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Reporters Wonder if Trump Said There is a Problem with Hispanics “Breeding”

Last week President Trump tweeted out this:

It seems pretty clear to me that Trump meant that the “problem” was breeding, not Hispanics. But of course, Sanders was asked once about the tweet and whether Trump was talking about Latinos copulating, said it was not, and then asked the same question again. And then again after the two examples below.

Politico Says Macron to Call for “Militarism;” He Actually Said “Multilateralism”

In a Sunday report that as of 10:00 am ET Monday morning was still running, a Politico reporter misunderstood French President Emmanuel Macron and wrote that he would be calling for American “militarism.”

I thought that sounded rather strange from a European leader, although it seemed possible that the Frenchman was asking the United States to sacrifice lives on behalf of Europeans, Middle Easterners, and everyone else, since that’s something that has always been popular with many leaders overseas.

But no. It seems Monsieur was calling for “multilateralism,” which of course can also be interpreted as a call for America to use its armed forces. You can see it at about the 1:30 mark in the video below.

Oh well. These things happen.

Video || Kellyanne Conway Goes After Dana Bash for Asking About Her Husband

CNN host Dana Bash asked White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway about her husband’s tweets, which can be critical of Trump. Conway wondered why that was relevant and noted that her children were watching.

You’ll also note at one point in the video Conway asks whether “we’re now going to talk about other people’s spouses” including ones that work “at CNN.” That’s an allusion to John King, from whom Bash is divorced. They continue to work together at CNN.

Video || Oops. The Media Once Praised Andrew McCabe

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was found by the Justice Department inspector general to have lied repeatedly about his role in leaking a self-serving story to the Wall Street Journal. He even lied to his former boss, ex-FBI Director James Comey, a moral paragon in his own mind who must be deeply, searingly offended.… Continue Reading

Hillary Used “Deplorables” Line Because Her Elitist Friends Loved It

A new book out by New York Times reporter Amy Chozick, Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling – doesn’t sound biased, does it? – reports that Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” comment about half of Donald Trump’s voters was road tested first with her elitist friends. According to the Washington Examiner: Campaign Manager… Continue Reading

Guess What? Trump Asked Comey to Investigate His Campaign

Basically, that’s the thrust of one of James Comey’s memos. It appears more and more that there is a good reason why it has not been leaked that there is any evidence of collusion. Because there is none. It seems that the correct version of events is that Trump’s main concern was whether or not… Continue Reading

Judge Raises Doubts About Whether Mueller Can Probe Whatever He Wants

There once was something called in “independent counsel.” The problem with that was that the independent counsel could just run amock and investigate anything and everything forever. So they let the law authorizing independent counsels expire and decided these probes would be done by a “special counsel” who reported to the Department of Justice. Presumably,… Continue Reading

Comey: Country Would Have Been Better Off With Hillary

Former FBI Director James Comey told the New Yorker Thursday evening during a radio interview that he would have preferred Hillary Clinton be elected president. Comey’s comment was left off of a New Yorker report on the interview but picker up by Daily Beast reporter Max Tani, who tweeted it out. There it is: Comey… Continue Reading