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Conan O’Brien and Michelle Collaborate on Let’s Move Ad

Well, the collaboration was not exactly voluntary on Michelle’s part. Take a look.

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6 Responses to Conan O’Brien and Michelle Collaborate on Let’s Move Ad

  1. OK, I laughed my @!! off on that one it was so funny (and so, so, so, SO very gay). BUT, I will withhold comment until I read what SRDEM has to say!!!!!! :-)

  2. The thing is that the real ads are so funny that there’s no need to make fun of homosexuals in order to point out the ads’ absurdity.

    Play an hour a day — did you ever think that someone would have to tell kids to play?

    I hate MoochMO’s “Jackie Faux” voice and the way that her accordian forehead fights the botox. You’d think someone with a size XXXXXXXL butt would move her own *ss to some effect before she lectures others.

  3. That is hilarious! Does anybody know how much the move it ads set us back? If I recall correctly, Andy Griffith’s bogus medicare ads set us back about $3.1 million bucks. I can only imagine.