As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10:05 am ET || Departs White House
11:20 am CT || Arrives in Springfield, Illinois
1:25 pm CT || Addresses the Illinois General Assembly; Illinois State Capitol, Springfield, Illinois
3:25 pm CT || Delivers remarks Hoogland Center for the Arts, Springfield, Illinois
4:10 pm CT || Departs Springfield
7:30 pm PT || Arrives San Jose, California

Trump, Sanders Take New Hampshire

Republican Donald Trump and Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders each won their respective New Hampshire primaries.

Trump’s win erases some of the stigma he incurred after losing in an upset to Sen. Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucuses. Hillary Clinton loses in New Hampshire after just barely squeezing out a win in Iowa, putting her campaign on an uncertain footing.

In the crucial battle for second place on the Republican side, Gov. John Kasich was leading the pack early in the evening. It was unclear who might win the race for third, a post that could also set a campaign up nicely for the coming primary in South Carolina.

Supreme Court Blocks Obama Climate Change Rule

The Supreme Court by a 5-4 decision temporarily blocked President Obama from proceeding with regulations designed to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

A lawsuit filed by 29 states is challenging the rules, and the High Court decided that the regulations should be placed on hold while the suit is before a U.S. court of appeals, which will hear the case this summer.

The ruling is a victory for Republicans and the coal industry, which is gravely threatened by rules that would force states to shut down coal-fired plans in favor of those that produce energy with natural gas and wind.

The ruling means two of Obama’s key unilateral, executive-action initiatives — this and another on immigration that would provide amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants — have been halted by the courts.

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Video || Best Moments of the GOP New Hampshire Debate

Here were my favorite moments from the Republican debate. First, they blew the intros. Never seen anything like it. Soon after takeoff, Chris Christie completely took apart Marco Rubio. And finally, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush sparred over eminent domain. I thought Trump won by invoking Establishment support for Bush and not caring about the… Continue Reading