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He’s Back: Obama Takes to the Golf Course

President Obama went golfing today, heading out for the 18th time this year and for the 76th time in his presidency, but for only the first time in seven weeks, having somehow not gotten a round in FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY.

Obama had not been golfing since going twice on the weekend of June 25, the last of an incredible 13 weekends in a row that he had made it out on the links. It seems with the debt ceiling showdown and other matters, Obama actually HAD TO WORK WEEKENDS, causing him to miss some golf.

He will certainly make up for lost time starting Thursday, when he leaves for a ten day vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. He’s out today at the Andrews Air Force Base course with one of his usual posse, White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, as well as Marvin’s lucky brother Walter and someone named Grant Campbell.

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  1. I knew today was the day. I should have bet someone but everyone probably knew today was the day, too.

    A man can only take so much deprivation. As MO said “you can see the creases in his face” from worry and ValJar said “the man gets no sleep. He works tirelessly.

    We can all agree it was a gutsy call.

  2. Grant Campbell is listed on the WH directory as Associate Director and Trip Coordinator. Probably payback for coordinating the bus tour next week. Lots of play time ahead for the slacker in chief.

  3. Hold on there…didn’t MrCarney say that MrO wanted to spend time with his family? Well, they’re back from Oregon and he slips out to golf. Huh.

  4. Our hero! Fresh from “doing bin Laden” the intrepid Present Øbama picks up a cigarette and a golf club and breaks a tooth trying to suck the handle of a putter.

  5. Ok, I’m going to throw the bullshit card on this bold face lie our President just stated
    ‘ I knew Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was a friend of mine ‘
    Obama was born Aug 4th 1961. The Rev. King Jr died on Apr 4th 1968. That means our President had to have meet him and been his “friend” before he was 7yrs old and living in Hawaii. Very Interesting..
    Now throw in the facts that MLK lived a “Christian Life”, practiced non violence, and was willing to except responsibility for his actions and I can see where obama would like to compare himself to MLK. But our dear President has zero, nada, nothing in common with The Honorable Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.a truly great American.

    • Martin Luther with also a con man. Had it not been for James Earl Ray, Martin would been Jesse Jackson. As for a Christian Life, read “When All the Wall Came Tumbling Down” written by his Partner Ralph David Abernathy. Just like Obama, Martin Luther King started life with another name, Michael King, his father renamed himself Martin Luther King, Sr. and his son become Marting Luther King, Jr. The whole civil rights movement was a scam!! What should have been a movement to free a whole group of people from racism and bigitry became a movement of enrichment for certain leaders i.e. Jackson etc. while the common black person just found a new master, the Federal Government Welfare system.

  6. MLK was a born again Christian who showed it through the fruit in his life. He worked for the purpose of improving all America, obviously by improving the status of Black America. He succeeded by lifting us up and the power of humility and truth. Obama has no idea what that is … He wants to play Ro in Hood and take from the rich to give to the poor. He is no Martin Luther King.

  7. Once again Our muslim marxist rule show that he wiil and does lie about everthing.I wonder since MLK died in 68 When Obama was 7 years old and living in Hawaii where did this meeting with Mlk take place?


  8. Obama is no MLK. MLK loved America and Obama is hell bent on destroying America. After all he in ernest believes that the price of Gasoline in America should be close to what the Europeans are shelling out. Oh he publicly laments the high prices while privately celebrating. He has run America into the ground at every opportunity and is an obsructionist in dealing the need to slash the runaway spending, infact he has been an activist spending and borrowing at levels NEVER before seen. This is all in accord with his grand scheme of so called PROGRESSIVISM, which is intended to take this once great nation down. Sadly this President has fooled many normally thoughtful Americans. Hopefully they will wake up before it is to late.

  9. Awww, you poor malcontents. He IS very much like MLK in many ways. Plus, maybe he should chop bush on a fake ranch for 200 days of the year??

      • @Granny, I usually don’t bother to respond to people who had a hand in destroying this country ( this means you and yours ), but you seem to be exceptional in oh so many ways. “Many ways” very simplified for you means that The President AND MLK cared very deeply For The People. Read slooowly…Being a white woman, I personally was involved w Martin’s cause, being from Illinois I know and understand what this President is trying to accomplish,despite the obstructionism from your kind. You are waaay over your head here, as is the writer of this “story”…………Respond, don’t respond, I’m leaving this site. Feel like I need a shower after being here. You have a lovely day……………..

  10. A friend’s daughter works at Andrews A.F. base and she says she sees Obama on the course almost every day when he is in DC.— much more than is actually reported.

    • I don’t know. Doesn’t the pool have to be alerted.? Aren’t there always photographers near by? He’d have to either be complicent with the Secret Service or sneaking aaway from them. That doesn’t seem probable. Maybe you can get more info.

  11. Well … barf! MLK had a core set of beliefs and Obama has no such thing. Obama is an nth degree narcissist. It is all about him. Period. Vote for him and it is a vote against yourself. Remember in November!

  12. You scumbag, you were not elected to vacation and golf. you might think you were elected to ruin this great country but you and yours are nothing but what is normal for people like you to live in government housing. well enjoy cause you and yours are getting your butts kicked out of our house