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Obama in 2010: Obamacare Will help Premiums Go Down

Ahh, another broken Obamacare promise.

“What the American people care about is the fact that their premiums are going up 25, 40, 60 percent, and are we going to do something about it?” he said to Fox News’ Bret Baier in 2010.

One thing’s for sure, Obama followed through on addressing his angry complaint about the system “fattening the profits of insurance companies.” Insurers are now losing money because they are being forced to provide one-size-fits-all coverage to sicker patients who are signing up for Obamacare. So they’re exiting the system. AND RAISING YOUR PREMIUMS. You can thank Obama’s hostility to their “fat profits” for your new costs.

CBS Anchors Bamboozled by Obamacare Rate Hikes

Have a look at the CBS This Morning anchors, totally mystified about why Obamacare premiums are rising. I mean, do they administer IQ tests to these people before they put them on TV?

Listen to Norah O’Donnell – “The premiums are skyrocketing!

She sounds like she just found out Martians had landed and opened up a chain of delicatessens.

OMG! Like, WTF?? What in the world is going on here #Obamacareissoooconfusing

Charlie Rose also is flummoxed, stuck in airhead mode. Acting like another blow-dried anchor, to the extent he still has hair. I thought he was supposed to be smart. Maybe not without a list of questions in front of him.

If they’d bothered to pick up a newspaper, they’d discover the well-known fact that premiums are skyrocketing because too many sick people are signing up and healthy people, particularly young adults, are just paying the fine instead of buying insurance. And so insurers are stuck paying for older, sicker patients and are losing money.

It’s called, like economics, dude.

Meantime, these two on CNN share the frustration of their colleagues on CBS but get the problem and have an idea of how to be helpful to Democrats: Punish people who don’t sign up even more. With their salaries, won’t be a problem for them.

Iranian Prisoner Says Iran Wants $4 million for his Release

Well, apparently there was at least one entity that understood the Obama administration was lying when it tried to suggest that the $400 million sent to Iran on the same day it released American hostages was not ransom.

That entity would be Iran, which of course now is asking for more ransom money for another hostage.


According to the Washington Examiner:

Nizar Zakka, a Lebanese citizen and permanent resident of the United States, said through his attorney Tuesday that Iranian officials in April told him it would take as much as $2 billion to ensure his release from captivity. In September, Iranian officials lowered that amount to $4 million, and told him that he was spared the death penalty but would remain in prison for 10 years until the payments is made.

Okay, at least the price for Zakka has been discounted.

Everyone knows you don’t pay ransom for hostages. You simply are creating a business that specializes in the manufacture of more hostages.

I’m trying to figure out what was the worst part of the last Obama-Iran ransom deal.

  1. That we paid ransom for hostages.
  2. That the administration kept it secret.
  3. That the administration then lied and said it wasn’t ransom.
  4. That the money goes directly toward the sponsoring of terrorism.
  5. That is was done in part to smooth the way for a deal that allows Iran to have nuclear weapons.

I mean, seriously, how bad can a Trump presidency be after this kind of crap?

White House Won’t Confirm Obama Will Stay in U.S. if Trump Wins

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Monday dodged a question about whether President Obama would flee the country if Donald Trump wins the presidency.

Obama Air Force One

From a briefing aboard Air Force One in California:

Reporter: Josh, does the President feel comfortable living in an America where Donald Trump is President?

Earnest: Well, I think he alluded to this in his remarks over the last couple of days, indicating that despite the significant differences that he had with his opponents in 2008 and 2012, he had confidence that despite those vigorous disagreements, that those — that both Senator McCain and Governor Romney would at least pursue the country’s best interests as they saw it. He doesn’t have that same kind of confidence about the current Republican nominee. And I think he’s spoken to that in more colorful detail than I just did.

Reporter: So he wouldn’t move to Canada or New Zealand if Donald Trump is elected?

Earnest: He’s working very hard to make sure that nobody has to move — has to leave the country as a result of an electoral outcome that the President doesn’t support.

Now why would the White House be providing people with another reason to vote for Trump?

Obamacare Premiums to Rise 25 Percent Next Year

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Former Clinton Aide at State Took the Fifth More than 90 Times

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Obama Schedule || Monday, October 24, 2016

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