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Obama Schedule || July 17, 2010

No public events scheduled today.

First family is vacationing in Bar Harbor, Maine until Sunday.

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4 Responses to Obama Schedule || July 17, 2010

  1. Every event on this vacation is a ‘public event’. Photos abound with the O’s communing with nature, eating, walking, holding hands, boating and just hanging around. It’s a “look we’re just like a normal family” photo op.
    They even flew the dang dog to Maine, First Granny, Auntie Val, Reggie Love, a platoon of Security agents, assistants and who the heck knows else. To stay at the Holiday Inn. In Maine. For 2 days.

  2. Does Obama mother-in-law live rent free at WH and get free vacations at taxpayer expense? Is this not unprecedented or outright abuse? What is the justification?