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Obamas Not Invited to William and Kate’s Wedding

President and Mrs. Obama, along with many other heads of state, are not invited to the April 29 wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, according to the British press.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that, as far as leaders of nations go, the British royals have decided only to invite fellow royalty and the leaders of the former British colonies that comprise the Commonwealth.

So in addition to the Obamas, other international leaders who could add lots of bling to the affair, like French President Nicolas Sarkozy and wife Carla Bruni, are not on the list.

Most of the 1,900 people invited to the wedding are drawn from the Royal family’s circle of friends and acquaintances, according to the Telegraph.

The approach is a change from the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, when President and Mrs. Reagan were invited. Mrs. Reagan attended.

The Obamas have been invited to Great Britain for a state visit May 24-26.

The trip will give President Obama a chance to try to demonstrate he is resurrecting the “special” Anglo-American relationship, which has deteriorated under his leadership.

His failure to be invited to the wedding, even though he is in the company of other heads of state, will at the very least not diminish the perception of estrangement. The invitation to drop by the next month may in part be designed to erase any notion that lack of a wedding invite is an affront to the Obamas or emblematic of the state of two nations’ current ties.

Obama has failed to develop a close relationship with either of the British prime ministers who have held office during his term. Both George W. Bush and Bill Clinton worked intimately with Tony Blair, and Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher had famously high regard for each other, as did George H.W. Bush and John Major.

Obama has also committed a series of faux pas, starting with the move to send to the British Embassy in Washington a bust of Winston Churchill that had stood in the Oval Office during George W. Bush’s presidency. The British had offered to let Obama hold onto it.

Churchill is not just the hero of Britain, but he also had a close relationship with Queen Elizabeth during the early years of her reign.

Obama’s presentation of an iPod to the queen was the subject of much derision, as was his gift to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown of a box set of American movies on DVD that did not work in British DVD players.

During a 2009 visit to Britain, Mrs. Obama, in a gesture of bonhomie, put her hand on the queen’s back, a major breach of royal protocol.

Michelle will surely be keeping her distance in May, while the president likely will avoid gifts that involve electronics.

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519 Responses to Obamas Not Invited to William and Kate’s Wedding

    • “No electronics? No Justin Bieber tapes? Well, darn!”

      obama is a soul mate of Bieber. Bieber just said that, “Americans are evil”, and, with his endless apologies to dictators, tyrants and disgraceful monarchies around the world, obama has proven it is what he also believes.
      I love Great Britain, as do most patriotic Americans. You guys just dropped the ball when it came to obamas grandfather. Had you handled the traitor correctly, the world would not be dealing with his corrupt offspring today.
      Ron Reale

  1. The people of the USA elected a complete idiot with no appreciation for the history of our nation in Barak Hussein Obama. Remember, we were accused of being racists or better yet “Islamaphobes” for merely mentioning his name. Obama’s hate of anything other than Islam and Black is obvious and offending to the majority of Americans, many of whom voted for him. His actions with the British go well past common sense into willful intent to offend our best international friends and the mother country of milliions of US citizens. These people will not make the mistake of voting a person whose strongest experience in life was that of “commmunity organizer” to a second term. Hopefully, we will be able to avoid financial and social ruin during the remaining two years of Obama’s reign.

  2. The Americans were out of their cotton picking minds to elect this non-citizen as president. We’ll try to do better next time. As you can see, he does hate Britain and all it stands for as the standard bearer for Anglo cultural success in the world while his culture still is working on the mud hut thing.

    We hope you forgive us for his arrogant and dismissive attitude towards our best ally and friend.

  3. Good thing they weren’t invited; they would have had to interrupt one of their well-deserved vacations to attend !!! And how many speeches of Obama could he get on record for the Queen to listen to? He’d probably worm his way into giving the Best Man’s toast he’s so in love with himself. Narcissus had nothing on this buffoon.

  4. My father was a union steward and would never tell me how he voted. I do know he did not care for do-gooders and sh*t-disturbers. Those people are now called environmentalists and community organizers.

  5. We should thank the royals for not inviting them, impossible to estimate how much money this would have cost the US tax payers flying those 2 + the globe master with helicopters and limo’s to the UK, a few million??

    • What a funny, and clever remark. Don’t think the narcissist in chief would though, he’d have to share billing with George Foremen, a man of many accomplishments and talents, unlike our pretender in chief, who is the least qualified of any one in any room he enters, unless it is the loo and he is alone. Perhaps the Supreme Court will finally do what it is supposed to do and demand proof that the pretender in chief is 1. an American citizen, and 2. Not a Muslim. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have those truths revealed?

  6. Why would the Obama’s be invited? They are irrelevant to the future King of England and irrelevant to the rest of the world as well. Well, they are relevant to those that hate America, Capitalism, Freedom, Democracy, and Christianity.

    Imam Obama has proven to be an illiterate, ham-handed, idiot tyrant and along with his Socialist minions, sabotaged the international relationship the UK and America enjoyed for decades. The sooner this destroyer, this enemy of both our Nations is removed from office, the better. The future of the Western world depends on it.

  7. This shows that the Royal Family has class and common sense: to NOT invite this charlatan, an imposter to the presidency and besmirch the very wedding!

    Jeremiah Wright could have given the invocation and talked about America’s chickens come home to roost!

  8. The American People applaud the Queen’s good common sense when it comes to a guest list of special people! They don’t have “Quotas” on guest lists do they like they do at Harvard and Columbia.

  9. The Prince William & Miss Middleton did the right thing – not only for the above listed Obama’s faux pas but Mr. & Mrs. Obama just suck the air out of any social event they attend since it is all, & always, about them no matter what the occasion – or they will make it so. (Just count how many times he uses the word “I’ when either of them speak, as an example of their lack of empathy for others.) This is William’s & Kate’s day, and they should enjoy it with their true friends and loving relatives. Best wishes to them.

  10. They should have invited Obama and asked him to serve as a waiter for the function: he would have looked “real snappy” in one of the those white waiters’ outfits and he’s got the bowing thing down to perfection.

  11. That IPod crap is just that, crap. You know the Queen requested an IPod as a gift and you still represent it as a slight. F U and your propaganda.

  12. I’m sure the Obama’s are planning their revenge on Britian, with the attitude that what goes around, comes around. Problem is they don’t understand that the jig is up.

  13. The Queen is in control of the wedding guest list and she is no fan of Obama
    and his Anglo slaps over the past 2 years. There will be no world leaders, other than those from commonwealth countries specifically, because of Obama. He slaps our traditional allies, while pampering our enemies and to what ends? He is a laughingstock to our enemies in Tehran and Caracas and a disappointment to all who seek universal democratic reform. He has been President for more than 2 years, yet his on the job training has yielded few results. Some had hoped that he is a slow learner, but by all indications he is an obtuse poser.

  14. That’s fine with me. When Britain needs America’s Navy to help keep the Suez Canal open, we can reject that invitation as well. If they are going to snub us on this, it’s the end of the alleged “special relationship” with Britain. Let the island rot in hell.

  15. Obama’s returning of the Churchill bust was an arrogant and despicable insult to our oldest ally. The action is typical of the dismissive and arrogant Obama. It is also embarrassing to most Americans except, of course, Obama who is unembarrassable. It may well be the biggest insult ever perpetrated by a democracy.

  16. The Obama’s would probably give some cheap salt and pepper shakers from some airport shop as wedding gifts. The Obama’s are social disasters both at home and abroad.

    It is “ham hocks”, not ham hogs.

  17. good for prince william and kate. it’s their day and if they don’t want them there, it’s their choice. obamalamadingdong and big mama could go and just be guests. they’d make it all about them. always have. always will.

  18. wow, who let all the racist, hateful, ignorant, fools in here….what a sorry sorry state of affairs and individuals here to be filled with such hate, vitriol, and pettiness…May your souls find God and peace, really…!

    • Sounds like some self loathing from your end. Race envy is like penile envy. When you come up short there’s nothing left but excuses. O is a failure that has found a way to rehab Jimmy Carter from worst president status. His color may be a coincidence, but his left wing Marxist leanings aren’t.

  19. The Ipod Incident . . .

    August 25, 2010

    Dear President Obama:

    It seems like a lifetime ago, considering the economy is being shoved off a cliff by your backward, not a snowballs-chance-in-hell-of-working economic policy; while you simultaneously grab the parachutes off of Americas collective back. The grinding free-fall is becoming a reality for most in a world of depleted savings, and little reward for work other then survival. Soon after your assuming the throne you called on the Queen of England, then you presented her majesty with an ipod full of your speeches. Being a little bit of an audiophile, I’ve still got a reel to reel player and a record player, in my vast collection I have speeches from the most pivotal moments in recorded history, Churchill, FDR, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and much more. Of course I have an ipod too, and on it I have a bunch of speeches on that like the ones that Reagan delivered after his 49 state landslide, and the one he gave so presciently, and with great vigor in 1964. There is a vast chasm between you, and President Reagan. To understand this all one needs to hear is the response of the crowd to his nomination acceptance speech in Detroit, Michigan, to absorb the wisdom, humility, and love of country that Mr. Reagan held.

    You see, Mr. Obama, men like President Reagan believed in what they were saying with their heart, soul, and mind. Men like Mr. Reagan understood that the American people had been suckered in the past, and they deserved the service of an American that would serve genuinely without pretense, or false witness. Mr. Obama, do you know what it means when a person has to speak in low tones, or can’t say one speech to every audience whether it is New York City, or Houston, Texas or, Minot Air force Base. It means they are practicing the art of obfuscation, because in their heart, in your heart Mr. Obama, you know that if you told the whole truth, and nothing but the truth your entire world would come crashing down. President Reagan earned the respect of the American people by holding himself, and frankly us, to a standard, and a hope, that we would once again see America as a shining beacon of liberty to all who seek her shores.

    Mr. Obama I hope that one day you grow enough to earn our respect. I do not believe that there is a soul on this Earth who can’t decide that tomorrow is the day they do the right thing, including you. Yet, the evidence for this opportunity is diminishing by the week with every opportunity you have had to promote, and celebrate what makes America so special you blew, and as I think, Sinatra once said, not in a small way. If President Reagan were alive today he would be ashamed of what you have done thus far, he would be doing everything in his power to rally Americans to defeat you, and your ilk at the ballot box.

    Since he is not here, it will be my honor, our honor, to try to do it for him.

    Joe Doakes

  20. Like Andrew my grandmother also had a saying about COMMON. There’s common courtesy, common sense, common decency and plain old common. We all want to display the first three commons. When the Obamas last visited Queen Elizabeth the first three common’s were greatly diminished, however, plain old common stood out.

  21. In the tradition of British humor, it would be great if G.W. and Laura get an invitation, it would be both appropriate and the greatest comeuppance the Royals could send the WH. Even the Obama Media machine couldn’t avoid that one.

  22. I wouldn’t want those two chicken thieves showing up at my wedding either. Obama is the very embodiment of the PT BArnum huckster; a charlatan, however gifted and charismatic, is nevertheless still a charlatan.

  23. Barrack will not be able to attend. He is scheduled to be on vacation, golf and then another world tour insulting our allies and apologizing to dictators.

  24. He only bows and scrapes for Muslim and Asian overlords..for U.S. friends and allies, he gets his wifey to slap them on the back.
    Maybe a high five, Chicago style.

    god save the queen from the like of him and his fatter half.

  25. Although the sterotypical “ugly american tourist” is white, 60 yrs old, overweight and dressed like a typical wal-mart customer, the O’s have done a nice job reinforcing the behavioral aspects.

  26. What do you expect from a no class act like Obama. The only thing he knows is community organizing. He thinks great Britain was responsible for slavery of Blacks. His only contact with royalty is Jesse Jackson who is so far from royalty it’s like night and day. Obama thinks the US is responsible for every problem the world has. It is going to take decades to clean up his mess that he has managed in just two short years.

  27. Why should they invite someone who apologizes for the US and Western Civilization everytime he opens his mouth. Obamao is no-class, trailer trash that’s trying to impress his “friends” with his open checkbook (At the taxpayers expense). Of course,he can always have the unions force the Queen to invite him, but he’s simply too busy screwing up this country to bother with the Royals in England. Just be thankful for that, England because it won’t be long before he turns his eye toward you “peaceful” Muslims and tells them to revolt. YOU ARE GETTING AN EYEFUL OF THE ANTI-CHRIST NOW! BEWARE!!!

  28. The Obamas are coming to the U.K.? How wonderful for your country. Most likely the president’s gift will be a collection of his speeches. Won’t that be terrific.

  29. The royal family was probably worried that Mrs. Obama would show up in another casual cardigan (as in her visit to BP) or one of those awful big white bows, looking as though she’d just stepped in from the steno pool. She can look appropriate when she wants to, but also appears to diss folks (ie, the Brits) when she wants to do so. She & her husband appear not to care for the United States or our British heritage/friends.

  30. As a WW2 bomber crewmember stationed in England until the end of the war, I don’t blame the English for not inviting the Obamas!
    I wouldn’t invite them to my home.
    Obama hates the English!

  31. I agree with Larry, “The Obama’s are social and diplomatic buffoons. They are an embarrassment to the USA”…. no doubt. Really embarrassing. Sorry to the rest of the world: we’ll right this wrong (electing this moron) in 2012….bet on it.

  32. Could it be President Obama is not liked by the royal family? He has been such a good friend to the Brits. He let them have their Churchill statue back and gave the Queen a new iPod. And they still did not ivite him to the wedding.

  33. Mrs. Obama is not a subject of the crowned crony the limeys call a queen, and in no way should be expected to follow the etiquette of “The defender of the faith’s” subjects. Most of the commenters on this site are as stupid and ignorant as bowin barry obama.

    • Wrong-o Eric. She is the First Lady of the United States of America. She is expected to know and follow proper diplomatic protocol at all times. All other First Ladies in my memory knew, understood, and respected that. Even First Ladies like Rosalyn Carter and Hilary Clinton, who had buffoons as husbands, respected diplomatic etiquette. Moochelle Obama will never have as much class as Jackie O, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan had in their little toes.