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Here’s Why Trump Has a Good Chance to Win

From a piece I have running today in LifeZette and on RealClearPolitics:

It looks grim for Donald Trump. So say the bellyachers in the Republican Party and the early celebrators in the Democratic Party — and the media.

He’s down 10 points in some polls! Somebody get Hillary a good real estate agent so she can rent out her Chappaqua digs!

Well, Hillary may be measuring the drapes in the Oval Office, but it’s hardly curtains for Donald Trump. For many reasons, Trump is in far better shape than he seems — and is actually in an excellent position to win.

The big, scary polls showing Clinton ahead by 10 or 12 points tend to get the most attention. But as of Friday, Clinton was ahead of Trump by only 6 points in the RealClearPolitics average of recent polls. When you factor in Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Clinton is ahead of Trump by only 4.5 points.

Yes, all this drama for a 4.5-point lead in August.

Read the rest of the reasons Trump has a good chance of winning on LifeZette.

Clinton Fundraising May be Lagging

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is warning that it is struggling to reach its August targets and may be outraised by Donald Trump, according to a report today in the Washington Examiner.

“With just three days left until our biggest fundraising deadline yet, we’re in danger of being out-raised by the Trump campaign for the first time in this election,” Clinton wrote in an email to supporters Sunday night. “That’s why we’ve set an ambitious goal of raising $10 million online during this final week.”

Her campaign manager said in an email the next day that August is shaping up poorly.

“I’ll be straight with you, August isn’t shaping up to be our best month in terms of fundraising,” Robby Mook wrote.

“We’re still lagging behind where we were in July, and the timing isn’t ideal,” he wrote. “The first ballots will be cast in a matter of weeks, so we need to have a comprehensive, well-staffed and well-funded ground game to make sure that they’re cast for Hillary.”

Well, no doubt some of this is just a way to get people to empty their pockets. A lot of times these emails are followed by something after the end-of-month deadline saying, “Surprise, surprise, we met and exceeded our targets!”

But there must be a kernel of truth. I think. Because this isn’t Obama. There’s no magic there. It’s just same old corrupt Hillary, and even Democrats must need a kick in the pants to get off their wallets.

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