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Please, Ahmadinejad, Just Be Nice, Okay?

President Barack Obama tonight signed the Iran Sanctions Act, a measure that even his won CIA director acknowledges won’t stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

In a signing statement written in LaLa Land and delivered in the East Room, the president declared that tigers do in fact change their stripes.

The government of Iran still has a choice.  The door to diplomacy remains open.  Iran can prove that its intentions are peaceful.  It can meet its obligations under the NPT and achieve the security and prosperity worthy of a great nation.  It can have confidence in the Iranian people and allow their rights to flourish.

“The door to diplomacy is still open?” Really? After a year and a half of having his outreached hand crapped on by Ahmo, Obama is still stretching it out as far as he can, hoping the Iranian tyrant will grasp it and the two of them can stroll merrily together down the lane. These are the Chamberlainesque remarks of a president who does not want to fight.

“Iran can prove its intentions are peaceful?” This is much worse than diplomatic sophistry – it’s a brutally egregious outrage. Does Obama really think Iran is not building nuclear weapons? Is he attending his own daily intel briefing?

After the Mullahbomb goes off in Tel Aviv, Obama will probably say something stronger, like, “Iran now has only ONE LAST CHANCE to prove its intentions are peaceful.

And he says Iran can “achieve the security and prosperity worthy of a great nation?” Does Obama really think the jackals running Persia are impressed by rank suck up?

This would be hilarious – and I’m sure it is in Tehran – if, you know, the future of the world wasn’t at stake.

And look finally at this, the most frightening statement in the whole sordid speech. Look at the careful wording, and see if you can tell what the big, big problem is.

There should be no doubt—the United States and the international community are determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

This statement should read as follows:

There should be no doubt—the United States and the international community will prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

It’s a small change with a huge difference. You can be sure Iran has taken note of Obama’s careful, defeatist wording.

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