As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Morning News || September 8, 2010

Obama Against Compromise on Bush Tax Cuts . . . New York Times
Obama Transportation Plan May Wait
. . . Washington Post
Biz Groups: Tax Writeoff Not Enough . . . Los Angeles Times
Daley Decision Could Shake Up White House . . . Los Angeles Times
Podesta: Expect Changes at the White House . . . POLITICO
Boehner and Obama: No Relationship . . . POLTICO
Obama Getting Personal on the Economy . . . POLITICO
Bush Won’t Comment on Obama Policies . . . McClatchy
Clinton Condemns Koran Burning Plan . . . CNN

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2 Responses to Obama Morning News || September 8, 2010

  1. Keith,

    Not sure if you have ever laagered all the news into one area, but excellent idea. Sort of a mini-Drudge Report for those addicted to Obama News! Well done.

    • Tom – thanks for letting me know – trying to figure out how popular this is since it does take some time . . . I did this before I cut back a bit the last two weeks.