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Obama, Boehner Begin Golf Smackdown

President Obama, Speaker Boehner, Vice President Biden, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) roared out of the White House gates at 9:04 am on this somewhat hot and muggy morning and headed out to the Andrews Air Force Base golf course for 18 holes of Fairway Diplomacy.

The motorcade, which is carrying the president, the first in line to the presidency and the second in line, employed the incognito method of transport, obeying the speed limit and stopping politely at red lights. Black SUVs generally substitute for the limos.

I’ve never completely understood the rationale for this strategy, which is often used on weekends, but given the importance of the cargo being ferried, I assume there is one.

The press pool was permitted to observe action on the first green. It appears Biden has already fallen behind, but this could well be temporary. He’s good.

For the record, this is the 12th weekend in a row Obama has made it onto a golf course. He’s been out 15 times this year and 73 times since Inauguration Day.

From the pool report:

On the first green, Gov. Kasich, wearing long pants and an Ohio State University, missed a 30-foot putt but tapped in for par (scores are unconfirmed but an official’s estimation).

Next up, VPOTUS drained a 15-footer to make what we believe is bogey on the par 5 first hole.

POTUS putted next. Wearing long pants and a white polo, he crouched down to line up his shot before just missing a 12-footer. He tapped in for par.

The Speaker, who apparerntly hit a nice approach shot, putted last, hitting a short putt for par.

After holing out, the foursome walked back to their carts with POTUS patting Boehner on the back. They are riding together while VPOTUS and Kasich ride in the other cart.

Pool watched from about 100 feet away. Now heading to the food court.

20 Responses to Obama, Boehner Begin Golf Smackdown

  1. Saw video of them on Fox a short while ago. Obama missed a 12 foot putt? Appears he is living up to his reputation. You would think with all the practice he gets he would be a better golfer. The whole spectacle of these people golfing, whether it is for recreation or business, doesn’t sit too well with most suffering Americans. While we worry about making the mortgage payment, putting food on the table, and fretting about our energy and fuel bills, they appear to be elitists who are deciding our fate over a game most of us can’t afford to play.

    • This is my first day of no Wall Street Journal–no gum for that withdrawal (it doubled in price). A friend also sent me a video making fun of the Republican candidates. I am going out to lunch with my mother, as I do every Sat–she has memory issues. So…life goes on. No golf, though.

      • Enjoy your lunch with your Mom, Star. Both my parents have passed, but one thing I remember about our conversations is that they loved to talk about their youth. They both had problems remembering current events later in life, but they had incredible memories of their lives during the depression and world war.

        • Thanks, Susan–we are way beyond remembering early times in this scenario. But, yes, everything could be worse. Could always be.

          • Star – My mom died three years ago this past April. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the last six months of her life helping to take care of her. She was in and out of hospital, hospice and palliative care more times than I can count.

            It got to be our routine every night at dinner time I would head back to where ever she was and she would eat and we would watch Wheel of Fortune. And every night it was the same two questions:
            “How long has this show been on?”
            “About 25 years mom.”
            “How old do think Vanna is?”
            “About 50, mom.”
            “She looks pretty good.”

            It drove me nuts at the time, but I wouldn’t mind one more dinner with Mom. Hope you enjoyed the lunch.

          • It was fine–basically the same as last week–you nailed the dialogue–like being in a Broadway play…we know our lines. Well, maybe off-Broadway.

  2. We see it, we know what is happening, and we are powerless to do anything about it. About the only thing we can do is prepare our families for what is coming and pray for Israel.

  3. Your synopsis leaves out some salient points concerning Israel and her enemies.

    1) In the ’67 war it was Israel that took out the Egyptian Air Force, on the ground, before the main battle began. Israel doesn’t wait until it’s too late to defend herself from anybody. Period.

    2) This afternoon, while Iran clamors about centrifuges and weaponizing uranium, and the mighty future of her this and her that, Israel has the nuclear capability to incinerate the Islamic State. Today. Don’t push it.

    Exactly which part of “Never Again” do you not get?

  4. I’m not at all interested in end-times religious mumbo jumbo.
    If that’s your comfort, by all means be comforted.
    The courage of the the Israeli Air Force flying American F-18’s over Iran puts the “Never’ into “Again” as far as I’m concerned.

  5. I don’t believe we are in end-times either. I think we are reliving history…WWII. I’ve heard enough stories from my parents and grandparents to know that is where they are taking us. Obama thinks he’s FDR reincarnated. FDR was able to pull the wool over America’s eyes because he controlled everything…the press, the movie stars, the politicians. Americans loved FDR. He was the fatherly, tough man who loved America and her people. Little did they know he was appointing communists to important positions in government. He was an appeaser to Hitler until Japan attacked us. Anti-Semitism was very prevalent in the 30’s and 40’s…here in America. FDR was the whole reason for the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution.

    Obama is at a disadvantage in this historical replay. We have the internet. New media has awakened the clueless public, not only here in America, but around the world. Wannabe dictators will cause starvation and war in order to make the populous beg the state for help. Too bad for them, we’re awake. Those who aren’t awake? Well it’s their own damn fault.

  6. We all used to be the clueless public because the only access to the news was from the MSM. They chose what to print or air and there was no way to get the info that we have today.
    The TeaParty attitude would not have existed without the broadband internet and independent news outlets. We just simply would not have known just how awful Obamacare was for our country; there would have been only support of the law from the lefty MSM.

    Before broadband internet; who knew what went on inside the WhiteHouse day to day, who knew what the FirstLady was doing with her time, and how would we ever have found out about the doings of Congress?
    Keith asked us once; “did you ever see MrO swing a golf club?” and the answer is no and we still haven’t seen him swing a golf club even though he’s been golfing like a fiend.
    The point is that we didn’t know then, but we have access to information now.
    It’s a new day and what we do next year will determine the future of our country.

  7. JE, We don’t share the same opinion on the future, and that is okay by me. You aren’t going to convince me and I’m not going to convince you so let’s just agree to disagree.