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Video || Trump Meets With Cubs, Calls Schumer Unserious

President Trump Wednesday was asked about noises Senate Minority leadeer Chuck Schumer is making about negotiating on health care. Trump, a dealmaker who understands people, suggested Schumer had a long way to go to prove to him that he is serious.

And Trump is right. Schumer is just worried about accusations he’s hearing that Democratic, unlike Republicans when Obamacare was passed, don’t want to participate in the process. They’re not even pretending.

Democrats are demanding that the process not move too quickly, saying the bill is being jammed through. That’s true, but as Douglas Holtz-Eakin put it today in the Washington Post, “How much time do they need to vote no”?

So now, they’re pretending to want to talk. Schumer just doesn’t want to be accused of bad faith — the bad faith he possesses.

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Trump to Visit France on Bastille Day

From the White House:

President Donald J. Trump has accepted French President Emmanuel Macron’s invitation to visit France on Bastille Day. President Trump looks forward to reaffirming America’s strong ties of friendship with France, to celebrating this important day with the French people, and to commemorating the 100th anniversary of America’s entry into World War I. The two leaders will further build on the strong counter-terrorism cooperation and economic partnership between the two countries, and they will discuss many other issues of mutual concern.

I doubt the French want Trump around on Bastille Day. But, alors, c’est dommage – that’s too bad.

I suppose Macron is trying to give Trump some kind of honor by inviting him on Bastille Day, maybe to make up for pulling some macho crap and not letting go of his hand when they shook hands during Trump’s Europe trip this spring.

Not too excited about this, because Bastille Day is probably a day on which ISIS would love to pull some kind of stunt.

Anyway, please let it be true that Trump has been working out with handgrips and plans to squeeze Le Macron’s hand until he gets a grimace going on his face.

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Sanders: My Wife is So Honest! This is Politically Motivated!

Aww, the shoe goes on the other foot, a leading Democrat is under investigation, and what do we hear? The same excuses Democrats love to castigate President Trump for making.

Asked by CNN’s Erin Burnett about this little matter of a possible federal investigation into whether his wife committed financial fraud, Sen. Bernie Sanders got all testy and said people were out to get him.

My wife is about the most honest person I know . . . Donald Trump’s campaign manager, vice chairman of the Republican Party in Vermont, launched this investigation. It is a sad state of affairs in America, not only when we have politicians being destroyed, when there are attacks against elected officials, but when you go after your wife, people’s wives, that is pretty pathetic.

You know, a witch hunt! And what’s all this about destroying politicians? Is Sanders ready to start defending Trump??

Well, first of all, this is factually incorrect. Federal investigators appear not just be going after Sanders’ wife. They may be going after him too because of the possibility that his Senate office improperly intervened in the matter!

The apparent investigation — or, I’m sorry, the Clinton people just called — the matter, centers on whether Jane Sanders, former president of a Vermont college and also the most honest person in the world, lied about the amount of money the college had raised to pay off a loan it wanted to get to buy some land.

But she wouldn’t do that because My wife is about the most honest person I know.

Hey fellah, you don’t my wife okay?

Anyway, this is a non-issue, because everyone knows that socialists don’t care about money. No matter which of their three houses they are in, Bernie and Jane Sanders are never thinking about or caring about money, okay?

And they don’t lie, not like that Trump guy. They just want to help people, while Republicans want to hurt people, so liberals get the presumption of innocence, while Republicans get the presumption of guilt.

Maybe that’s why the national press doesn’t seem to be all over this one, although Politico recently did a pretty good piece on the whole mess.

I don’t think the Trump Justice Department should be forced to decide whether to investigate a former political opponent. I say hire a special prosecutor, even if, oh well, this means spending years looking into every bowel movement Bernie and Janes Sanders have produced since 2004.

Or rather, and extra-special prosecutor, who will operate with care given that Jane Sanders is The Most Honest Person in the World.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

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