Sunday Open Thread || September 21, 2014

by Keith Koffler on September 21, 2014, 1:05 am


Fence Jumper Makes it Into the White House

by Keith Koffler on September 20, 2014, 2:09 pm

Updated September 21

An apparently mentally disturbed man Friday evening jumped the fence of the White House, scurried across the North Lawn, raced up the steps the North Portico, and barged through the unlocked door of the executive mansion.

President Obama and his family and just left for Camp David.

The man, one Omar J. Gonzales, apparently is mentally disturbed and did not represent a danger, though of course Secret Service officers didn’t know that while he was making his sprint.

Not sure why they didn’t release the dog, who usually “tackles” such matters.

UPDATE: It turns out the intruder, an Iraq war veteran, possessed a small knife.

Here’s some grainy video.


Video Mensaje de la Casa Blanca

by Keith Koffler on September 20, 2014, 1:29 pm

For about a year now, far as I can tell, the White House has been producing a weekly Saturday morning propaganda message in both English and Spanish.

Obama, of course, handles the English part. And the Spanish part is spoken by . . . someone who speaks Spanish.

Now, I really want Spanish speaking people in this country to have access to the Weekly Address. I really do.

And that is why, of course, I want them to learn English.

Obama is fond of saying we are a nation of immigrants, and immigrants make us stronger, and everything else no one really disagrees with. Except, he assumes, repressed Republican racists. Because he really does think conservatives, in their hearts, are racist.

Conservatives are not racists. They just don’t believe in allowing the United States to become El Salvador.

We are a nation of immigrants, but we are not, and have never been, a nation of immigrants who don’t speak or learn English.

Radio show host Michael Savage uses, as the tagline for his show, the phrase “Borders, language and culture.” Savage has it exactly right. These concepts are the foundation of our nation and its greatness.

Language is intrinsically related to culture. When children learn a second language in school, for example, they also gain an appreciation for the culture of the country that employs the language.

People in this country who speak only a foreign language get all their information – whether from books, newspapers, TV or friends – in that language. They watch the TV channels beamed in from their original countries. They live among others who share their culture and language.

They shop in markets that provide food from the country they came from. They refer to their original countries as “my country,” as in, I’m going back for a month to visit my country.

They root for their home country, or even countries culturally and linguistically similar to their country, over the United States during soccer matches.

When people come to this country and don’t learn English well, they are encouraged not to assimilate, and not to adopt our culture.

And our culture is different than others. We are not all the same, even deep inside.

It’s hard to make this argument, because people like Obama start to call you racist, but the other cultures being brought into the United States should be limited in their effect, because they are, in important ways, failed cultures.

We need, and indeed prosper from, the limited influence of these cultures. But when too many people come here, particularly from a single culture, and preserve that culture intact within this country, the effect must by definition be deleterious.

Other cultures have wonderful aspects to them. But people are coming here usually because those cultures have failed miserably to produce decent economies or a functioning political system. Or worse, a political system that is trying to kill them.

Bad economies and corrupt politics don’t arise spontaneously out of nowhere. They are byproducts of a culture.

When the White House speaks to Americans in Spanish, it encourages them not to assimilate. And when they don’t, they make our culture more like theirs, instead of joining us while adding something small of benefit from their native lands.

Unlimited, unadulterated immigration is not something we’ve tried before in this country. We will pay a price for neglecting to protect our precious, wildly successful culture.


Panetta: I Wanted to Keep Troops in Iraq

by Keith Koffler on September 20, 2014, 10:13 am

Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said in an interview to be broadcast on 60 Minutes Sunday that he did not support President Obama’s decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq.

“I really thought that it was important for us to maintain a presence in Iraq,” Panetta said.

Panetta also said that he fought early on during the rebellion against Syria’s Bashar Assad for the rebels to be trained and armed, but that Obama nixed it.

Obama withdrew the remainder of our fighting forces from Iraq during 2012 and campaigned on it.

In the meantime, an army of up to 31,000 fanatical terrorists bubbled up from under the desert.


The Obama Interview We’d Like to See

by Keith Koffler on September 20, 2014, 10:02 am


Bernie from the Village

by Keith Koffler on September 19, 2014, 4:07 pm

Potential – I think probable – 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, the socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, was a folk singer!

The music he made isn’t bad.

It’s unbelievably bad.

Back in 1987, Bernie laid down a few tracks of unadulterated left-wing bile incorporated into actual folk songs. According to the website, Seven Days, Sanders recorded the “music” when he was mayor of Burlington, Vermont.

bernieThe songs consist of Bernie lecturing about one topic or another over instrumental music while actual singers wait for him to shut up so they can start the melody.

Here, Bernie introduces “We shall Overcome” with commentary about it being “wrong to deny” that “the world is an extremely depressing place” where people engage in “the futile striving for happiness by earning more and more money to buy more and more things.”

Remember, Ronald Reagan was president at the time. Personally, I wish I had as much of that futility as possible.

Here he is ruining forever the song, “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land.” I’ll have Bernie know that this land is MY land because I’m paying a mortgage on it.

And finally, the destruction of “Where Have all the Flowers gone,” in which he criticized the fighting of the Revolutionary War.

God, I hope he runs.

H/T to Pete Kasperowicz, who writes The Furnace blog over at The Blaze.


Live Stream || White House Briefing – September 19, 2014

by Keith Koffler on September 19, 2014, 12:40 pm

The briefing has concluded.


The Obamas’ Difficult Life

September 19, 2014

It’s not easy being the Obamas. Michelle Obama complained Wednesday about being Michelle Obama to the gravely ill children at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis. She was asked what was the best thing about living in the White House. Well, it’s no bucket of roses: About being in the — about being First Lady […]

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Shepard Smith Delivers a Dose of Reality to Josh Earnest

September 19, 2014

Shep doesn’t think Plan Obama for ISIS is gonna work. And he lets Josh know about it. BTW, Shep’s right! Don’t forget to share

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Kerry Still Struggling with “War”

September 19, 2014

Just look how pathetic this is. You are asking our nation to go to war. And yet you cannot even call it a war. You don’t even look like you know what the Hell it is. So how do you get people to prepare for the sacrifices ahead? How do you galvanize them toward victory? […]

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The Obama Morning News || September 19, 2014

September 19, 2014

Obama: ISIS doesn’t scare us . . . CNN With approval in hand to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight the ISIS terror group, President Obama said Thursday the plan keeps with “the key principle” of U.S. strategy: No American combat troops on the ground. Congress approves arming rebels . . . Reuters The […]

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Obama Schedule || Friday, September 19, 2014

September 18, 2014

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing 11:45 am || Delivers remarks at the launch of the “It’s On Us” Campaign “to prevent sexual assault at colleges and universities, change the culture on our campuses, and better engage men in this effort;” East Room 3:35 pm || Delivers remarks at the DNC’s annual Women’s […]

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