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Obama Marks Croatian Statehood Day

Well, there he goes again, kissing more ethnic ass.

President Obama today congratulated the Croats on Croatian Statehood Day. The Dossier hasn’t been so intrigued since earlier this year, when he marked the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

I join the American people in sending my congratulations to all those observing Croatian Statehood Day . . . Here in America, those Americans that trace their origins to Croatia – or have family there – should be proud of the lasting ties between our two nations.

Really? Are the American people congratulating those observing Croatian Statehood Day? Have you congratulated anyone observing this holiday? No?

Is it because:

1. You are trying to reach a Croat but can’t?
2. You are a Serb?
3. You had absolutely no idea it was Croation Statehood Day.

Of course, the answer is number 3.

But Obama knew and he is congratulating. Why?

1. He and Michelle always mark Croatian Statehood Day with a big dinner featured Michelle’s cevapcici, a Croation form of meatballs.
2. Obama admires the films of John Malkovic, one of America’s top Croats.
3. The state with the most Croats is Pennsylvania and the third most are in Ohio – two must-win states for Obama in 2012.

Sorry to be cynical, but we think the answer is number 3. And in the case of our dear Hungarian friends, the state with the most of them is Ohio, by far.

But we are down with Obama on this anyway because apparently Denise Richards is half Croat.

Denise Richards
Thank you, Obama. Purrrr.
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4 Responses to Obama Marks Croatian Statehood Day

  1. Being related to some of those folks in PA whose ancestors came here from Croatia, I can speak to their loyalty(none) and concern(none) for the country that forced them to leave because of the horrible conditions they endured for generations. All they brought to America was a love of family, God and really good food.
    Good luck with that kiss-up, O.

  2. And why the hell it bothers you ??

    Is it because:

    1. You are trying to act smart but can’t?
    2. You are a Serb?
    3. You simply hate Obama (and maybe Croats as well, and maybe the whole world..) ?

    Sorry to be cynical, but i think the answer is number 1.

    (wh dossier my ass)