans. That is – sorry for the inconvenience – the need to be president.

But a separate  Times article Saturday that said many small donors are hesitant to start giving to Obama again. And it’s no secret that even for Democrats, the thrill is gone.

This helps explain the vitriol Obama has been dumping out on the campaign trail. He needs to get people motivated to send him their money, and if he can get the hating thing going – hate Republicans, hate the rich, hate EVERYONE – maybe they’ll part with some cash.

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  1. Is it possible that prior donor’s misery index is way up and all they see the prez doing is reading TOTUS speeches and running around the country touting his jobs bill? A jobs bill that will create zero permanent jobs! If they do send him money, I want some of whatever they’re drinking!

  2. Fool me once – shame on you, fool me twice – shame on me.

    The “folk” as Barry likes to say, have awaken to the fact that they have been fooled numerous times with this guy. They may not vote for a republican, but I doubt that they will hold their nose and vote for Barry either. I believe that the vote count will be way down with the black and even with the far left crowd because of what they have seen and heard over the last 3 years. Enough already.

    Times are very tough and the small donors are not there this time around. Barry will need a massive amount of funds to try to fool the masses one more time.

    Where’s Michelle?

  3. Maybe the problem is that most of his small donor base is unemployed and don’t have any money to give. And his large donor base is looking at the Buffet Tax increase and they won’t have as much to give either.

    • Your comment reveals Obungler’s stupidity and lack of good planning. Like all liberals, He simply doesn’t think things through before he opens his mouth.

    • He’s raised more individually than all the Republicans have together.
      What is the story here? “And his large donor base is looking at the Buffet Tax increase and they won’t have as much to give either.” That assumes they are as selfish and callous as you and the posters here…a big assumption.

  4. When Maxine Walters looks calm and makes sense next to Obama at the BCC he’s in deep trouble.

    I read this via Instapundit. It’s about a supporter of BO who is maxed out on his contributions to Barack but is fed up with the class warfare rhetoric.

    The article actually infuriated me because sees BO through rose-colored glasses and still supports him. I made a comment which hasn’t been approved.

    • O’Reilly had an African-American professor on last nite who also was fine and dandy with being told to take off his house slippers and put on his marching shoes. The KA vat never runs dry, I guess. Still, we didn’t like it when Maxine told the TP to go to hell, but now we do approve when she takes issue with the slippers remark?

      • I sure don’t approve of Maxine Waters’ words or actions. Don’t like the idea of ethnic caucuses in the first place. They serve to balkanize us, rather than unite us as Americans. I bet Maxine Waters has a few white conservative families in her district who are suffering just as much as their black neighbors. Wonder how they feel about her downright racist behavior. That would be called taxation without representation in a sane world.

  5. Most conservatives have had Obama figured out for quite a while now. It seems that finally (at least some) Liberals have done the same and are holding back on the cash. I see that as good news for the nation.

    At the end of the day, he’s just another highly partisan politician who is concerned chiefly with getting reelected. In other words, more of the same…

  6. Sad to hear the only way he can raise money from his followers is by fomenting hate. I’m really not surprised he isn’t getting the same financial support from business as he did in 2008. So many business leaders have come out against his regulatory policies. Then there is Obamacare and the great fear of the unknown once that beast is released on them.

    He has declared war on business and capitalism, and the only business leaders who continue to support him are the true believers, the phony greenies who hope to capitalize on taxpayer loans, and those who are paying protection money to the bagman to keep him from singling them out for destruction.

  7. Obama will be able to motivate people who vote on the basis of race, but will never be able to convince objective Americans that he is the right person for the job. The Presidency is really up to the Republicans to win or lose. As it presently stands, it’s not clear that they have a winner among the present candidates. And if one were to beat Obama, I doubt that any one of them will have the credibility, rhetoric or respect to lead our country.

    • Except Herman Cain who the MSM calls a nobody. He has the leadership, common sense, education, and experience to lead this country back to greatness. To me, he’s a black Reagan and would basically take Obama’s race card off the table.

      • Herman Cain is one I can easily fully support. I’ve been voting for the “lesser of two evils” for far to long. I’ve voted for Republicans and Democrats and vote for the best person that I respect regardless of party.

        Herman isn’t a carrier politician, speaks the truth, and has real solutions to our real problems. Along with a willing Congress he will be able to right the so many wrongs in the last 13 years (yes including Bush who was more “liberal” than Clinton)

      • I’d like to see that happen, but remember the liberals code:

        “You’re black if you are Democrat, but a turncoat otherwise.”

        I’m not sure where that lands Cain on the ethnic scale, but it doesn’t measure with the libs. On the other side of the coin, the liberals have been shrinking to a dismal number so they more than likely won”t matter in the end. I guess it’s safe to say they are the vanishing hemorrhoids of the political scene.

        • I don’t think we really care about the libs with Herman. He’ll take the race card off the table for the independents….and they’re the ones that win elections! He’ll garner at least 1/3 of the black vote and that will sink Obama.

          • I was watching T.V. today and someone was interviewing Maxine Waters
            (think it was her) at any rate they were asking her a question about Herman
            Cain and she called him an Oreo!! I just thought that was disgusting and
            it’s people like her that create this racial divide.

    • Let’s face it; any school janitor, street sweeper, homeless hobo (and above) has more abilities than Obama to lead this nation. You might even qualify.

    • Let’s see, we’ve got a past successful governor in a northern state, a currently successful governor of a big southwestern state which has created more jobs and has less unemployment than almost all the states, a successful business man, a congresswoman, a past senator, etc. etc. running for the Republican nomination against a community organizer? Where do you get the meme that there’s no winner there? From the liberal media?

      Oh yeah, don’t forget they keep throwing crazy uncle ron Paul into the debates to make the repubs look bad. Guess they fooled you

    • Take your rose colored shades off; ..”doubt anyone of them have credibility, respect, and rhetoric to lead our country”? Are you serious, compared to whom, Barry?
      You forgot to put on your slippers…..

  8. A sitting President shouldn’t have to raise huge amounts of money to get re-elected. If he has done a good job representing the country, our laws, and the American people all he needs to do is run on his record.

    So why does this President feel he needs a billion dollars to get re-elected?

    Bottom-line question, “Are you better off today than you were 3-4 years ago?”

    If the answer is no, then this is not the man for the job. If it takes more than 3 years to at least get the country pointed in the right direction then, this person needs to pack a bag and find something that they are better at because leadership, bold ideas, and governing is not it.

  9. Obama hasn’t done a damn thing but play golf. There are no jobs being created except keeping the over paid public employees who average 3% and lifetime benefits at the taxpayers funding. poor you with the medical and 50,000 pensions for life. KMA Time to rise up against the machine.

  10. “The campaign attributes part of the decline to the need for Obama to stay in Washington to address budget battles with Republicans. That is – sorry for the inconvenience – the need to be president.”

    Exactly what day was Obama in Washington? Must have blinked and missed it.

  11. He is starting to realize there will be no second term… now is when he starts getting really dangerous. Watch him like a hawk because he will be trying even more sneaky things like GUNWALKER and the solar panel money laundering schemes now that he knows he will never have another chance to destroy this country.

  12. I sorry but they just aren’t that into you, anymore. How long before the Democratic hacks figure out that this guy is toxic and start running against his policies themselves?

    All you government employees, union hacks and Wall Street banksters better start paying down YOUR mortgages, because I got a feeling those “safe” jobs you think you have may not last past Christmas 2012.

  13. Yes, Maxine was right! Why when he needs votes, he NOW runs to the Black “folks” and tells us to “Quit Winning!” Hell, it time to wine and damn complain! Long overdue! Then, he goes to BET and do the same thing! Why in the hell don’t he yell and raise hell at the Republicans? That is what most Americans wanted him to do! Maybe, because it is much easier to to it to Black people? PLEASE!!! This wimp I will NOT vote for again!

  14. As a Republican, I signed up to receive Obama 2012 emails and in everyone I get, they ask for money….$5.00 dollars here…$3.00 there…and the emails come every 2 or 3 days. Its great to watch “Obama fundraising failure” happening right before my eyes……keep the emails coming….love to see “Obama begging” for money!

    A Change is Coming…….Take Back America 2012.