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REDLINE || Monday, July 6, 2015

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Monday, July 6, 2015​

Good morning! In the news today: Europe tries to decide what to do about Greece after Greek voters reject austerity deal; Trump divides the other GOP candidates; Hillary to do interviews; secret White House gay wedding; Kerry pretends Iran deal might not happen; and the U.S. women’s soccer team proves American ain’t completely broken.

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Europe mulls next steps after Greece rejects austerity . . . European leaders weighed their next steps Monday after Greece’s landslide rejection of bailout proposals and signs the emboldened government would now seek a new bid to reopen financial lifelines without its firebrand finance minister in the mix. The resounding victory Sunday for Greeks who said “no” to European austerity demands — 61 percent in all — gave a much-needed boost to Greece’s battle-scarred leftist leaders. But European leaders — in control of the funds that have kept Greece afloat — gave no immediate indication they would rush to make a deal even with Greece’s banks still closed and teetering on the edge of insolvency. Washington Post 

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Christie’s can-do claptrap . . . For Christie, the imperative is getting things done. And both Republicans and Democrats are hapless fools, compared to him, whose disagreements are harming the nation. Never mind that the Founders, envisioning limited government, created checks and balances and intentionally made it difficult to get anything done in Washington. Because what they feared more than anything else was the can-do spirit taken too far by power-hungry individuals certain of their views.White House Dossier

Hillary to the Jews: I’ll be better for Israel . . . Hillary Clinton is trying to keep the Jewish money flowing by suggesting privately she will be better for Israel than President Obama, according to Politico. And you know what? It will probably work. The people of my tribe vote Democratic every time – and donate the same way – despite the abundant, irrefutable evidence that Republicans are far more supportive of Israel than Democrats. White House Dossier

Trump comments divide GOP . . . Ted Cruz salutes mogul while Jeb Bush, Rick Perry look to create distance. Washington Times

Trump attacks Miss Universe . . . Presidential candidate Donald Trump blasted the current Miss Universe Paulina Vega as a ‘hypocrite’ for criticizing his remarks toward Mexican migrants, but not giving up the crown. Fox News Latino

Book of the Week: Ann Coulter’s “Adios America” . . . From the Amazon description: Ann Coulter is back, more fearless than ever. In Adios, America she touches the third rail in American politics, attacking the immigration issue head-on and flying in the face of La Raza, the Democrats, a media determined to cover up immigrants’ crimes, churches that get paid by the government for their “charity,” and greedy Republican businessmen and campaign consultants—all of whom are profiting handsomely from mass immigration that’s tearing the country apart.

“. . . Often-inflammatory, usually clever, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny . . . ” — The Daily Beast

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Clinton contest open to illegals . . . The Hillary Clinton campaign’s “Dinner With Hillary” contest has slightly different fine print than past Clinton campaign contests. The rules have been altered so as not to explicitly exclude illegal immigrants from entering. Daily Caller

All four Dem candidates back Sanctuary Cities . . . All four of the Democratic candidates for president have expressed support for sanctuary cities, a controversial policy that is being blamed for the recent release of a five times-deported illegal alien who allegedly murdered a woman in broad daylight in San Francisco. Daily Caller

Some Republicans want to limit legal immigration . . . Republican 2016 presidential hopefuls Scott Walker and Rick Santorum are suggesting a potentially controversial way to boost Americans’ job prospects: admit fewer legal immigrants into the United States. Reuters

Hillary to speak to the press . . . Hillary Clinton has decided to make herself more available to the media and will begin doing national television interviews in the next week. Fox News

Who is Hillary’s secret Santa? . . . She keeps mentioning in her emails that she needs to see Santa. Who is it? Carson Daily speculates that it’s a shrink. Maybe her banker . . . White House Dossier

Congress might still nix trade deal . . . For the Trans-Pacific Partnership to become law could be just as bumpy as passing the trade promotion bill, thanks to a looming election year and opponents in Congress who aren’t ready to abandon the fight against new trade deals that they believe will damage the American economy. Washington Examiner

Politics ain’t broke, so reforms won’t fix it . . . The dirty secret is that there is scant evidence for any of the elements of the conventional wisdom. The last several decades of research suggest that money plays a limited and ambiguous role in our politics. Washington Examiner



Obama spends the weekend playing golf . . . The man does make the most of his weekends. I could learn a thing or two. White House Dossier

Obama disappears, abandons press corps . . . President Obama disappeared abruptly without the press pool after spending Sunday golfing at Andrews Air Force Base. He took former Hawaii school mate Mike Ramos, pal Marty Nesbitt, the co-CEO of the Vistria group, ESPN’s Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser with him to the links for approximately six hours of golfing, before abruptly taking off without the waiting press pool. Washington Examiner

This is very unusual, and it’s not clear why it was done.

Secret gay wedding at the White House . . . Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett shared a story about how, years before gay marriage would become legal nationwide, he secretly performed a same-sex marriage at the White House. Yahoo News

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WH-linked dark money group threatens Dems on Iran. . . A prominent progressive organization linked to the White House and claiming to work for dozens of like-minded groups is threatening to attack any congressional Democrat who objects to a final nuclear deal with Iran, even before the terms of any such agreement have been finalized, according to an email obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Because why should national security be above politics?

Lame duck label just quackery? . . . President Obama is making it clear that he’s not letting up on his job until a new commander in chief is sworn in, even as his eight years in office are drawing to a close. Washington Examiner

White House sprints to patch cyber flaws . . . The White House is nearing the end of a 30-day “cyber sprint” aimed at plugging the most gaping holes in the government’s network security. The Hill

Holder says he won’t serve on Supreme Court . . . Eric Holder Jr. has returned home to Covington & Burling after more than six years as U.S. attorney general, and he said it is the “last stop” in his legal career. He even ruled out a U.S. Supreme Court appointment, if he is asked. National Law Journal

Obviously, he knows he would never be confirmed.

HW reconsidered . . . In The Quiet Man, John Sununu, former governor of New Hampshire, writes affectionately of the presidency of George HW Bush. As Bush’s chief of staff, Sununu was with the president for all of the significant moments of his consequential term in office. Though admittedly biased, this assessment of Mr. Bush’s record is made worthwhile by the new details it brings to old stories. Washington Free Beacon

Obama Schedule || Monday, July 6, 2015



Kerry: Iran deal could go either way . . . Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that the U.S. and Iran are closer to reaching a final nuclear deal but expressed uncertainty about hitting their 48-hour deadline, saying negotiations “could go either way.” Fox News

Sure. It could go either way. It could be a bad deal or a worse deal.

McCain: Obama should reassess Afghan withdrawal . . . The ongoing Taliban offensive in Afghanistan demands a reassessment of the Obama administration’s current plan to drawdown U.S. forces, U.S. Sen. John McCain said Saturday during a visit to the country’s capital. Washington Times



Egypt kills 63 Islamists . . . Egypt’s military launched air strikes and ground operations that killed 63 Islamist militants in North Sinai on Sunday, security sources said, as the country grapples with an increasingly ambitious insurgency based in the region. Reuters

More than one million expected at Pope’s mass . . . Pope Francis travels to the Ecuadorean port of Guayaquil on Monday for a Mass expected to draw more than a million people, as Latin America’s first pontiff tours his home continent with a message of compassion for the weak and respect for an ailing planet. Associated Press

Gaza family’s pet lions arrive in Jordan . . . Two young lions that had been kept as pets in a Gaza refugee camp traveled Sunday to Jordan where their final destination will be a wildlife sanctuary. Associated Press

You must also know 2


Video || “American Strong” . . . One of our regular contributors at White House Dossier, musician Ron Tankersley, has penned a great new song I thought you’d like to hear. It’s called “American Strong,” and it was out Friday, just in time for the Fourth. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. White House Dossier

Confederate flags at Daytona . . . Steven Rebenstorf has numerous flags flying atop his canopy tent inside Daytona International Speedway. Rebenstorf and others staunchly defended their Confederate flags at NASCAR’s first race in the South since the racing series and its tracks urged fans to no longer wave the banner. Dozens were scattered throughout the vast infield all weekend leading to Sunday’s race. Associated Press

U.S. women take World Cup . . . Carli Lloyd led from the front as the United States won the Women’s World Cup for a third time with a crushing 5-2 victory over Japan on Sunday, the striker scoring the tournament’s fastest ever hat-trick, including a spectacular long-range goal. Reuters

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Video || American Strong

One of our regular contributors around here, musician Ron Tankersley, has penned a great new song I thought you’d like to hear. It’s called “American Strong,” and it’s out today, just in time for the Fourth. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

You probably are aware of Ron from the satirical videos he does as theronniebuss.

Anyway, without further ado . . .

You can find all of Ron’s videos on his YouTube channel.

Congratulations Ron on your new release!

Obama Playing Golf

Well, the White House finally released Obama’s actual schedule for the day. It’s golf.

The man does make the most of his weekends. I could learn a thing or two.

Not that it’s the weekend yet.

The president today is playing with some of his usual relatively junior White House aides. But instead of the customary military base course, he’s at Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase, Md.

Columbia golf

What’s not to like?

Obama is maintaining a blistering golf pace this year, with today’s outing marking the the 22nd time he has played in 2015. That’s about 110 hours devoted to the golf, if we include the trips to and from the courses, or nearly three weeks of 40-hour work weeks. He has now played 235 times as president.

UPDATE: After being rained out Saturday, Obama played again on Sunday, marking his 23rd outing of 2015 and the 236th of his presidency.

Hillary to the Jews: I’ll be Better for Israel

Hillary Clinton is trying to keep the Jewish money flowing by suggesting privately she will be better for Israel than President Obama, according to Politico.

And you know what? It will probably work. The people of my tribe vote Democratic every time – and donate the same way – despite the abundant, irrefutable evidence that Republicans are far more supportive of Israel than Democrats. Not to mention better for the economy, but one can at least have an argument about that.

From the piece:

Hillary Clinton is privately signaling to wealthy Jewish donors that — no matter the result of the Iranian nuclear negotiations — she will be a better friend to Israel than President Barack Obama.

But, even as donors increasingly push Clinton on the subject in private, they have emerged with sometimes widely varying interpretations about whether she would support a prospective deal, according to interviews with more than 10 influential donors and fundraising operatives.

Clinton’s private responses in some ways resemble a foreign policy Rorschach test; donors who see a deal as important to world peace have come away thinking that Clinton shares their perspective, but so, too, do donors who oppose any prospective agreement as compromising Israeli security.

Publicly, she’s expressed support for the negotiating process, which she secretly initiated during her time as secretary of state, but has also said “no deal is better than a bad deal.”

Well, this is easy enough for her, isn’t it? After all, being better than Obama to Israel is not much of a commitment.

Chris Christie’s Can-Do Claptrap

It’s accepted always as a given in Washington that “gridlock” is a terrible thing and that our elected leaders need to do better at “getting things done” and “working together.” Because we are a nation of doers. “What do you do?” is our way of saying “Who are you?” One of the more pathetic laments you can hear from… Continue Reading

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Labor Participation at Lowest Level Since 1977

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