Live Stream || Obama Press Conference with Japan PM Shinzo Abe

by Keith Koffler on April 23, 2014, 10:25 pm

Scheduled to begin at 12:15 pm Japan Standard Time, 11:15 pm U.S. Eastern Daylight Time.


Obama Schedule || Thursday, April 24, 2014

by Keith Koffler on April 23, 2014, 10:20 pm

9:20 am || Participates in an official arrival ceremony; Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan
9:30 am || Inspects the Guard of Honor; Imperial Palace
9:40 am || Participates in a state call with the Emperor and Empress of Japan; Imperial Palace
10:15 am || Arrives at the Akasaka Palace; Akasaka Palace, Tokyo
10:25 am || Meets with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan; Akasaka Palace
12:15 pm || Holds a joint press conference with Abe; Akasaka Palace
3:10 pm || Delivers remarks at the Miraikan Science Expo and Youth Event; Miraikan Museum, Tokyo
4:05 pm || Tours the Meiji Shrine; Tokyo
8:20 pm || Attends the state dinner with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan; Imperial Palace
10:00 pm || Participates in an after-dinner talk; Imperial Palace

All times Japan Standard Time, which is 13 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Daylight Time

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State Dept. Spokeswoman Can’t Name Any Hillary Achievements

by Keith Koffler on April 23, 2014, 6:30 pm

Let’s forgive State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki. I mean, it was a difficult question.

Nevertheless, her response earned her a good chuckle from CNN’s John King and his guests, as you can see.

But why should she feel bad about it? Hillary can’t come up with any either.

Asked at the Women in the World conference earlier this month what she was “most proud of” as Secretary of State, Clinton boasted of . . . nothing in particular.

After saying something about Secretaries of State being in some kind of relay race – seriously – she declared: “I’m very proud of the stabilization.” Uhhh . . . what? Apparently she spent four years creating the platform for dealing with difficult crises like Ukraine.

“I think we really restored American leadership in the best sense,” she continued. That was as specific she got.

But of course, one of the main raps against President Obama is that he has ENTIRELY FORFEITED U.S. leadership in the world. I mean, there’s a reason the phrase “leading from behind” stuck so stubbornly to this administration.

You can run for president and get elected even if you haven’t done anything, as Barack Obama has proven. Hillary’s problem is that she was in a position to do something. And she didn’t.


Cost of Obama’s Student Aid Scheme Skyrockets

by Keith Koffler on April 23, 2014, 12:20 pm

President Obama’s student debt assistance programs are beginning to siphon off taxpayer dollars at an alarming rate, prompting even the gift-happy Obama administration to try to rein them in.

The notion that anyone who wants to go to an college should receive money to do it is central to Obama’s Creeping Socialism Doctrine, which seeks to guarantee everything from health insurance to jobs that provide a good salary.

But the White House in this case is figuring out that SOMEONE HAS TO PAY FOR IT ALL.

With Obama’s aggressive marketing of the student loan plans and the enticing changes he’s made to them, enrollment in the plans has surged 40 percent in just six months, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This is prompting all kinds of scams, including, naturally, moves by schools to raise tuitions since students can more easily have taxpayers help foot the bill for their education.

One of the plans forgives the loans altogether at a certain point, so get this: some TOP law schools are now offering deals where they’ll cover the cost of students’ loans until the government finally picks pays them off!

FULLY GOVERNMENT-SUBSIDIZED LAW SCHOOL! I hope they’re teaching the Soviet legal system.

This deal, which our motivated young learners are just flocking to, is called Pay as You Earn.

Don’t you love the name? Once in this country we stuck to a quaint notion you might call Earn Before You Pay. Or at least wait tables during the summer, for God’s sake.

Anyhoo, under Pay as You Earn, you only have to pay off your loan in the amount of ten percent a year of your “discretionary income,” which is defined by the amount you make above 150 percent of the poverty line.

Now this is the really fun part. If you haven’t paid off your loan in ten years, the debt is forgiven. BUT ONLY IF YOU WORK IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR OR FOR A NONPROFIT. If you work in the private sector, you have to wait 20 years.

Can you even believe this? A nation founded on the principle of limited government is actually trying to steer people into working for the government. So now if you graduate and then go sit on your ass somewhere in the bowels of the Agriculture Department, you can emerge by about the age of 30 debt-free and go get a real job.

Have a look at this fascinating case study.

Max Norris, a 29-year-old lawyer for the state of California, illustrates the potential costs of the program. He pays about $420 a month to the Education Department on his $172,000 in debt, which he says fails even to cover the interest owed. But his out-of-pocket expense falls to $100 monthly after aid from his school, University of California’s Hastings College of Law.

Mr. Norris, who makes $60,000 a year in his job, would have about $225,000 in debt forgiven after 10 years, assuming he stays in public service and his salary rises 4% annually, according to a repayment calculator created by the New America Foundation, which advocates less-generous forgiveness.

He said he learned of the programs before enrolling. “My intent the whole time in going through law school was to take advantage of this program,” he said.

Who can blame Max? He took his free stuff offer to the max.

“An independent study estimates the future cost of the 2011 program, known as Pay As You Earn, could hit $14 billion a year,” according to the Journal. Whoops.

So Obama is now trying to cap the amount of debt forgiveness at $57,500 per student. There currently is no cap at all.

Maybe Obama is running out of free stuff to give away.

The change won’t pass this year, the WSJ says. Anyway, you and I know it’s going to take some ogreish, woman-hating, racist, Republican president to clean this up. Do you really think Obama is going to anger all those adoring children who flock to his college campus speeches?


Michelle’s Absence Causing Uproar in Japan

by Keith Koffler on April 23, 2014, 9:39 am

First Lady Michelle Obama’s decision to sit out President Obama’s four-nation Asia tour is spurring widespread consternation in Japan, fueling questions about America’s commitment to the country during a trip that was meant to reassure America’s Asian allies.

According to a report in the Christian Science Monitor, the Japanese are particularly unnerved because Michelle just spent a celebratory week touring China, Japan’s ancient enemy whose aggressive tactics helped prompt President Obama’s Asia trip in the first place.

Japan is the first stop on the trip. Obama landed there this evening - Japan time – and had dinner with the Japanese prime minister.

From the piece:

Japan is back to openly fretting about its place on America’s priority list – particularly in comparison to rising rival China.

The reason? When Obama arrives Wednesday evening, he’ll disembark Air Force One solo – without first lady Michelle Obama. Obama will be the first US president to come to Japan on a state visit in 18 years, but never mind: Michelle’s absence has thrown Tokyo into a tizzy.

Media commentators, social media discussions, academics, even some officials, named and unnamed, are wringing their hands over Mrs. Obama’s decision to sit out not just Japan but her husband’s entire eight-day Asia trip, which will also take in South Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

But for most of those doing the chattering, Mrs. Obama’s absence is a woeful sign of Japan’s retreat from the top tier of America’s allies . . .

To the Japanese, the sight of Michelle jumping rope with Chinese kids, feeding pandas, trying out tai-chi, and meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, was more than insult added to injury. It was proof of China’s ascendency to the top rung of America’s strategic priorities and Japan’s fall to second class.

Michelle loves to travel on fun-filled voyages, like her semi-tourist trips to South Africa and China and her lavish vacation in Spain, but she often seems to miss important presidential travel where her absence may be taken as a slight. Her China journey last month was in part a way to make up for her absence when China’s first lady visited California last year.

She also skipped her husband’s trip to Belgium, Italy, The Vatican, and Saudi Arabia in March.

It’s not at all clear to me why Michelle is not on the Asia trip. I don’t really remember first ladies in the past being absent very often from such important diplomatic excursions.

What’s she doing instead? Well, not completely clear, but of course she’s got a DNC fundraiser scheduled for Thursday.

Mrs. Obama enjoys many perks and opportunities associated with her office. Making sure key allies aren’t miffed is part of the deal.


The Obama Morning News || April 23, 2014

by Keith Koffler on April 23, 2014, 8:40 am

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Biden demands Russian action 
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Has no effect . . . Washington Times
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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, April 23, 2014

by Keith Koffler on April 23, 2014, 7:38 am

7:00 pm JST || Arrives Tokyo, Japan
8:30 pm JST || Joins Prime Minister Abe of Japan for a private dinner

All times Japan Standard Time, which is 13 hours ahead of Eastern


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April 22, 2014

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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21, 2014

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