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Carney Avoids the Podium on his First Day

Newly installed White House Press Secretary Jay Carney spent his first day on the job officially staying away from the White House briefing room.

Carney, who replaces former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, decided not to speak to the nation today. The decision surprised and disappointed White House reporters, who presumably will have to wait until Tuesday to get a crack at President Obama’s new spokesman.

Carney has never briefed from the podium, and his first appearance will be a high-stakes, high-pressure affair. Not only does he have no experience under the klieg lights, but he has only been in the business of answering reporters’ questions for two years. He was a journalist himself before going to work as Vice President Biden’s spokesman at the start of the administration

Carney’s avoidance of the briefing room carries some peril for President Obama, who is releasing his budget today. Normally on “budget day,” a briefing by the OMB director and possibly other economic aides is followed by an appearance by the press secretary, who is more adept at “spinning” the all-important document and who can also clean up any mistakes made by his wonkish colleagues. Last year, Gibbs briefed soon after Obama’s economic advisers were finished.

Carney informally took one question during Obama’s trip this morning to the Baltimore area. Asked how it was going, he said, “Great. So far so good.” And he related a conversation between Obama and a woman who is a teacher at the school he is visiting.

“I love your enthusiasm,” Obama said, according to Carney. “I just love what I do,” the teacher replied

UPDATE 7:18 pm: The Obama schedule for Tuesday is out. There is no mention of a briefing by the press secretary. When there is going to be a briefing, it is usually on the schedule.

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  1. Yes sir… that Oilbama sure can pick ’em. Of course it’s Bush’s fault. Bush is probably secretly in charge of picking the WH Press Secretary for Oilbama. Yea… that’s the ticket.

  2. “I just love what I do” — but don’t expect to SEE ME DOING IT

    Apparently the Obama Administration is incapable of hiring anyone with even one honest bone in their body

    Amazing how they had to tear her away from the microphone. The Administration’s penchant for incompetence wouldn’t be so laughable, but they all think they are highly capable experts — kind of like the American Idol contestants who storm off complaining about how the judges know nothing, and they are true SUPERSTARS even though we never heard of them before or since.

    DELUSIONAL is the word, I believe…

    • His chance was this morning.

      Now it will be Tuesday.

      The liberal blogosphere is rife with indignation that Dear Leader dare touch entitlements; I am not only shocked he would (its too little too late), but even liberal-Marxists throw their own to the wolves when it is politically necessary. Bill “I never had sex with that White House employee” Clinton staked his presidency on his ability to win votes *at any price* as Obama is showing now.

  3. the difference between p00p-scooping behind hairplugs slo-joe biteme and pharoh sotero is that the worst joe does is leave a tuurd in the punch bowl while the kenyen leaves a wake of destruction….one you could almost feel sorry for as an old dolt who should be put out to pasture, the other you shudder in revulsion and horror to as he wields a wrecking ball to our nation, constitution, way of life, world and freedom with culpable yet arrogant reckless abandon.

  4. I’ve never understood White House briefings and the press. Does any reporter really expect to get an honest thoughtful and complete answer from an individual whose job it is to protect his boss from the press? I say stay away from these shams and spend the time tracking down good stories that will put the pols feet to the feet and protect Americans from their government!

    • What and do hard work? Leave the confines of comfort and cocktail parties. How gauche. No No I am privileged and pampered that won’t do.

    • Excellent post!

      The answer is a qualified …. NO.

      Thats why you have a website like WHITE HOUSE DOSSIER. Although Bill O’Reilly says “the spin stops here”, he is a spin meister. Were lucky to have Keith at the helm because he can cut through the liberal bullshit better than anyone and pull the real story out.

  5. Carney: I didn’t know it would be for real with live press people. And I have to answer questions that aren’t picked out ahead of time,like for Obozo at those town meetings?

  6. I don’t care what they’re paying this poor putz- he’s going to be used & abused by the press corps (that’s pronounced core, not corpse , Obama) and the WH. Can you imagine trying to sell PresBO’s crap to people-and keeping a straight face? Pitiful! Good luck, pal. You’re gonna need it!

  7. Jay, your decision to accept the job as PS isn’t a journalist’s resume enhancement, OH sorry correction it is a resume enhancement when applying to of the national news networks. THE indoctrination as PS will ordain you as a lap dog of the left, a young turk with pablum for brains.

  8. It is so sad to see the absence of adults in the “American government. So many immature frat boys and inexperienced nerds. the future is very dim under this gang. send in the adults. BTW Joe Biden is not an adult but a seventy year old bumbling teenager.

    • This is an excellent assessment of the Obama Administration: frat boys. Obama spent time in college ” … in search of Marxist professors” among other racial groups to coalesce power ( the only job they are good at ) only to realize that when your Chief Executive you must lead. Leadership is something Saul Alinksy never taught him (or Mrs Clinton).

  9. Maybe he doesn’t see anything good to spin in Obama’s budget. Probably hoping everyone will forget it by tomorrow. I certainly don’t see anything good there – it’s a disaster!

  10. New “Baghdad Bob” too scared to meet the reporters? Lots of apples on the Obama tree who are in way over their heads looks like another one.

  11. Ah, the nation once loved your enthusiasm too Mr. President. Unfortunately, your lack of experience and ability to hand tough situations too has been revealed. Carney is just mirroring his boss.

  12. No doubt the absence from the podium today is the WH’s hit they took off Huffington Post, and then later in the liberal blogosphere when the main story on HuffPo at 8:00 a.m. was this:

    “UNKIND CUTS: Obama budget to hit working poor and middle class”

    The WH probably wants the wailing and knashing of teeth to subside (interestingly from the liberals) before he puts Carney on the chopping block.

    I do agree with a poster who calls the WH spokesman “Bagdad Bob”. I have never seen a WH in more disarray, more confusion than O & Co. Your CIA Director gets “live updates” from CNN; your DNI makes an on the record statement that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “secular organization.”


  13. It’s going to be hard for Carney to be such a prophetic liar as gibBS was. I always said, Obama should have taken over as press secretary… he can be on TV every day (as he loves to be) and who is a better at smoke and mirrors than the Pathological Liar in Chief???

  14. Ever the workhorse, the one, in a stupor of laziness, “hey Joe know anyone that can replace Gibbs?” Presto we get another gift. This will be fun.

    Regulas – very funny let’s hope he fails the class

  15. 2012 can’t come soon enough – let’s hope the GOP doesn’t throw up a sacrificial lamb like McLame or Dole this go-round – they’ve got to get it right & they know it – and please, no more New World Order proponents, either… two Bushes, one Clinton and now an Ovomit have done enough damage in the last 30 years

  16. Gibbs was a nerd and a total jerk, but I have to say he had guts to stand there and lie to the public without even flinching. Sadly, that’s what Press Secretaries do. Now Carney has the pressure of not only finally facing the public, but has to explain why he went chicken sh*t on his first day. He’s got pressure on all sides now. I would almost feel sorry for him if I didn’t know who he worked for.

  17. WOW another typical odumba crony, unwilling to face the public and choose being an arrogant Pri#$.

    The king (odummy) definitely has no clothes. You look like a fool barry.

  18. This is so typical…and the “Mainstream Media” will ignore this, in fact laud him as ‘strong’, ‘forceful’ and an ‘excellent choice to replace Gibbs”.

    If only Obama was treated with the same ‘deference’ as Bush!

  19. It is with deep humility and total embarrassment that I must admit that I voted for the “community organizer” who calls himself President. The level of ineptness, incompetence and outright arrogance of this administration is truly astonishing! His political appointments have been disastrous; this latest selection of press secretary is no exception.

  20. What does he have to worry about?
    Have you seen the questions that Gibbs got?
    There is no longer a press, it is now called The Ministry of Truth.